Top Golf-Playing Countries

Golf is a famous gentleman’s sport with origins dating back to the 15th century, and while it is enjoyed all over the world, there are some places where it is more popular than others.

It is well-known that the United States of America loves this sport. There are a number of golf courses, both public and private, scattered across the nation. But this classy game isn’t solely enjoyed in the States alone.

Below are some of the world’s top golf-playing countries, in no particular order.


The Emerald Isle is home to plenty of captivating golf courses in the world. With its lush flora, stunning greenery, and gorgeous shorelines throughout the country, its courses, some of the oldest in the world, surely help enhance the number of tourists who travel to Ireland each year and its tourism income.

If you’re from Ireland, chances are, you are inclined to this sport. And when it comes to Irish golfers, they’re recognized for playing despite the bad weather and for having a good time. Because of Ireland’s varied weather conditions, Irish golfers are excellent players known to manage despite the unfavorable weather conditions.

Pádraig Harrington is the country’s most successful golfer who has won three major championship titles. What’s impressive is, before becoming a professional golfer, Pádraig was actually a boxer and hurler in Dublin.

With its population nearing 5 million, and approximately 400 courses scattered far and wide across the Isles, golf is indeed a well-loved sport in Ireland.



Known as one of the best countries to play golf, with it being the birthplace of the sport, Scotland has achieved great heights in the field of golf. With courses in St. Andrews, Muirfield, and Eden Course, the nation boasts its historic and tranquil 18-hole courses where one can try out a new skill and gain experience.

It should also come as no surprise that Scottish golfers have won numerous major championships over the years. Scotland has over 550 golf courses, several of which are among the world’s best. A total of 55 major championship wins is not bad for a country with a fraction of the population of some golfing heavyweights. Scottish golfer James Braid has won five major titles, making him the most accomplished golfer in Scotland’s history.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, like Ireland, has a large number of golfers who enjoy the game, with eight percent of its population playing golf at least once a year. It’s also likely that those who live in the United Kingdom will try to convince you that golf is more prevalent in the United Kingdom than in Ireland.

Their players learn to play with a continual wind because the country’s conditions can be quite challenging. They also know how to hit shots that remain below the wind and keep out of difficulty. Though it is not easy, the players have learned a different style of golf than the ones in the United States.

English golfers can definitely brag about their prowess with four Masters titles, seven U.S. Open trophies, 22 Open championships between them, and 35 major championships. Not bad for a small island nation, right? Nick Faldo has won six major tournaments between 1987 and 1996 and is the most successful golfer in the sport’s history in England.

United States of America

Many golfers in the United States believe that the country is the most popular place to play golf in the entire world. Golf is a popular pastime in California and Florida, where people play golf all day and all night long. In these locations, golf is immensely popular, but it doesn’t mean that everyone in the United States likes it.

Nevertheless, the United States, despite its size, takes golf very seriously. Several well-known golfers have been honored throughout its history, with an unsurprising amount with 268 major championship wins in its history.

The country boasts of Jack Nicklaus, the most decorated golfer in the United States and the most decorated golfer of all time. Additionally, this list would be incomplete without mentioning Tiger Woods, Water Hagen, and Ben Hogan, and so much more, but it’ll take a while, so let’s keep it at that.

Further, the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Tour, dominated by U.S. events, is one that golfers worldwide desire to compete in. Despite the fact that the European Tour has increased in popularity, the PGA Tour continues to dominate in terms of reputation, riches, and attention.

A golfer works hard to make it to the Tour for the opportunity to travel around the United States and compete professionally. However, getting to the top level of the PGA Tour can be a lengthy and demanding process.

Therefore, the goal of the United States Golf Association and the PGA of America is to expand the game and make it a more inclusive sport for everyone.


What Makes Golf Popular

Globally, golf is regarded as one of history’s oldest sports. Five centuries after it was invented, golf has become the sport of choice for youngsters and adults worldwide. It is enjoyed by many because it is an inclusive sport where men, women, and children can all play.

One of golf’s charms is that it’s available almost anywhere. Most cities and towns maintain a golf course for you to explore. Visiting a different place to play golf is also an excellent way to spend vacation time. Scotland, for example, has courses that date back hundreds of years.

Another reason it’s popular is that it’s a fantastic way to stay fit. It is common for golfers to spend a lot of time walking the course, which is an excellent cardiovascular workout for your heart and lungs. Before starting their regular season, many golfers also choose to work on their golf conditioning, which includes exercises for major muscle groups and some drills for balance and flexibility.

Golf is an enjoyable game that grows in popularity every year. Whether you play for availability exercise or other reasons, this sport will help you hone your skills while allowing you to socialize and meet new people in the process.