Top 5 Passport Holders for Safe Travel

If we’re lucky enough to go on international travels, our passport is probably one of the most important documents we own. However, passports could easily get lost or damaged, so it’s best to invest in a good passport holder just in case. 

The right passport holder will not only keep our passport safe but also help to make the whole traveling experience much easier. There are several features in the holder versions we have today, so you have a large range of likely choice. Considering the following features will help you make your final decision:

Slots and Compartments

Before you choose any passport holder, you might want to see if it has enough compartments for all you need. This includes the main designation for your passport itself, but also slots for your credit cards, business cards, identification, etc. This will help to keep everything in one place, making it much easier to go through all the stop points at any airport. You’ll fumble less and stay on top of things, which is always preferable while traveling.

These slots could also come in handy for holding some emergency cash as well as other essentials. Some might even have enough space for other documents, keys, and your phone.


Most of the best passport holders come with RFID-blocking technology. This serves to keep your cards and passport safe from any malicious activity. RFID tags can steal sensitive data from such places, and airports are one of the places where you’re most vulnerable with all those sensors.


You ideally want a very durable material for your passport, as traveling is not kind to delicate stuff. There’s no sense in buying a new holder every time you take a trip, so it’s best to invest once and use a quality holder for all your journeys.

A low-quality material will risk your passport instead of protecting it. There are some excellent vegan materials available for your convenience, as well as pure leather options that just get softer and more luxurious with age.

Even with all these considerations, the choices for passport holders might overwhelm you. Make it easier by checking out these top 5 passport holders that are available on Amazon now:

Where to Buy
Zero Grid Neck Wallet
SimpacX Passport Holder
Zoppen Travel Passport Holder
Handmade Curious Leather Passport Holder
Travel Design All in One Travel Wallet and Passport Holder

Zero Grid Neck Wallet

This is a very convenient passport holder for making all future travels much easier. You can use this as a concealed pouch instead of displaying it along with your wallet. This way, if you’re traveling an unsafe zone, there’s a backup to rely on.

The holder itself is quite roomy, though it does contain RFID-blocking technology like most others on this list. There’s quite a high rating for this option on Amazon right now, so we can rest easy about the quality and performance here.

According to user reviews, this pouch or holder is both durable and versatile. This means that we can safely take it with us on a number of journeys and use it as we see fit. It can even hold our other travel documents along with the all-important passport. The material and construction make it light without cutting back on sturdiness. This assures us that the contents will be safe inside. Another bonus is that the material is soft, so handling the pouch shouldn’t be too hard on our hands.

If you’re not a frequent traveler, though, this might not be the option for you. This is because the size and shape are a bit unique and might even be too long for some. Check out the specifications before you order and see if they’ll work for you.

SimpacX Passport Holder

High-quality passport holders can be quite expensive, but this is one of the more reasonable options. It’s more of a simple wallet with a neck strap, though there’s no compromise on the RFID-blocking technology. The material is lightweight nylon; not so great for those who like pure leather, but good enough for durability and cost factors.

The nylon material is also advantageous for cleaning, so consider that before you place an order. What’s more, there are plenty of zippered pockets and slots for your cash, keys, cards, etc. For the passport itself, there’s a large main compartment so you can access it easily.

The dimensions here are still compact, so you don’t have to worry about this holder taking up much space. Unfortunately, the nylon does mean that you get a chemical smell when the holder is brand-new. This will disappear with regular use, but it might be disturbing for those with sensitive noses. Since there’s still a very high rating for this passport holder online, we’re inclined to ignore this little drawback.

Zoppen Travel Passport Holder

This is one of the slimmest options out there, but it fortunately has that all-important RFID blocking feature. There are several compartments inside, so you’d hopefully have enough space for your passport, cards, some cash, and tickets. We like that this also has a pouch especially for cell phones, which is an important deal when you’re traveling.

What’s more, this particular passport holder comes in a variety of color options. You can choose any color according to your preferences, or stick with a neutral shade to maintain professionalism. If you’re traveling with family or a group of friends, it might be best to have a different-colored passport for each member. This will avoid confusion and mix-ups, allowing everyone to grab their passport without needing to check inside.

The design here is a tri-fold option that looks as good as a quality wallet. The material is eco-friendly, not pure leather. However, the lack of a pure material also means that you don’t get that luxury feel.

Handmade Curious Leather Passport Holder

This is a convenient choice for a passport holder as it serves several purposes at once. It utilizes Japanese leather printing technology for its interesting designs. Plus, the elastic ink makes the deigns permanent and bright, making the cover stand out in a pile.

Inside the holder, you’d find enough pockets for cards and cash. if you’re touting credit cards, rest assured that your identity is safe with the RFID-blocking technology in this holder.

Unfortunately, the capacity of this holder is a bit limited. It would make a wonderful gift for any frequent traveler, but make sure the dimensions are large enough for holding everything they want. 

Travel Design All in One Travel Wallet and Passport Holder

This wallet is a sleek yet soft option for your next passport holder. It’s also made of durable materials, while still remaining lightweight enough for easy traveling. The material might be mostly PU leather, but it still gives us a unique look and feel.

inside, you have no less than 11 compartments. This should make it easy to carry all the small essentials you need. There’s even a designated place for tickets and some cash notes. The place for money is large enough for putting in notes without folding them. This feature might not seem like much, but it could be very useful when you need a smooth note for a vending machine.

Since this wallet has very large dimensions, you might even be able to use it for two passports at once This could be quite a convenient aspect when you’re traveling with a child or any other dependant. A bit of forwarding thinking always comes in handy, especially while traveling.

Unfortunately, this is one of the very few passport holders out there without RFID blocking technology. This might be a huge turn-off for some.


While these passport holders might have certain limitations, they’re overall good choices for any kind of traveler. They’re even presentable enough to serve as a gift for your traveler friends, whether they go on business trips or traverse the globe for the life experience. While you’re at it, these backpacks for hiking would also be a good gift idea.