Top Golf Courses in Canada

The significance of golf in western countries has led to the creation of more golf courses in the region. Besides the United States, many other countries are known to be an enthusiast of golf, showcasing their country’s rich history through their beautiful golf courses. One western country that built its reputation as a golf-loving nation is Canada.

Canada’s vast landmass is ideal for creating massive and exquisite golf courses. Thankfully, Canadians are a huge fan of the sport, wherein several professional golf players originated from this country. As a nation that loves golf, Canada is also home to some of the world’s most outstanding golf courses, which are sure to capture the hearts of many enthusiasts. These golf courses flaunt unique designs and world-class architectures, which makes it more interesting for players.

In this article, let us look into the list of Canada’s grandest and world-class golf courses.

The Highlands Links Golf Course

The Highlands Links Golf Course is a public course located in Nova Scotia, Canada. This golf course was initially created with a nine-hole field, which eventually changed into an eighteen-hole course. The beautiful design of the Highlands Links Golf Course was designed by Stanley Thompson and was established in 1941. Its size extends to more than six thousand yards, giving golf players a wide area to enjoy the game. Because of the course’s design, it was consistently part of the list of greatest golf clubs in various surveys.

Hamilton Golf and Country Club

The Hamilton Golf and Country Club is one of Canada’s oldest golf clubs. It was established in 1894 designed by the golf course architect Harry Colt. The golf course was initially created with an eighteen-hole field; another golf course architect named Robbie Robinson added nine more holes in 1974, resulting in a total of twenty-seven holes. The Hamilton Golf and Country Club is considered among the best courses in Canada. It is known to have hosted several professional golf tournaments in the past, notably the series of Canadian Open, which was held in different years.

Banff Springs Hotel

The Banff Springs Hotel is a historic hotel located in Alberta, Canada. It is widely known as a grand hotel, but one thing that makes this hotel more interesting is its twenty-seven hole golf course. The golf course was designed by architect Stanley Thompson, which was established during the early 20th century. The Banff Springs Hotel golf course gained recognition across the country, mainly because of its exclusive style; golf players would have a chance to enjoy the hotel’s many other amenities. If you are looking for the ideal golf club that offers other exciting features, the Banff Springs Hotel is definitely a golf course you should consider.

St. George’s Golf and Country Club

Another masterpiece of the golf course architect Stanley Thompson: the St. George’s Golf and Country Club is a well-known golf club in Canada because of its magnificent design. This country club is located in Toronto, Canada, which features an eighteen-hole golf course established in 1929. This vast golf course spans up to more than seven thousand yards, showcasing the place’s breathtaking sceneries and luxurious design. St. George’s Golf and Country Club is known as one of the best golf courses in Canada; it is also the host for the Canadian Open in 1933.

Cabot Cliffs

The Cabot Cliffs is a relatively new golf course located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The fascinating style of this golf club was designed by Ben Crenshaw, Bill Coore, and Dave Axland. It features an eighteen-hole field that spans nearly seven thousand yards. This links type golf course was established in 2015, which quickly gained recognition for its elegant design. Furthermore, the Cabot Cliffs offer many other amenities and services, which are sure to give a more wonderful experience for golf players. The golf club includes a clubhouse, restaurant, as well as golf classes. If you are planning to go for a trip to Cabot Cliffs, make sure to wear your typical golf attire due to the club’s requirements. Despite being a new golf club in the country, Cabot Cliffs already secured its spot in the list of top golf courses in Canada.