Types of Fishing

Fishing is a favorite sport for many. For those who would like to join the angler’s club you may have to get familiar with some of these fishing terms:

1. Ayu-fishing

Ayu fishing has been practiced in Japan since 430 years ago during the era of the samurai. Rods used in this fishing method are usually long (mostly 5 to 7 meters). It also uses fly but it does not use fly-casting. In this method, luring can be done with flies or decoy fish. Ayu fish are quite territorial, so they will attack whatever comes their way and will most likely go for the bait.

2. Catch-and-Release

Catch and release is a practice with the intention of conservation. During the early 1950s, this fishing technique was introduced in Michigan in a bid to trim down the cost of stocking hatchery-raised trout. Since then hobbyists and conservationists alike have supported this method to avoid overfishing and to maintain or save endangered species.

3. Fly-Fishing

Also known as “fly-casting,” this is a type of fishing technique in which an artificial bait, or “fly,” is used to lure and catch fish. The fly is usually hand-tied onto the fishhook.

4. Ice-Fishing

Ice fishing is a fishing method commonly practiced in the northern regions. Anglers fish through holes (using a line and a fish hook or a spear) in the icy lake or river.

5. Jigging

Jigging consists of using jigs — soft baits which are usually composed of rubber and silicon. The fishing action is consists of casting the jig and making jerky, vertical movements into the water, which may attract fish. This technique is quite versatile for saltwater and freshwater fishing and is quite popular too.

6. Live-Lining

This may be an effective fishing technique as you let your line just sink into a flowing body of water like a stream or river, and this is where the line becomes “alive” and its “natural” movement could make an attraction for the fish.

7. Longlines

Also called “droplines,” longlines are used for commercial deep-sea fishing. A longline is a deep and heavy fishing technique that consists of a number of smaller lines of baited hooks which are attached to the main line. The main lines may be placed either on the ocean floor or on the surface of the water. When the fish are finally caught by several hooks, the fishermen eventually haul the bountiful catch.

8. Pole-Fishing

Another popular method of fishing is pole fishing and you can do this type anywhere — streams, rivers, canals, and lakes, in freshwater or saltwater. It provides a degree of precision which can’t be seen from a rod and reel fishing.

Poles come in different lengths (sometimes up to 18 meters) and some are incredibly durable. The first and foremost factor is the way how you present the bait — you can allow the float still, move left and right, up and down, with varying speeds — it is up to the angler’s control. It also provides a level of accuracy because since the bait is meant to attract fish under the tip of the pole, the hook is placed much steadily around a small concentrated area of the feed.

The more tapered and elastic end of the pole provides something for the fish to fight or struggle. That fact and the ultra-lightness of the rig which the fish is trying to catch make the fish to eventually tire out.

9. Purse-Seining

This method of fishing involves the use of seine or a net which is a wide wall of a net that is placed vertically in the water and encircles and catches a school of fish.

10. Spin-Casting

A spin casting or spin fishing is another method is where bait (particularly spinner bait) is cast in freshwater. Spinner bait is a lure which has a metal “wing” which spins when it is in motion. The movement provides the spinner bait varying degrees of glare which might attract the fish.

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11. Tenkara-Fishing

Tenkara is a Japanese angling technique which involves the use of a hackle fly (called “kebari”) for catching mountain stream trouts.

12. Trolling-or-Trawling

It involves the use of pulling a net (a trawl) through the water to catch fish. Trolling or trawling is usually done by anglers on boats (who ride on boats that run on quiet-sounding motors, so that the fish won’t be alerted). However, it can also be done from the bridge, pier, or along the banks of the water using trolling rods.

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Fishing isn’t just a piece of cake but requires a lot of expertise and practice. Fishermen are also required to study and learn about various fishing techniques so that they know how to fish.

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