iRobot Root Coding Robot Review

the Root Coding Robot by iRobot

iRobot is a popular brand that created the Roomba® vacuuming robot. It is a leading global consumer robot company that innovates robots thatallow people to do more both inside and outside of their homes. In addition to the very popular vacuum cleaner that it has introduced to many homes, it has other … Read more

Have Fun with the Chic Hoverboard

a Chic Hoverboard with LED lights

There are many outdoor toys you can buy for adventurous kids. Some examples of these are bicycles, skateboards, and roller skates. But aside from that, there’s another device that has recently become a trend, which is the hoverboard. They are two-wheeled, electric, and portable devices that are also known as self-balancing scooters. … Read more

Geocaching as a hobby

geocaching gear

Have you ever fantasized about searching for a lost treasure? Geocaching allows thousands of individuals all around the globe to do precisely that. Geocachers explore fascinating areas in search of riches concealed by other players. Geocaching is a treasure-hunting hobby that involves using GPS-enabled gadgets in the outdoors. It can also be … Read more

Thrifting as a hobby… why not?

Picture of girls thrifting

Before the industrialization of the fashion business, the lower classes relied on homespun textiles created by a time-consuming technique called hand warping. Until they were beyond repair, these objects were repaired, repurposed, reshaped, and turned into new pieces—and even then, the scraps were utilized to fill furniture. Even for the wealthy, fashion … Read more