What Is the Price Range for Safes Made in the USA?

The gun safe is arguably the best piece of equipment to have to protect your firearms, as the gun safe provides protection against thieves and even the most toxic elements in the air that can sometimes cause guns to have a shorter lifespan due to rusting or corrosion. So, if you own at least one pistol or rifle, it is basically essential to have a gun safe at home. And, if you are always outdoors, a gun safe is also recommended to be installed in your car for safety.

There are hundreds of different gun safes that you can buy online or in dedicated hardware and firearms stores near you. These gun safes are available in various price ranges, so you will be able to afford one no matter how big, small, or sufficient your budget is. Here are the price ranges for safes made in USA so that you will know which range is more suitable for you.

Under $500

The first and cheapest price range on this list is the “under $500” range. As its name suggests, the under $500 range would have gun safes that are below or just at $500, which is quite affordable given how difficult it is to make a gun safe. A lot of gun owners opt to go for under $500 gun safe since it will already do its job in protecting firearms without extra bells and whistles. Below is a list of the best gun safes that you can buy for under $500.

  • V-Line Compact Pistol Safe
  • Lock’er Down Versafe Pistol Vault
  • V-Line Hide Away Large Capacity Handgun Safe
  • V-Line Home Defense Rifle Safe
  • Lock’er Down Exxtreme Versa Safe

Under $1000


The next price range on the list is the “under $1000,” which usually consists of gun safes that are much larger than what you would usually find in the under $500 price range. Most of the under $1000 gun safes are relatively affordable rifle safes where you can store firearms that are longer than pistols or handguns, which are often stored in small gun safes. If you have a hunting rifle, some of the best gun safes for it are priced at under $1000. Here are the best gun safes that you can buy below $1000.

  • Ironman 3024 1500 Series Personal Gun Safe
  • Sun Welding H-24 Home Safe
  • V-Line Closet Vault Plus
  • V-Tactical Weapons Locker
  • Liberty Centurion Series 18G Gun Safe

Under $2000

One of the best price ranges for gun safes is the “under $2000” range, as the gun safes that are below the said price point are constructed and are made with high-quality materials. In addition, there are also gun safes in this price range that are packed with plenty of features that you wouldn’t find in cheaper safes. Check out the short list below of the best gun safes for under $2000.

  • Edison Safes V2421 Vancouver Series Home Safe
  • Sun Welding H-36 Heirloom Series Home Safe
  • American Security B17 Floor Safe
  • Sun Welding H-48 Heirloom Series Home Safe
  • Liberty Gun Safe Tactical 24 Gun Safe
  • American Security BF1512 Safe
  • Ironman 6024 12 Gun Capacity Safe
  • Vault Pro C-625 Home and Office Gun Safe

Under $3000

From the affordable to the mid-tier gun safes, we are now in the territory of premium gun safes that are quite expensive for most people. The first in the premium price range is the “under $3000” range, which consists of gun safes that are made from premium quality materials and are usually larger than the usual safes in the market. Here is a list of the best gun safes for under $3000.

  • Browning 1878 Safe
  • Liberty Fatboy Jr Extreme Series 45 Gun Safe
  • Rhino CD6030X 35 Gun Safe
  • Sun Welding RS-36T Renegade Series Gun Safe
  • American Security BF3416 Safe
  • Ironman 6042 Gun Safe
  • Liberty Colonial Series 30 Gun Safe
  • Sun Welding P-64 Gun Safe

Under $5000


Next on the premium price range is under $5000, which is typically the price point for large gun safes that can hold more than 30 guns or firearms inside. The material used in this price range is the same as the under $3000 gun safe, but the under $5000 safes are much bigger and bulkier. Not all people can afford a $5000 safe, but it is recommended to have one if you own a massive collection of handguns, rifles, and other types of guns. Read the list below for the best gun safes at under $5000.

  • Liberty Colonial Series 50 Gun Safe
  • Browning HC65 Extra Wide 65 Gun Safe
  • Edison Safes F7240 Foraker Series Gun Safe
  • Vault Pro Golden Eagle Series GE-640 Gun Safe
  • Rhino CD7242X Gun Safe
  • Sun Welding P-36 Series Gun Safe
  • Browning HC49 Hell’s Canyon Safe
  • Vault Pro Silver Eagle Series SE-740 Gun Safe

Under $10000

One of the most expensive ranges for gun safes is the “under $10000” price range, which often consists of gun safes that are more suitable for serious gun collectors that own more than 40 firearms at home. So, if you want the best protection for your massive gun collection, you need to be willing to spend more than $8000 on the best gun safes. Check out the best gun safes for under $10000 below.

  • American Security BFII6024 Gun Safe
  • Liberty National Classic Plus Series 25 Gun Safe
  • Edison E6036 Elias Series Gun Safe
  • Sun Welding V-66 Series Gun Safe
  • Browning Silver Series SR65T Gun Safe
  • Fire King DM2513 Safe
  • Browning Mark IV Tactical US49 Stars and Stripes Gun Safe
  • Rhino Thunderbolt RT6033X Gun Safe
  • Vault Pro SE-762 Double Door Gun Safe
  • Browning M65 Medallion Series Gun Safe

So, these are the different price ranges that you will see whenever you look for gun safes online and in physical stores. Keep in mind that the bigger the gun safe is, the more expensive its shipping fee would be if you don’t have your own truck to move it to your home or if you are going to buy from an online shop. If there are vouchers available in the store, take advantage and use them to get discounts on expensive gun safes.