What is a Blimp Drone?

Blimp drones are a new innovative take on an age-old technology that was used in historic airships. These drones are larger in size than their traditional counterparts but can provide longer airtime with higher maneuverability and more energy-efficiency. They are also known to be a much quieter variant when it comes to drones, but you can always work on improving the noise made by your regular drones as well.

To further add upon their utility, the size of a blimp drone has its own uses as it provides owners with the perfect opportunity to showcase their brand advertisements on the surface of the drone. 

Now a lot of people might put forward the claim that a blimp is not a drone. However, the basic concept behind both of the products is that they are unmanned aerial vehicles, which by definition provided by the FAA is the essence of a drone.

Different Kinds of Blimp Drones

Over the past few years, the industry has seen rapid innovations, which have led to the introduction of a wide variety of blimp drones. Before, you could only find a remote-controlled drone. Still, now, as the technology around us progresses, newer variants have been introduced, such as the solar-powered recon blimp that can travel thousands of miles without having the need for a recharge. The industry has grown to the point where businesses have started incorporating custom shapes into their blimps.

Blimp Drone Features:

A blimp drone stands out amongst the rest of its variants due to its larger size. However, that’s not all there is to the product, as most of them currently available on the market boast a wide array of features that are seldom found in your traditional drones. 

Cruise speed of 25mph
5 miles of line of sight
500 feet max altitude
Up to 9mph of the descent speed
40mph top recorded speed
Extended battery life 

These blimp drone features allow them to be the next big thing in the world of drones, especially in the case of businesses that are looking forward to discovering new avenues for advertising.

The use of blimp drones has become a lot more common compared to a few years back as we see countless big-name brands using them as a source of advertisement while taking direct feedback through video feeds.

Here are some general specifications of a blimp drone.

40 – 60 pounds in weight
Polyvinyl fluoride polymer
Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
5 pounds – 50 pounds cargo capacity
15 – 30 feet in length
Onboard camera installed

How to Use a Blimp Drone?

If you have recently gotten your hands on one, then you must be wondering about how to use a blimp drone. Well, you’re in luck as blimp drones work on the same technology you would find in a traditional drone but with a twist that makes them easier to operate.

Blimps are also known as LTAs which stands for Lighter Than Air aircraft. Meaning they work by utilizing gases that naturally have a lighter weight than air, the most commonly used gas would be helium with a lifting capacity of 0.064 lb/ft3 (1.02 kg/m3). Blimp works on the same unmanned model as drones and are operated through remote control. 

However, to lift off the ground they use neutral buoyancy. This is done by installing a ballonet on the blimp that holds on to heavy air, which the controller can vent out for the blimp to take off the ground. After the LTA has reached the recommended altitude, you can control the drone however you see fit through the remote control. 

In case of descent, the ballonet can be filled with heavy air to increase the density of the blimp causing descent. The technology incorporated in a blimp drone allows them to be a lot easier to maneuver. While the drone aspect of the product makes them much more agile than your usual blimps. 

What Can You Use Blimp Drones For?

Blank ship in Flight

Unlike any other product in the spectrum, blimp drones can be used for a wide array of purposes, some of which we have listed here.


A blimp drone has massive potential to be used in agriculture as a source of crop dusting due to its large size. It has ability to hold on to a big load of pesticide or water. This allows them to be a cheap, commercially used alternative to crop-dusting planes.


Another massive advantage of using a blimp drone is the fact that you can use them as billboards in the sky. Many high-end blimps come equipped with an on-deck display that can play your advertisements as it floats in the sky. This has to be one of the most efficient forms of direct marketing the industry has to offer. Not only that, but you can also capture the live responses of the public with an onboard camera. This way you deduce how the masses have perceived your advertisements.

Aerial Photography:

You can never forget what drones were made for, and that was to take beautiful pictures from high above. With high-definition cameras installed on your blimp, you can capture the essence of the landscape. They seem to be of particular use when it comes to the photographic coverage of larger events, like sports events.

Search and Rescue Support:

By far, the most significant impact blimp drones have made is their ability to assist in search and rescue. Not all of them, but a few larger models have the ability to lift up human beings of adult age and get them out of danger. This has proven to be quite a commodity as, although in some regions, you require a license to operate a drone, most of the states have no rules regarding who can get a license for one making them a much more approachable search and rescue equipment.

Border Patrol:

Another use of a blimp drone would be to provide border patrol. They boast higher mobility and maneuverability along with longer battery life than regular drones. This makes them an excellent patrolling tool to protect borders, even if they are just the borders of your residence! However, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your drones.

Where can you Buy Blimp Drones?

If you have been looking to buy blimp drones, your best bet would be to get them custom made from numerous providers currently offering their services over the internet. As the product has an amazing extent of customizability, it’s advisable to opt for something that fulfills your requirements to the utmost degree. 

However, if that seems to be way too costly for you, there are quite a few alternatives you can find over the internet. 

What does the Future Hold?

Many aviation world giants have put forth their ideas on how to create cost-friendly and energy-efficient transportation and cargo aircraft. On top of these lists, they have always been the lighter than air aircraft, the Blimp. 

With the production costs of a Blimp being drastically lower than that of an aircraft, they might very well soon be adopted in order fields of life. They can take over our airspaces to provide a cheaper, more eco-friendly alternative to the current aircraft used.