What is the Best Home Laser Engraver?

Whether it is a gift you would want to personalize or a personal business venture that you would like to take to the next level, the laser engravers are here to change the game. These engravers come in real handy in decorating the items as per your requirement. If you are a small business owner, you would know how the value of your offered item increases tenfold if you engrave it with your business or brand name.

With the help of advanced technology, laser engraving has become easy and accessible for everyone. The small and desktop versions of laser engravers are best suitable for everybody. Depending upon your needs, you can get a large or small-sized laser engraver and set it up in your workshop or work desk. The sheer ease and convenience of the laser engravers have opened several gateways of opportunities for small business and entrepreneurial ventures to increase professionalism and monetize their products.

Important Considerations for Buying the Best Home Laser Engravers

1. Price

One of the most important and obvious considerations when buying laser engravers is the price. It is crucial to reflect and decide the budget you can allot to this purchase as these machines range from about $200 to $10,000. Given the humongous difference between the prices, you must list down everything you need to do with this machine, its operational expenses, the return on investment, etc., and then decide the budget.

It is not necessary to buy the most expensive one just because your budget allows you to. Numerous brands and models offer the best experience in a lower price range.

2. Software Details

Almost all the laser engravers come with two options that you can work with: either you work on their built-in software or sync them with one of your own, such as CAD or Adobe. Therefore, it is very important to check for software compatibility in the laser engraver you are buying.

Using the in-built software is more budget-friendly as all the other software are paid and pricey. However, using the software that comes with the laser engraver limits your creativity. Moreover, it might offer fewer functions than the other paid ones.

3. Materials It Can Work With

Make sure to check all the materials that a laser engraver can work with before finalizing the deal. Some of the models of popular brands specify that they can work with soft materials only, such as leather. On the other hand, some can also work with hard materials, such as wood and metal.

Therefore, it is important to decide which laser engraver to get by keeping in mind the material you want to use it with.

4. Connectivity

Usually, the laser engravers connect through a USB port with the computer. This works best for people who do not mind the wires. On the other hand, people who prefer portability and convenience over wires spread everywhere should go for a laser engraver with a wireless interface. Several models of laser engravers offer a Bluetooth connection or a 2.4GHz wireless interface.

5. Size

Another most important consideration is size. How big is your workspace? Or if you have a new setup, how much space can you assign to this machine? Some home laser engravers are equivalent to a whole work desk in size. If you have this space in your home workshop, then go for it. Always measure up the space available to you and match it with the laser engraver you are buying.

Our Top Picks

1. [Open Filament] da Vinci 1.0 Pro Wireless 3D Printer/Upgradable Laser Engraver


This is one of the best laser engravers that also works as a 3D printer. It has made it to the top of our list because it is the most versatile laser engraver. It works as an excellent 3D printer that allows you to use 3rd party PLA and ABS filaments. You can fill in the filaments and engrave your items. The machine also comes with a filament detector that lets you know if the filament is less.

With an aluminum printing bed compared to a glass one, this laser engraver boasts significantly high performance. The aluminum plate distributes the heat across the whole area, resulting in high-quality prints and engravings. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity, which is extremely convenient. It is highly compatible with Windows and Mac.

2. Laser Engraving Machine 3000mw by Gan Gou

This laser engraving machine is one of the affordable and useful ones of all. It is best suited for small business owners. It can carve several materials, such as plastic, leather, bamboo, acrylic, kraft paper, etc. However, it cannot carve metal or glass – which is a downside, but its convenience at the most affordable price makes it an excellent option.

It is only compatible with Windows and not with Mac. It also supports several picture formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, DIB, and CUR. The precision level of this laser engraver is the best. It is an excellent investment for anyone willing to upgrade their business.

3. Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit Milling Engraving Machine


This laser cutter and engraver by Genmitsu is also a worthy investment. It comes with a CNC router kit and a CNC spindle Motor with ER11 Collet. The machine comes unassembled but is fairly easy to assemble. It is also equipped with a high-power performance adapter that makes the engraving experience smooth and without glitches.

The machine can work well with several materials such as PVCs, PCBs, acrylics, wood, plastics, and even soft aluminum. The best feature of this engraving machine is its noise suppression.

4. TEN-HIGH 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine


Ten-High’s laser engraving machine comes with a wide engraving area (400x300mm), which works best with organic and non-metallic surfaces. It is an excellent buy if you deal with materials such as acrylic, Plywood, leather, wood, glass, paper, bamboo, etc.

The engraver is compatible with Windows and is as easy as just plugging in and getting to work. It is also equipped with an exhaust fan that keeps the machine cool. It prevents the laser engraver from getting hot while a small screen display keeps displaying the temperature.

5. NEJE Master 7W Laser Engraver Machine 


One of the best features of this laser engraver by NEJE is that it offers wireless control. It is also easily compatible with mobile phones, including both android and iPhones. With this NEJE Master Engraver machine, you can engrave deep in several materials it can work with. This laser engraver has excellent software compatibility helping you achieve heights of creativity.


Not every expensive piece of equipment promises optimum performance. However, considering the price as an important aspect is important. Laser engravers come in very handy for decorating items sold by small business owners. They help create personalized items and increase the value of the business. Among countless models and brands, this list will help you get the best deal.