UVify’s Draco Drone Can Hit 100 MPH!

Over the past couple of months, I’m sure that all of us drone pilots have noticed the new popularity of drones all over the world. And with this has created a somewhat type of gold rush for which the company can create the smallest drone, the best camera, or even the longest battery life. Creating a DIY drone kit probably wouldn’t even get you a better drone.

But today, I have just seen something that has definitely put a little tear in my eye.


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A startup called UVify has created a consumer drone called, Draco, that can hit top speeds of 100 miles per hour! Now that completely blows out any other mainstream consumer drone, but what I’m wondering is how it compares to many DIY FPV Racing Drones already in existence.

startup called UVify

Now if we’re talking about typical amateur racing drones then this drone can definitely beat them in a race. However, top drone pilots have drones that can hit speeds of up to 120 mph, or about the top speed of a 2016 Toyota Camry. So, like always the DIY Fanboys/ Fangirls win again…

drone pilots

But let’s not take anything away from the Draco. Unlike the racing drones used by the pros, this drone comes with everything needed without all the DIY Hassles they have to deal with. And the best thing about UVify’s Draco Drone is that the price is starting at only $499, compared to top racing drone assemblies which can cost upwards of $900. The price is one of the pros of this drone.

pros of this drone

Another awesome thing that we’ve learned about this drone is that it’s perfect for drone pilots who would like to buy everything in 1 order. UVify also offers a package that includes the Drone, Controller, FPV Visor, various tools, and even a carrying bookbag! This something that I’ve always personally liked especially from companies like GoPro and DJI.

Alright so to round this up, I’m sure that from this post you can tell that I really like UVify’s Draco Drone. However, If you’re an expert FPV drone pilot you’re not going to like it, but for everybody else including myself, we are going to have so much fun with this speedy devil.