What is a Fireproof Gun Safe?

Gun safe

Gun safes are usually used to keep items out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have access to them, to protect against thieves, and, in more capable safes, to keep items safe from harm from flood, fire, and other natural disasters. 

Finding the ideal safe can sometimes be challenging. You can discover safes that are little more than a thin metal box if you search the market. If you do more research, you’ll discover that a safe is more specialized than you first thought.

Gun safes come in several varieties. They come in various sizes and styles. A lot of them are just light metal cabinets with no fire or burglary safety. After taking the fire rating into consideration, you should think about the construction, the metal’s thickness, and the sort of locking mechanism.

Fireproof Gun safe

 In the past, glass and wood gun cabinets were used to display your weapons in plain sight. A high-quality gun safe is now required in the world we live in in order to protect your firearms and other belongings. 

Now, what is really a fireproof gun safe? A gun safe that is fireproof can be characterized as having a high enough heat resistance and being resistant to the spread of fire. Safes rated for a half-hour or an hour are typically of top quality. Therefore, it won’t significantly damage a typical house fire during the designated amount of time.

Although they are not fire resistant, materials used to construct fireproof safes can withstand the heat of a fire for a limited period of time. The amount of time depends on the material it is built of, how thick the walls or doors are, and how much insulation there is.

Is it really useful? 

The quick response is “yes”. Safes that are fireproof will protect your valuables from disasters like fire. Safes come in a wide variety of designs, however, not all of them are equal. Determine what will be kept in your safe before doing some research to determine which fireproof safe is best for you. 

What to store in a fireproof gun safe? 

Of course storing guns, rifles, ammo, etc. is the primary storage purpose.  But you can also store documents, such as your birth certificate or the deed to your home, that contain information about you, your family, and even your property can be challenging to replace after a fire. After a calamity like a fire, keeping these documents safe from destruction might make your life a bit simpler despite the sorrow of having to clean your things and rebuild your home. Besides a firearm, here are the most important things to store in a fireproof gun safe: 

  • Birth certificates and passports for every member of the family.
  • Insurance contracts for homes, cars, and life insurance.
  • Information on safety deposit boxes, including keys.
  • Stocks, bonds, bank accounts, retirement funds, and other investment-related documents.
  • Cards for social security
  • Any personal wills as well as family member wills. Documents pertaining to healthcare and powers of attorney fall under this category. 
  • Some family photos that are irreplaceable 

Fire rating 


Each safe will have information on the temperature it can endure, how long it can prevent valuables from being destroyed, and what kinds of calamities it can survive. The “UL Rating” is the most important thing to look for. Underwriters Laboratories, a company that has been conducting product safety and testing for more than a century, is known by the initials “UL”.

This rating reveals the actual level of a safe’s fire resistance. A sub-rating follows the UL rating and tells you how long your documents will remain unharmed. To learn about the kinds of papers that will survive in your safe undamaged, use the UL rating as a guide.

A UL Class 350 1-hour safe, for instance, ensures that the contents of the safe remain below 350 degrees for an hour during the usual house fire, which burns at roughly 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does a fireproof gun safe last? 

Since they don’t burn for more than a set amount of time, fireproof safes often endure longer if they have a high fire rating. A fireproof safe’s durability depends on maintenance in addition to its fire resistance because moisture can produce rust and make the safe ineffective.

If it receives regular maintenance, a fireproof safe could last for many years. It will be able to withstand a fire for a long period if the outdoor temperature stays below the limit for a particular model for a certain amount of time.

Factors that can affect how long a fireproof can last: 

Material – A heavy safe built of high-quality materials will probably endure a fire longer than one made of inferior materials.

Maintenance – The longevity of a fire protection safe is also impacted by maintenance. In addition to fire, dampness also poses a threat to fireproof safes. Rusting and lock failure are challenges brought on by this state.

Fire rating – Based on a specific amount of time, this decides how long your safe can endure a fire. Safes with verified fire ratings typically have a few hours of fire resistance. 

Are fireproof gun safe worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it because they can protect your guns and valuables from fire that can occur without warning. A fireproof safe is a wise investment because it can resist even the worst home emergencies. Prior to installation in your home, it’s crucial to confirm that the safe you choose is actually fireproof.

Before making a buy, research numerous reliable brands. Never hesitate to ask questions. This involves asking an expert what kind of safe would be most suitable for your needs. Nobody likes to consider the possibility, yet house disasters like fires can happen to anybody, at any moment. Although there is a small risk that this will happen to you, it is important to ensure that your family is prepared for a fire and that your personal documents are kept safe and accessible in case of an emergency.