What Are the Benefits of a Golf Rangefinder?

Golf rangefinders have changed the way players improve their games in the course. Whether professionals or amateurs, golf rangefinders have become a valuable and trusted gear for golfers anywhere globally. From laser to GPS type of golf rangefinders, players have found its many advantages during their games.

A player can now have a superb way of interacting in a different playing environment when using golf rangefinders. While players have options either to use it or not, most players have discovered its potentials on the course.

The device can help in estimating the distance and accuracy of the shot. In this manner, it will help the golfer improve his game.

Using its laser beam, the device uses satellite signals to compute the distance between the golfer and the target.

Most of the players have a hard time declining the use of golf rangefinders. Following the convenience brought by the device in finding the accurate distance, players have relied on the golf rangefinders. The 2012 survey alone showed that around 69 players that joined the study said they used a rangefinder. Only 31 percent said no.

However, the traditional type of players can only see the inconvenience of the rangefinders. They would prefer trusting their gut or the caddie instead of the best golf rangefinder they can easily find in the market.

Those who are already hooked to the device, they can see a wide range of benefits.

For them, golf rangefinders are convenient to use and easy to carry around. The device can also help the players speed up the game.


Top reasons why golf rangefinder is beneficial

No more guessing works

A golf rangefinder will make an accurate reading of the distance during your game. If you are having trouble guessing the range of your target through the use of flag markers, a rangefinder will do the easy job for you.

From a distance between you and the hole, a rangefinder helps you calculate it so that you will know what to do once you hit the ball.

Provides fast play

The rangefinder will save your day from too much stress when you are practicing or playing on the course.

It can add value to your time as you think about how you will have a good play. A rangefinder can virtually provide an easy game from eliminating the guesswork to speeding up the calculation.

Help you choose the right club

A golf rangefinder will be a great help in determining the right club for you during the game. In this way, you will get an advantage during your play. As the rangefinder helps you calculate the distance of the hole, you need to know the right club for it. A rangefinder will help you with your choice from iron, wood, or putter before you aim the shot.

Easy to use

A golf rangefinder is easy and fantastic to use. This small and compact device doesn’t weigh much. It will not give you so much inconvenience during the game because it is easy to carry. You can wear it around your wrist, put it in your golf bag, or you can clip it to your hat. Other models include a watch-designed rangefinder. Isn’t it cool?

Enhance your skills

The device will enhance your game whether you are an amateur or a professional. As you keep on using the rangefinder, your skills will improve. You can slowly find the change in your level of expertise once you keep using it. As practice makes perfect, using a rangefinder will increase your chance for perfection. It will help in your focus and decision on the course.


Despite its small design, a golf rangefinder is versatile. It is user-friendly. It is convenient and portable. It is not also challenging to clean and keep during the game.

Help you avoid hitting people in front of you

A rangefinder helps you find the proper distance before you strike the ball. In this way, you will be guided not to hit the people or other players in front of you. This makes the device extremely beneficial during the game.

It gives you more knowledge of hole landscapes

The golf rangefinder brings a massive advantage as you navigate the landscape on the course. A rangefinder will do you so much favor, whether it is a bunker, rough area, and the woods around the course.

It provides you sufficient information over hazards

The self calculation is complicated during a crucial game. You cannot just allow losing your game because of poor measurement of the distance between you, the hole, and the hazards around it. It is essential to use a golf rangefinder so that you can get the correct distance. Being able to hit the ball from a safe area instead of a hazard area is rewarding during the game.