What are the Best Drones for Selfies?

Are you getting tired of holding up your phone or using a selfie stick to take an awesome selfie? Another cooler alternative would be selfie drones, which will take something that is called a “dronie” (drone selfie).

Selfie drones are generally slimmer and more portable as compared with the common camera drones. Some of them are pocket-sized, while some of them are foldable, making them easy for packing and carrying especially for traveling. Some of them can even let you edit and share your photos on social media. Plus, other selfies are popular for the “follow me” feature, which allows you to set the drone to follow you from behind, or to focus on your face as you walk around.

Selfie drones are a great tool to capture any special moment anytime and anywhere. If your regular selfie method captures all the faces but not the special place you’re in, a dronie captures your location beautifully as well.

If you’re looking for the best selfie drones in the market, here are some of the most popular models available:

Where to Buy
DJI Spark
DJI Mavic Pro
Zerotech Dobby Selfie Drone
Wingsland S6
JJRC H37 Elfie

1. DJI Spark

One of the most technically advanced selfie drone on the market today, the DJI Spark is your ultimate selfie drone. It is packed with features like gesture control, which allows you to take selfies by just gesturing a hand signal to the drone; Palm Launch, which lets the drone launch from and land in the palm of your hand; and an ActiveTrack, which makes the drone follow you or set pre-defined flight paths. The Spark has a vivid 12MP camera, f/2.6 wide-angle lens, GPS, and a mechanical gimbal – all working together to create a perfect dronie. It can fly for 16 minutes at a full battery and can reach up to 2 km from the controller.

Besides gesture control, this drone is controllable using a remote control or a smartphone/device. It even has some safety features that are normally found on bigger, high-end drones, such as obstacle avoidance, return to home function, and precision hovering and landing – all packed in this palm-sized drone! DJI Spark is definitely one of the most user-friendly selfie drones on the market, though its price is in the higher end of the spectrum. But that doesn’t count as much, to think that you’d be buying a model from the leading seller of consumer drones in the world: DJI.

2. DJI Mavic Pro

If you’re looking for a professional drone that can take the highest quality selfies, photos, and videos, the DJI Mavic Pro is for you. More than a selfie drone, the Mavic Pro is in line with the best camera drones in the market today. It is nowhere near being the small and portable drone around compared to most selfie drones, but when lined with other professional camera drones, it is relatively smaller and more portable. It can actually provide you the best of both worlds.

DJI Mavic Pro is equipped with 12.7 MP camera with optical sensors and can shoot videos up to HD and Full HD quality. It is packed with selfie features like WiFi hands-free mode, gesture control, “Tripod” mode for indoor stills, multiple flight modes for making all kinds of dronies, and “Active Track” and “Spotlight” to keep subjects in the frame at all times by following them. It comes with a controller that can support your mobile device and has a video transmission that can operate up to 7 km from the drone. When it comes to flight safety and reliability, it also offers superb features like obstacle avoidance that combine 4 vision sensors, a 3-axis mechanical gimbal to keep your drone stable, and a longer-than-usual flight time of 27 minutes.

3. Zerotech Dobby Selfie Drone

At first look at theZerotech Dobby Selfie Drone, it may seem like a power bank or a pocket WiFi device or some sort of an unfamiliar portable gadget. But when this pill-shaped drone unfolds its props, you’d be amazed to see that it’s actually a 13 MP camera drone that can produce 1080p HD videos. It is fully compatible and controllable with a smartphone. Using your phone, you can get a first-person view from the drone’s camera and you can even post your drone selfies to your social media sites right away through its app. This quadcopter is even packed with 9GB of internal storage with no need for SD card and has a micro-USB port for easy transfer of contents to your laptop or device.

The Zerotech Dobby also has optical and acoustic sensors, as well as tracking features to keep the user in the frame while the drone is recording. However, its flight time is only 7 minutes short, so it’s only great for short and spontaneous videos. But when it comes to photos, you can be assured of getting excellent image quality for wow-inducing selfies.

4. Wingsland S6

The thinnest 4K drone in the market, Wingsland S6 is another portable selfie drone with four folding arms. It features a stunning 13MP camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal and is capable of recording 4K videos. On the side, you can find a LED light that can make low-light selfies possible. This drone is controlled via a smartphone app, which activates the drones’ features such as intelligent orientation control, follow me, auto return to home and one-key launch/landing. In terms of photography features, the app can beautify your shots, cut videos, add music and even add emojis to your pics and vids!

Wingsland S6 is also equipped with a high-precision barometer for stable flight and hovering so you can ultimately take clear dronies. It also has acoustic-based obstacle avoidance technology and GPS. It can fly for 7 to 10 minutes only, so make your videos short; but when it comes to dronies, it can do great.

5. JJRC H37 Elfie

The JJRC H37 Elfie is a cheaper alternative for anybody who wants to try a selfie drone. It seems to be a toy version of the Zerotech Dobby, but it still offers great features. Like the Zerotech Dobby, the H37 Elfie is a folding type of drone, which is about the size of a large smartphone when folded. It can be controlled by a smartphone via WiFi and can produce 720p videos with its 0.3 MP camera.

This drone features a G-sensor mode (a simpler follow-me mode), a headless mode, a one-key take-off function – these can allow you to control the drone according to your preferences and even tilt your phone to the direction you want it to fly. It even has LED lights on either side for easier flying at night. You can fly it at 8 to 15 minutes at a time at a range of 40 to 100 meters from the controller.