Top Golf Courses in Africa

Golf is indeed a popular sport in the United States and so does in other countries. The significance of golf grew over the years, and many people become fond of playing this incredible ball game. It became widespread in America, Europe, Asia, as well as Africa; in Africa alone, there are already nearly one thousand golf courses. Out of all these golf courses, there are some that stood among the rest. In this article, we are going to look into the list of top golf courses in Africa.

Heritage Golf Club

The Heritage Golf Club is a beautiful course and attraction in the island of Mauritius, located in East Africa. This place is known for its fascinating riches and exclusive sceneries, making sure to give the players an incredible experience, not just in playing golf, but also in other activities. It is an eighteen-hole course designed by Peter Matkovich and was established in 2004. The golf course is known to have hosted various tournaments over the years.

St Francis Links

The St Francis Links is an eighteen-hole course located on St Francis Bay, South Africa. It was designed by Jack Nicklaus and was established in 2006. This golf club boasts its luxurious style, making it part of the top golf courses in the world for several years. Besides golf, the club also includes other amenities, such as locker rooms, restaurant, bar, and so on.

Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club

The Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club is probably among the oldest golf courses not just in South Africa, but also around the world. This club was established in 1890 and was designed by Robert Grimsdell and Laurie Waters. It features a unique design, boasting its thirty-six-hole field. The Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club is not doubt among the greatest golf courses in South Africa, wherein several tournaments were recorded to be held in this golf complex, including the South African PGA Championship and Joburg Open.

Arabella Country Estate

The Arabella Country Estate is known for its high-class design. It is not only popular for its golf course; it also showcases the 5-star hotel that comes with it. The Arabella Country Estate golf course is an eighteen-hole course that is known to had hosted various professional tournaments before, including Nelson Mandela International and Vodacom Origins of Golf Tour. This beautiful masterpiece was also designed by the golf course architect Peter Matkovich.

Montagu at Fancourt

The Montagu at Fancourt is an eighteen-hole golf course located in George, South Africa. It showcases an excellent design, along with the eye-catching view of the terrain. The golf course was redesigned by David McLay Kidd, giving it an exclusive style. Because of its redesign, this golf course is often included in the list of top golf courses in South Africa.

Leopard Creek Country Club

Another work of art by the great South African golfer, Gary Player, the Leopard Creek Country Club is owned by South African richest man, Johann Rupert. It was established in 1996 and is located on Malalane, South Africa. The Leopard Creek Country Club is known as one the greatest in South Africa, mainly because of its beautiful design and exceptional style.

Gary Player Country Club

Named after the great professional golf player, Gary Player, this country club is known to have its remarkable traits of its own. It is located in Sun City, South Africa; it is considered as one of the longest golf courses in the world. It showcases an eighteen-hole field that is known had hosted various tournaments, such as Nedbank Golf Challenge, Dimension Data Pro-Am, Sun City Challenge, and South African Open. All of the achievements of Gary Player Country Club simply prove why it is considered as one of the best championship courses in South Africa.

Durban Country Club

The Durban Country Club is known for its magnificent design and breathtaking view. This eighteen-hole golf course is located on Durban, South Africa. It was a masterpiece of George Waterman and LB Walters, and then redesigned by the great golf course architect Gary Player. The country club was established in 1922, giving players a taste of its historic vibes. The beautiful view of the Indian Ocean adds up to the course’s remarkable features.