Top 5 Places To Fly A Drone

So you buy a new drone and it arrives at your doorstep. You are excited and want to take it out on a flight immediately. But hold on, the thoughts and doubts surrounding where you should fly, and shouldn’t, puts a stop to that motion right away. Indeed, not only are there legalities to be aware of, but you also need a good idea about the ethical uncertainties clearly. You surely don’t want to invade other peoples privacy and ruin their evening while they are having a backyard barbecue or picnic, and neither do you want law enforcement agents clamoring for you at your doorstep. Here are some great places where you can fly your drone stress-free.

1.Uninhabited lots

This covers areas such as empty warehouse lots or parking spaces. However, the keyword is empty. They provide vast amounts of empty spaces so you don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone or anything. The isolation can send chills down your spine, but it can also be to your advantage. Away from all pesky humans, you get to finally have a moment alone to fly. Therefore, you can also reliably keep track of your drone so as to not lose sight of it. Moreover, it is far more convenient to look for an empty lot in your city than, say, going out into the wilderness.

2. The Beach

Aeriel view shot at the Beach

What better way to spend a day other than at the beach? Why not intensify the fun by bringing along your drone? The beach offers a vast amount of empty space for you to try out your new drone. Not only that, but it is also a calm scenic place to hang out. Capture the stunning view of the red sun setting down over its reflection in all its glory. But do keep in mind the general rule of advice: don’t invade people’s privacy, so all you need to do is find a quiet area where there are ideally no people. If you can’t find a quaint area of the beach to yourself, then focus on flying over the water bodies.

3. Mountains


For those of you who love trekking and hiking, this seems to be the perfect opportunity to bring along your drone. High caves or snowy cliffs are perfect for you to explore with your drone. Even if you are someone who doesn’t go mountain climbing, the alluring vistas offered by the high ground is definitely still worth it. However, make sure you are not inside any nature reserves, as these are often restricted places to fly drones.

4. Grasslands and prairies

Grasslands and prairies

They occupy a large amount of land with very few forests of trees or objects to get in the way. They, therefore, give virtually unlimited flying space for one to take out their drone. They can be extremely vibrant with their deep green hue especially during spring and autumns, which gives out a scene for the sore eyes, and which one must surely vie to take pictures of with their drones. Once again, make sure you are not in any protected wildlands and that you don’t disturb any wilderness.

5. Deserts


They often give out the impression of being lifeless as far as the eye can see. Which is to say it is not a bad thing at all, in our case that is. Fly your drone in this expansive desolated landscape, and slowly figure out that deserts tend to emanate a rustic sort of beauty. With their sand dunes that imitate waves of ocean stuck in time and their high towering arches that are reminiscent of alien intervention, your drone will have countless eminent exhibits to discover.

To conclude, one must accept that we have immensely beautiful landscapes given to us by mother nature, through which we can make the best use of our drones. Indeed, drones may just be the perfect object for capturing the eternal elegance of our very own mother nature. However, one must keep in mind the general guidelines while flying them: don’t fly near airports and over people. And if you have doubts, do consider checking with the myriad of mobile apps that offer to check legal areas to fly.