Top Golf Clothing Brands

You can be a master in the greens or be the commander of the putter, but all that can go for naught when you’re not rocking the best golf apparel. From the comfort of your shirt to the support in your feet, wearing the right clothing in golf is as important as playing the sport. What’s great is that many brands are available in the market to keep your gameplay at its best. From casual, comfy gear to more posh, loud garments, you can find a brand to suit your style. Before you show on the course, read on our picks of the top golf clothing brands that will level up your fashion and your game!


While Adidas may be renowned for its iconic footwear, the “three stripe” brand also offers some of the best golf clothing in the market. Entering the green in 1997, Adidas cemented its reputation in the category and has continued to provide refreshing and versatile designs for golf enthusiasts. From shoes to shorts, pants, sweaters, and polos, their apparel will keep you looking cool in every swing.

Original Penguin

Launched in the 1950s, Original Penguin is a timeless brand and an OG when it comes to colors and designs. Sport their classic polos and you’ll exude class on the course. If you want something hip, don’t fret as the iconic brand also caters to modern-minded golfers. Adding its excellent mix of products and sophisticated styles, Original Penguin is a go-to golf clothing brand for your apparel needs.


Since its foundation in 1964, Nike has remained one of the leading sports brands. When it introduced itself into the game of golf in 1984, everyone knew that the company could bring impressive changes into the sport. With their Dri-Fit technology and other modern designs, you can now play more confidently as their apparel’s fabric will move with your body while wicking away nasty sweat. If GOAT Tiger Woods loves the brand, there’s no reason why not to love the “Swoosh.”


Boasting high-quality apparel characterized by technical fabrics, maximum flexibility, and cool colors, Lululemon easily ranks among the top golf clothing brands. From socks to hats, pants, and shirts, lock on Lululemon as their clothes are built to keep you fresh and looking great as you land holes.


Feel awesome on the golf course with Bonobos. Each clothing product from this line embodies optimum performance, excellent fit, and superior style. Regardless of your expertise, their pieces will follow your movement as you play, you’d always look forward to your next swing.

Ralph Lauren

For every five decades, Ralph Lauren has been one of the leaders in bestowing the market with a wide range of premium quality lifestyle products. Golf is no exception. They have their Polo Golf line, which leans more on the traditional side, without compromising style and performance. Their simple, sophisticated pieces are specifically designed to complement your game, whatever your skill set.


Providing a perfect blend of traditional golf and a modern flair, G/FORE is an excellent choice for those who love to play numerous rounds of golf. They incorporate flexibility and comfort to their pieces, whilst being reverent to the traditions of the sport. The resulting products will make you shine on your first tee, and still be able to sport your apparel for a drink afterward.

Under Armour

A game-changer in the sports apparel industry, Under Armour offers innovative, state-of-the-art fabric and designs to revolutionize your gameplay in the golf arena. Wear their grip shoes and polo shirts to experience their exceptionalism – don’t be surprised to score better with your shots.


Launching its golf line only in the 2000s, Puma already enticed many enthusiasts with their golfing apparel. The brand offers nearly everything from shorts, shoes, pants, shirts, and accessories, mainly appealing to junior golfers with their bright colors and fun designs. If you want to look cool on every putt, Puma is your best resort.


Starting only in 2007, TravisMathew is yet another fresh brand but has its distinct offering. Their products radiate a laid-back, Southern California vibe, giving a sense of sophistication. Don’t worry, as they find an excellent balance with elegance and play, which means their pieces will also help you play your best game as you swing on the course.


As it names calls, this brand will undoubtedly make you feel like a Champion, not only in the greens but in other parts of your day. The most impressive thing about Champion is the flexibility of their attire. You can use them as you work out in the gym, jog in the park, ride a bike, or hike, making it perfect for any golfer who has a heart for other outdoor activities.


Founded in 1933 to produce revolutionary tennis shirts, Lacoste’s high-quality, premium-stitched, and high-performing apparel can now also be enjoyed on the golf course. Harmonizing flexibility, excellent movement, and preppy style, sporting any Lacoste ensemble will make you look and feel fantastic on every stroke.

Dunning Golf

Clean and classic, designed with excellent fit and playability, all for an affordable price tag, there’s nothing much to say: Dunning Golf is simply one of the best gold clothing brands out there you should never miss out on.


Do you want to hide your golfing skills and only show them on your strokes? Look no further, Greyson will make it possible for you. This brand combines sleek fashion, superior construction, optimum performance, and modern style, which will make you feel like a true golfer without looking like one – it’s all for you to show up your game on the greens.


Featuring a Pacific Coast vibe with cutting-edge fabric technology, Linksoul takes the best elements of performance and style to create apparel that will help you enjoy the game of golf even better. The brand transcends its traditional appeal, it is another revolutionizer in the golf clothing industry.


Imposing great emphasis on high-quality stretch, luxurious fabrics and premium movement, KJUS is designed to do wonders for your swing, you haven’t reached your best game yet until you wear their products and experience their first-class golf wear.

J Lindeberg

Finding inspiration from the Swedish culture, J Lindeberg offers a great range of traditional styles and high-performance fabrics with a modern kick. Their sophisticated and functional apparel will make you feel comfy and stylish, you will always step on the greens with your head in the game. 

Calvin Klein Golf

Calvin Klein has gone a long way since its launch in 1968 but its relevance can still be felt across the clothing market, with golf not being an exception. Sported by some of the greats, Calvin Klein offers lightweight, breathable, clean, stylish golf apparel. Wear a CK and be ready to shine from the first hole to the 18th.

Hugo Boss

A true boss, Hugo Boss is another huge fashion brand that ventured into golfing apparel. Their golf line isn’t a pushover, as it offers a fantastic array of styles and prices. Simple yet elegant, their products are bound to make you excel on the course.


Classic colors, professional style, and quality fabrics to help you stay fresh, Wolsey offers what most of today’s golfers look for in golf apparel. Their products will always help you look great, feel good, and play your best