Try Dog Breeding as a Hobby

Breeders are those whose duty is to match two dogs, care for the pregnant moms, assist them in giving birth, rear the puppies, and then sell them.

The well-being of the dogs should always come first in dog breeding, and no shortcuts should ever be used. Responsible breeders prioritize the health of their puppies, increasing the likelihood that they will live long and happy lives.

When selecting dogs for breeding, today’s dog breeders must consider a variety of factors, including:

  • temperament
  • breed features and type
  • results of a health test
  • genetic variation
  • sire and dam’s overall health

To keep your dog as happy as possible, you must first learn to know his personality and behavioral demands.

Dog Breeding Details

Category: Competition, Outdoors, Physical Time: 2+ hrs Skill: Some
Initial Cost: $$$$ (500+) Space: lots People: alone
Long-Term Cost: High Makes Money: Yes Location: indoor, outdoor

History of Dog Breeding

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Purebreds, on the other hand, have a less pure origin story. When the competitive dog shows first appeared in nineteenth-century Britain, they were more about creating a social order than dogs. Most competitions required working-class pet owners to display their dogs after their wealthier counterparts, “after all the nice dogs had gone home,” according to Michael Worboys, an expert on the social history of pedigree dog breeding in Victorian Britain.

There was also the subject of breeding, which became famous when Charles Darwin’s essay On the Origin of Species was published in 1859. Breeders felt that by permitting only the most visually beautiful animals to mate, they might produce more ideal beings. According to Katherine C. Grier, author of Pets in America, these efforts strengthened the idea that all living things could be improved–evolution with purpose–which helped pave eugenics.

Why pursues this hobby of dog breeding?

In the eyes of the general public, dog breeding is a pastime, a passion, and a crime, but it may also be a business. It, like other enterprises, maybe run ethically or unethically.

The welfare of the dogs should always come first in dog breeding, and no shortcuts should ever be taken. Unfortunately, things are not always black and white, leading to heated Internet disputes and in many communities where dog breeders choose to settle down.

Experienced dog breeders will constantly emphasize the importance of preparing a dog for its first mating. Your dog may panic, run away, become very excited, or even damage itself or its breeding partner, especially if it is a young dog, whether male or female.

Mating and copulatory ties are particularly stressful for both the stallion and the female when breeding two canines. Because the male is trapped within the female, the two are bound together and unable to flee. And if they do, they will injure themselves and their partner, causing them a great deal of suffering. You must prepare both dogs ahead of time to eliminate most stress factors when the moment arrives for both dogs to engage in their coitus.

Tips and Tricks

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Breeding Dogs

There are several factors to consider before beginning the breeding process with dogs. It takes a significant amount of time, patience, education, money, and visits to the veterinarian.

Breeding of dogs

  • When it comes to launching a dog breeding business, several factors to consider before beginning the process. It requires a significant amount of time, patience, education, money, and visits to the veterinarian.
  • The first thing to remember about this procedure is that your objective should be to improve the breed rather than increase the number of puppies. If proper thought is not given, many things can go wrong, including cognitive impairments. Learn all you can about your dog and the breed you intend to breed, including its strengths and limitations and prevalent illnesses and disorders. This may be accomplished by reading books, conducting research online, speaking with your veterinarian and expert breeders, and attending breeding consultations at your veterinarian.

Choosing Your Dogs

  • When choosing a bitch (female dog) or stud (male dog), make sure they are in excellent health and have a lovely temperament. During the breeding consultations, our veterinarians will be able to undertake the required tests to ensure that they are both healthy and fit for generating a successful purebred litter without passing anything on to the pups.

Dog Breeding Medical Procedures

  • Some more medical exams and treatments are necessary and advised regarding reproductive planning for dogs.

Exams for Health

  • Both the bitch and the stud need to get their health checked. These routine tests ensure that the dogs’ overall health and well-being are tip-top for breeding. These examinations may involve searching for abnormalities in the eyes, coat, lungs, heart, and other areas. Blood and urine testing may be recommended as well.

Feeding dogs

  • Every dog breeder who wants to produce a healthy furry family responsibly has to find the finest dog food for pregnant dogs. A pregnant female dog, as well as a nursing one, requires more energy to maintain their growth as well as the healthy growth of every puppy. It’s hard, and the mother’s diet must be the greatest it’s ever been while avoiding overstimulation of her body. Before or early during the pregnancy, you should gently change your pregnant dog’s food.


  • For more experienced breeders, paperwork is crucial: they want to sell each puppy with a sales agreement that protects both the new owner and themselves. They retain whelping records for each puppy so that they may promptly monitor them if necessary.

Dog Breeding Cost

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Purebred puppies can sell for $200 to $400 or more depending on their breed and gender, making dog breeding a lucrative hobby. Females usually are more valuable than males because they can have more puppies, but even males can fetch $200 or more.

Will I profit from breeding dogs?

two jack Russells

Dog breeding can, first and foremost, be profitable, but it can also be loss-making or merely break even. Obviously, as with any activity ranging from beekeeping to aeronautics, the execution is more important than the concept.

  • To breed superior dogs, you must prioritize your lineage and each dog:
  • Take care of all of your dogs, even ones you won’t be able to breed.
  • Check the health of every dog that comes into your kennel.
  • Demonstrate your pets to show that you’ve put in a lot of effort.
  • Ensure that your canines are registered and that you follow the breed standard.
  • To achieve your breeding goals, utilize the correct breeding tactics.
  • Keep a blog and social media profiles to track your progress.
  • Get engaged in online and offline groups to promote your breed.
  • To leave minimal space for chance, research canine genetics and heredity.
  • There is no such thing as a perfect breeder. As a dedicated breeder, you may follow some of these standards while deviating from others.

Benefits of dog breeding

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Because of irresponsible breeders, dog breeding has a negative image. Nonetheless, many dog breeders are generous with their time, money, and attention to breeding dogs responsibly.


Specialized breeding is one of the numerous reasons breeding dogs may be advantageous. As described in a previous article, selective breeding purposely generates canines to produce, preserve, or remove specified physical qualities, mental traits, health issues, talents, and aptitudes to accomplish specific jobs.

Breeding dogs to reinforce a common talent in a breed has been practiced for ages. It is a significant advantage of breeding since it may benefit a whole community, such as police dogs, hunting dogs, and Seeing Eye dogs.


Creating new breeds may be an exciting and worthwhile reason to breed dogs since it can meet present societal demands. It is time-consuming and may take several litters to narrow down the genetic qualities you want to see in your new breed. Still, it is rewarding if you put in the effort, especially breeding for a specific purpose.


One of the essential benefits of artificial selection in dog breeding is improving the dogs. Dog breeds established by fake sections for desirable genetic qualities can enhance an existing breed or create a new one with all the needed specialized abilities and personality. Selective breeding can result in improved intelligence, athletic ability, and the elimination of previously observed health concerns in certain circumstances. The Border Collie, for example, has increased its agility, intelligence, and size to become the ideal herding dog as a result of years of selective breeding.


Selective breeding has a bad image for producing ill breeds, but the reality is very different. Most breeders do everything to eliminate undesirable characteristics from a specific lineage or breed. When done correctly and given the time, selective breeding may eliminate inheritable disorders like hip or elbow dysplasia, allergies, epilepsy, and many others and improve temperaments and promote certain genetic qualities like intellect or speed.


The general public like dogs, and as a breeder, you give them a healthy and happy breed rather than picking one at random. A respectable dog breeder ensures that the pups have a beneficial background and ancestry. Many individuals who buy from a breeder have extensively studied the type of dog they want and want to obtain the appropriate dog. While no future is guaranteed, people will trust you as a reputable breeder if you have made an effort to ensure that your puppies are free of sickness and unattractive behavioral faults.


Many dog breeds are becoming extinct as people lose interest in them or contemporary lifestyles no longer demand their unique abilities in hunting, subzero coats. Dogs are not usually employed to kill rats anymore, and the cute Yorkshire Terrier, which was developed to hunt vermin in textile mills, has not been utilized for this sort of activity in a long time. These breeds of dogs might have vanished from modern life if not for breeders. Particular could argue that “this is how evolution works,” however it is incredible that some breeders can preserve an entire breed alive.


Breeders who are ethical and professional desire to spend their lives on their terms. They wish to enjoy prospering at home with their pets while also earning money by producing excellent dogs. They may enter their dogs in dog shows or performance activities, and it is a way of life for both the dog and the breeder.


Big Dog

Breeding dogs is an incredibly draining experience that will shatter your heart repeatedly. However, doing it for the right reasons rather than merely for appearances and income (extreme breeding) can allow you to continue producing healthier and better dogs, which is incredibly satisfying.

Do your research and learn as much before planning your first mating.

Beginner dog breeding is a lovely journey that may begin right now but will require you to endure for several years. And you know when it is time to start breeding, right? When you do not consider yourself a novice.