Ultimate Guide to Game Room Games

Game rooms have become increasingly popular over the past few years. People who are constructing new houses are especially having one extra room for recreational purposes. However, the bigger question stays. Since you have limited room space, what game rooms should you go for? Follow our guide below to find out the answer to this question based on a number of factors. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Game Room Games


Game room games come in all kinds of the price range. You can get a very basic game for $50 and any advanced simulator could even require you to spend $5000. If you are genuinely planning to have a game room developed in your home, the first thing to do is to evaluate how much you can spend on the game room games. 

A lot of games will be cut down from your list if you do not have a budget. However, there are some quite interesting games that can be bought under a budget. There are plenty of ways to go around the budget issue. You can also get the more intriguing games but slowly so that cash flow is not disturbed. 



While many of the game room games are small or portable, there are a few which cannot be easily moved. Therefore, once you have them in their place, changing the position would be quite difficult. One of the best examples is a billiards table or a snooker table. This is a quite heavy wooden table which isn’t easy to move around. Besides, even at minimum, it is 7 feet long and 3.5 feet wide which is quite a lot of space. 

On the other hand, games such as board games, card games, or even a gaming console, wouldn’t take as much space as a snooker table or any other kind of table game such as ping pong. Therefore, evaluate the space you have and then decide on the appropriate games. Some people have small space but try to adjust many games inside it which makes the game room quite congested. This is not recommended as the purpose of recreation becomes quite discomforting. 

Space is also important because there can be times when you have guests who you might want to accommodate in the game room for joint game sessions. Therefore, take precise notes of the available space in terms of dimensions before purchasing any item. 

Besides, lighting is also important for a game room.



When choosing game room games, it is important to evaluate your personal interest in the games. Since game rooms are not just made for a single person, it is important to take into account the gaming interest of other people as well. For example, the dads might be more interested in having a billiards table setup while the young ones might be more interested in having the console gaming setup. 

In fact, the aspect of interest is quite a wide one. You might also have to go for gender-based differentiation in terms of games. The boys might like more interactive games such as basketball hoops or foosball while the girls might be more interested in games such as dollhouse, bowling, and even mini-golf. 

Therefore, It is important to take everyone’s interest into account and then make some wise decisions. For example, one way to do so is to not get a full-size billiards table and instead get a medium-sized one. This will make some space for other games as well. 



Last, yet one of the most important things to consider before buying game room games is the type of games. This means that you should be choosing the appropriate types of games based on your routine. For example, if a person is working from home only, he would be engaged in minimum physical exercise. Therefore, he should be buying those games which are going to engage him in some form of physical exercise. This includes ping pong, mini basketball, and billiards. 

On the other hand, people who are engaged in office work and jobs that demand physical exertion should go for those games which are going to be less physically exhausting. This is because they need more time to relax and ease out rather than get themselves tired again. Therefore, it is our recommendation that these people should go for console games, card games, board games, and other similar ones as well. 


Guide to the Best Game room Games

Following are a few of the best game room games you should be considering. We have included our top product choices as well for your better guidance. 

Cue Sports

One of the all-time favorite games of Americans is billiards. There are multiple games that can be played on a billiards table which makes it more interesting. It also makes the billiard table a good investment because you won’t get bored of it. 

For those who don’t know, cue sports includes a range of games played on a table with six pockets and multiple balls that have to be hit by a cue (stick). These games are also jointly known as billiards games. The most popular cue sports in the world include pool and snooker but there are many others as well.

In the pool, there are two players and 15 object balls among which 7 are striped and 7 are solid. Players have to pot their set of balls in the pockets after which they have to pot the final “8-ball” in the pocket to win. It is one of the most played games in Native America and Mexico along with some of the local bars. 

Snooker, on the other hand, is a far more strategically played game. There are tough rules for it which is why professionals are more interested in playing it. In snooker, there are 15 red balls each of which has a score of 1. Besides, there is a yellow ball (2 points), green ball (3 points), brown ball (4 points), blue ball (5 points), pink ball (6 points), and black ball (7 points). Players have to score by potting any other colored ball after potting a red in the pocket. The highest scorer wins! 

Where to Buy
EastPoint Sports Billiard Pool Table 96 Inch
IgnatGames Professional Dart Board Set
Schmidt Foldable 4 Piece Table Tennis Ping Pong Play
PlayStation 5 Console
Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

1. EastPoint Sports Billiard Pool Table 96 Inch

Best Billiard Pool Table for a Game room.

A billiards table is among our top recommendations for a fun-filled experience in the game room because you can play plenty of different games without being bored. Although it does cost you a little high, the tables usually last for many years and require little to no maintenance. 

This Billiard Table is 96 inches which is suitable for intermediate to professional players. However, if you are a beginner, you can get the 87 inches variant as well available on Amazon.com. If we are to compare, we would say that you make a one-time investment only and get the bigger one and learn from it, even if you are a beginner. This is because if you get the smaller one, you will have to replace it after a certain time which would cost you extra money. 

As far as the technical aspects of this table are concerned, it comes with K66 rubber bumpers and sophisticated parlor style drop pockets making it an enjoyable experience. The build quality is excellent with state-of-the-art table cloth being used. This is one reason why most of the people who bought this table were highly satisfied. 

Besides, this one table is going to be all that you need as it comes with 2 cues, 2 chalks, 1 set of pool balls, 1 triangle, and 1 table brush. The complete dimensions are 96 by 55 by 32 inches. 



Another popular game you can easily arrange inside a game room is darts. Neither does it require too much space, nor does it cost you that much which makes it quite a user-friendly option. Those who are interested in improving their precision and accuracy skills should be playing darts in their free time. 

Darts can be played between two players. In some circumstances, a lot more people can play as well, and the scores are counted individually. For those who are new to this game, darts is a game that requires the player to throw a small missile-shaped object with a pointy end onto a dartboard. There are specific score markings on the dartboard where the darts have to be thrown. The highest scorer wins the game. Some people also play darts with a dartboard hanging on the dartboard stand.

Darts are quite a fun game especially if there are a lot of people around. You can make the game easy or difficult by modifying the distance with which you are playing. 

2. IgnatGames Professional Dart Board Set

Top Dart Board Set for a Game room. 

Darts should be a must in every game room. They don't even cost that much so having one won't matter a lot. In fact, it will give the impression that you have various extra games as well as the bigger ones. 

For this purpose, all you need is a high-quality professional dartboard set, such as this one which is being sold by IgnatGames. Normally, the dartboards people buy are not able to hold the grip of the darts but you won't face this problem with this dartboard. This is because the dartboard is staple-free and has a wider striking surface. Besides, the wire spider is 65% thinner than normal dartboards making sure that there are limited bounce-outs. 

Moreover, this dartboard set comes with premium-grade darts which are made of brass steel tips. They will stick to the board and are durable too. There isn't any chance that they break easily. What we absolutely love about the dartboard is the fact that it is self-healing which allows you to have a great and long-lasting experience with one single dartboard. It is a great option for beginners too because it comes with a free eBook on “Ways to Play Darts”. This will help you in improving your game as well. 


Ping Pong

Another great game you can install in your game room is Ping Pong. This is especially recommended for those who don't have physical exercise throughout the day. Ping Pong will truly engage you in both, upper body and lower body exercise. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players can play this game together. 

For playing Ping Pong, you need specific ping pong balls and rackets. Ping Pong is similar in the way lawn tennis is played except for the fact that it is played on a small table that can be kept indoors as well. There are many trick shots of ping pong you can learn as well. 

3. Schmidt Foldable 4 Piece Table Tennis Ping Pong Play

Best Ping Pong Table for Game rooms

If you are into Table Tennis and want to get yourself a table, this is the ideal one you can buy. It is a full-size table that is available for a market competitive price at Amazon.com. Many might be worried that a table tennis table might not allow for other games to be added to the game room. However, this is not true because, unlike many other tables, this one is foldable as well. When you are done playing, simply fold it and then put it aside. This will help you save ample space inside the game room. 

For example, once you are done playing table tennis, simply fold it and there will be enough space for a family of 5 to 6 people or even more to play Monopoly or Cards together.

Besides, this is one ping pong table set and not just the table alone. This means that it comes with 1 net, 2 posts, balls, and 2 rackets as well.  The dimensions of this table tennis table are 9 feet by 5 feet which is the official tournament size. The best part about this table is that it comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee as well. One important thing you need to consider before buying this is that it requires major assembly for the first time. You may need to buy screws.


Console Gaming

One of the best ways to chill down after a tiring day is via console gaming. This is yet another great idea for a game room because it requires low space and even one person can play on their own. If you don't have anyone else to play other games, the console would be essential. Therefore, we consider it a must-have for the game room. 

There are two major console types which include Xbox and PlayStation. However, PlayStation is among our top recommendations because it offers a better game resolution and improved gameplay. Although it is significantly more expensive than the Xbox, we believe that the gaming experience it provides is worth the higher price tag. 

You can play with other players, or even your friends, online.

4. PlayStation 5 Console

PlayStation 5 Console - A Must have for a game room. 

Many of you might already be aware of the PlayStation 5 as it has been all over the internet. In fact, there has been a major shortage of the console in the market. The PlayStation 5 has been a major improvement compared with the predecessor, the PlayStation 4. The CPU is an Octa-Core with a 3.5GHz variable frequency while the memory bandwidth has been significantly improved to 448 GB/s. The usable storage for the PlayStation 5 is 667.2GB which is more than sufficient for a highly active gamer. 

The GPU is 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz which is going to provide you an uninterrupted gaming experience with flawless performance. However, what we loved the most about the PlayStation 5 is the unique controller. With the haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and improved user experience, the controller makes the gaming experience quite real. 3D Audio has also been integrated for a more suspenseful and active gaming experience. 

However, one thing about the PlayStation 5 is that it is quite expensive and may cost you even more than a ping pong table, a monopoly game, a cards game, a set of darts, and even a small setup of basketball. 



One of the most played sports all over America is basketball. Players like Micheal Jordan have truly ignited the spirit of basketball among the fans. We recommend basketball among our choices of games for a game room because basketball is physically exhilarating. You can try and improve your basketball skills as well. All you would need to do is to set up a basketball basket with a pole at one corner of the room. 

If you want to cut down on the expense, you can simply get a basket attached with a metal ring. This can be drilled into the wall of your game room. In fact, there are specific basketball games that allow two players to play together and then compete with the scores. Here is one recommendation we have.

5. Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game for a Game roomRather than having a simple basketball hoop installed in your game room, we recommend having a basketball arcade game like this, especially if you have enough space. In case you don't, just buy a basketball along with a ring and install that in any corner of your game room with appropriate gaps from the top, left, and right. 

As far as this game is concerned, this one arcade machine has 16 games inside it which means that you will be able to enjoy a basketball experience for a long time and not get bored anyway. There are audio options as well to engage the young ones at your home. 

In terms of technical features, it is among the highly durable ones and most customers who tried it out were big fans of the build quality as well. This is due to the steel tubes along with powder coating and nylon ramp which allow you to play with it without damaging it. If you are wondering whether this will fit your gaming room or not, it is suitable for all rooms with 7-foot ceilings or higher. All that is required is to spend some initial time in the assembly of this game.


Which Games Should You Add to a Game Room?

Price Range

Space Required




Billiards Table



Physical Game

Multiple Games can be Played

Requires maintenance




Interactive Gaming

Requires low space

Improve shot skills

You might get bored after sometime

Darts can be lost as they are small

Ping Pong Table



Physical Game

Physically engaging

High space requirement

Gaming Console



Interactive Gaming

Can be played by one person as well

Expensive than most of the items in a game room




Physical Game

Physically engaging and requires low space

Not everyone likes basketball




Interactive Gaming

Low space

Must have for a game room

No major cons

Based on our evaluation of the various games suggested above, we recommend you start with at least one physical game and one interactive game. In case you have a higher budget and space available in your game room, we recommend that you go for two of each. Make sure that you consider everyone’s interest as well.

Choose either among billiards or table tennis based on what the larger majority would prefer. Billiards is a game more people are generally interested in so it is our suggestion. Besides, a gaming console with 2 controllers would be perfect for a video gaming session with your friends. It is one of the best ways to provide yourself with entertainment.

Items such as cards, darts, and board games are cheap and don’t require much space as well. Therefore, get them too because the more the games, the better fun you would have in the game room. 



In conclusion, we can say that a game room is one of the most important elements of modern houses. With an increase in work from home, many people need to engage in physical exercises while those that are coming tired from offices need recreation as well. A well-balanced game room, with both physical and mental exercises, can help you out in maintaining a better daily routine as well.