Top 5 Websites To Purchase DIY Drone Parts

Today is a great time for anyone to experience the drone rush. Now, you can have a myriad of options to choose from that fits almost every need and want. For the more experienced drone pilots, buying individual drone parts offer something more unique than off-the-shelf pre-assembled builds.

Not only do they give the flexibility to customize a drone exactly how they would like it, but it can also be extremely fun to mess around with. If you’re one of them, perhaps you have thought of racing with your friends, but you might want to shop for appropriate components that are lighter or more powerful. Trying to find good parts can be both frustrating and unnecessarily expensive, so here are a few websites where you can find good drone parts to help you with your search.

1. RobotShop

This is perhaps the most popular go-to website for any sort of robotic technology, as they provide a wide range of robotic products and services in this store. RobotShop sells specialized robotic parts, robots filling both domestic and professional roles, development platforms and kits, or in our case, UAV and their associated tools. Even though they deal with much other technology aside from drones, they still offer a lot of buying options for you to choose from. Also, they don’t only sell items and products, but you can also find that they have a great library of tutorials on virtually anything related to drones.

2. UnmannedTechShop

A much more specialized website than our previous mention, UnmannedTechShop deals almost exclusively with drones and their related tech. One advantage of going with a website that deals uniquely in a specific line of products is the fact that you can find almost any exclusive parts you can imagine related to that said line of products. Their stock includes but is not limited to, spare parts for almost any drone series, sensors and gimbals, R/C gears, multirotor drones, and their frames, accessories for autopilot mode, and even FPV. Of course, you can also avail nuts, screws, cables, and connectors. Their worldwide shipping coupled with the 30-day return policy makes them a great avenue to check out.

3. HobbyKing

HobbyKing is yet another great site for anything relating from remote-controlled. Besides their stock of extensive DIY kits and components for drones, they also have a collection for many other hobby items such as RC trains, boats, cars, and planes. Being a website catering almost exclusively to tech hobbyists, this site also field supplies needed for the builder in you. These include the general workbench accessories such as screws, bolts, nuts, ziplocks, and wires. They also offer electronic parts like electrical boards, motors, LCD screens and so and so forth. Their cheap worldwide shipping makes them a great website for drone enthusiasts to shop.

4. GetFPV

GetFPV is a much more specialized website that is engaged in trading entirely on the drone and their related technology. And as previously stated, these vendors field almost exclusively drone-related materials, and as such, you will find a wide variety of goods to choose from. Not only do they stock on a plethora of items ranging from commercial drones to individual components to construct your own build, but they also provide refurbished or scratched/dented materials for a good deal. You will also find that they hold regular clearance and sales. They also ship worldwide very cheaply.

5. eBay

eBay is a massive consumer-to-consumer and company-to-consumer platform that facilitates buying and selling of myriad of items. This option allows you to search for hard-to-find parts that cannot be sourced elsewhere. You’ll often find bargains that you can buy directly from the seller instead of an intermediary.


Drone parts are bought for maintenance, customizability, and upgradability. It can be challenging to find nifty components for your drone, but with the help of these online marketplaces that stock plenty of items – along with worldwide shipping and great deal offerings – life for drone enthusiasts are made a lot simpler.