Why Some People Think Golf Is Boring

Even the most die-hard golf fans know that golf isn’t the must-watch TV all the time. The true blue golf fans probably don’t care about that, but a study conducted by British outlet YouGov attempted to quantify how the rest of the population felt. According to the group of Brits surveyed, golf is the most boring sport, beating off the competition from cricket, snooker, and bridge. The poll involved 2,000 Brits, and it concluded that golf is the world’s most boring sport.

Keep in mind that golf was invented in the United Kingdom. Brits are already the biggest golf-loving population. Yet, over 70% who have ever watched the sport say it’s boring, and they don’t love watching it on TV. Almost one in 10 Brits even put on golf or snooker at night to help them fall asleep.

Why is Golf so Boring

Why is golf a boring sport? Some elements work to push this fact to be accurate, but undoubtedly, like any other game, people can get excited and addicted to playing them. The excitement follows the universal, though there are some games (definitely not golf) that are truly exciting for all – players and spectators alike.

Since there are surveys that prove that golf is a boring sport, here are some reasons why people see it as a dull game.

1. Time-consuming

The main reason people find the game of golf boring is that it takes too long. Usually, a round of golf takes about five hours long. To play a five-hour round, you need to show up at the course before your round, and chances are, there’s also travel time to and from the holes in a course. The fact that there are sometimes long waits on the golf course will also add to the issues golfers can experience.

Golfing will take up a good part of your day, whether you’re playing or just watching to support someone. If you’re a person who’s used to a fast-paced environment, golfing can either be dull or a welcome break.

2. Rules are hard to understand

There are complicated rules associated with golf. It takes time to learn them, and it can be hard to learn them all. Those who are just looking to have fun may not be bothered to learn all the rules. And for spectators, it’s hard to enjoy watching the game if you don’t know what’s going on.

Overall, the complex rules that make up the game can encourage golfers to quit. Knowing all the rules is incredibly essential and, at the same time, incredibly boring. But for those who like to be challenged, the difficult rules will be just fine.

3. Strict etiquette

Besides the rules, the game of golf has another component known as etiquette, which is another hard thing to pick up at first. Players can learn etiquette from the rule book, as well as other players. There’s a strict dress code when playing golf, and there are also other things not allowed to do on the golf course. For beginners, it can be hard to keep up with all of it, and if you’re not a fan of following rules, this part of the game will be incredibly dull.

Some players feel that if you can’t really let loose on the golf course, the game cannot be fun. The game of golf can be a bit too proper. Sports sometimes allow us to get our energy out and let our adrenaline go up, but golf isn’t always like that. If you have a very serious job all week long, you may find that you might want a laid-back sport that’s more fun and less strict than golf at the weekends.

Also, avid golfers can be a bit harsh about etiquette not being followed. If you’re a casual golfer paired with a strict, long-time player, you might feel uncomfortable the entire time you’re on the course.

4. Not much celebrity appeal

In modern days, sports and glamour have become hand-in-hand. Every sporting event is much more exciting when there’s a striking presence of a celebrity. Sports celebrities have become a part of any sport, which is relatively rare in golf.

For instance, you might be a fan of LeBron James, Tom Brady, Roger Federer, or Lionel Messi, and these players give tremendous entertainment and joy by watching them compete. These players, their agents, and the leagues make making people their lifelong fans very easy. But with golf, it’s different. Golfers come to the course in their courtesy car with their caddies carrying the bag, and they walk across the parking lot, politely waving. There’s not much star appeal with most golfers, and others crave that when watching a game.

5. Repetitive

Golf can be a bit repetitive. A player needs to get up to the tee box for each hole, take out a tee and ball, measure yardage, and strike the ball. It plays each time differently, and courses vary – but the game is repetitive each week for the most part. The same process keeps repeating, and that’s why golfers struggle to keep things as attractive as a soccer match, football, or basketball game would be.

6. You mainly compete with yourself

Some people find the sport boring because they are not playing head-to-head against another person. Golf is supposed to be a game where you compete with yourself. If you have a significant hole and you shoot below par, you’re beating the golf course. Though you can watch pro golfers on the PGA Tour play against each other, they are still trying to beat the golf course.

But the good news is, you can make the game more interesting when you play against other golfers. There are lots of matches and skins games that will allow golfers to add a bit more competition and mix things up. If you get bored trying to beat your record, think about this ahead of time and set up a match together with a friend.