Top Golf Courses in Japan

The land of the rising sun, also known as Japan, has its share of magnificent golf courses worldwide. We think of golf, the first thing that could come to mind is its relevance in western countries, especially in the United States. However, Japan is known to be a fan of golf, showcasing its various beautiful courses that are sure to give any player a wonderful experience. The participation of Japan in the sport is proven by the numerous courses present in the country. The number of golf courses in Japan alone is more than the total golf clubs found in the rest of Asia; it boasts roughly 2,500 courses located in different parts of the country. An experienced dog enthusiast would probably know the significance of Japan in the exciting sport. In this article, we are going to look into a list of top golf courses in Japan.

Hakone Country Club

First on the list is the Hakone Country club located in Kanagawa, Japan. It is a private golf course with eighteen holes over its more than seven thousand yards of land. This beautiful golf course was established in 1954 and was designed by the golf architect, Shiro Akahoshi. It is widely known for its beautiful scenery thanks to the various flowers present in the course. Interestingly, the Hakone Country Club was home to different tournaments, including the Japan Women’s Open in 2002.


Another private golf club present in the list of the most outstanding courses in Japan could be located in the city of Kawanishi. The Naruo golf course is known for its exclusive style hidden within the urban area. This course showcases eighteen holes over a 6,612-yard field. For the record, the Naruo golf course was established earlier than the Hakone Country Club; we trace back the origins of this course to 1920. Four golf course architects designed it: Joe Crane, Harry Crane, Bertie Crane, and C.H. Alison.

Koga Golf Club

Spanning nearly seven thousand yards, the Koga Golf Club showcases its vast beauty to many golf fans. This club offers an eighteen-hole course exclusively for private members. It was the masterpiece of golf course architects Osamu Ueda, Soichi Suzuki, and Ko Tanihara, which was built in 1953. The style of the golf club is a wondrous display that would give players time to unwind and enjoy.

Tokyo Golf Club

The Tokyo Golf, located in Saitama, Japan, is known as one of the greatest in the country, mainly because of the incredible atmosphere and its exclusive design. This golf club was established in 1940 and was designed by Gil Hanse. It is an eighteen-hole course that covers nearly seven thousand yards. The Tokyo Golf Club has a significant part in the development of golf in Japan. It has hosted several tournaments, which include the Japan Open Golf Championships, Japan Amateur Golf Championships, as well as other national and international tournaments.

Abiko Golf Club

A private golf club located within the city of Chiba, Japan: the Abiko Golf Club boasts fascinating features that are sure to capture the hearts of many golf fans. Similar to many golf clubs, the Abiko Golf Club is an eighteen-hole course that spans up to 6,912 yards. This massive private course was built in 1930, which was designed by golf course architects Rokuro Akaboshi, Brian Silva, and Kye Goalby. Furthermore, the Abiko Golf Club hosted various tournaments over the years, including the Third Kanto Pro Championship, The Tenth Amateur East-West Match, and many more.

Kasumigaseki Country Club

The Kasumigaseki Country Club is another golf course located in Saitama, Japan. It is a private golf course established in 1929 and was designed by Kinya Fujita, Shiro Akaboshi, and Charles Alison. This golf club showcases an eighteen-hole field that is home to various beautiful attractions. Interestingly, the Kasumigaseki Country Club is known to have hosted several professional golf tournaments over the years, including the Canada Cup in 1957, the Japan Open Golf Championship, and the Asian Amateur Championship in 2010.


The Hirono Golf Club was a masterpiece of the great golf course architect Charles Alison; he was also the designer of many other golf courses in Japan. This golf club was established in 1932 and was considered one of the best courses in Japan, as well as globally. This magnificent golf course is located in Kobe, Japan. It is known to have hosted golf tournaments, such as the Japan Open.