Tips for Taking Coffee with You on the Golf Course

You go to the golf course and observe people sipping and enjoying their coffee while planning their next move. These people are wise, and they know coffee will help them focus more and be sharp during the game. If you think that drinking coffee and an improved golf game have no link, you need to know about recent scientific events.

Coffee Enhances Endurance and Increases Performance 

A scientific study arranged a 36-hole golf tournament to test the coffee drinkers’ performance levels on the golf course. The main participants of this study were college-aged golfers who played 36 holes over two days. The golfers in the experimental group were given 155 milligrams of caffeine – which is about half a cup of coffee – while the control group received a placebo.

The results supported the theory of coffee drinkers performing better than non-coffee drinkers as the experimental group showed increased resilience, lower strokes, pushing the ball further, and more greens in regulation.

Hence, it is proved that coffee is the best thing to have happened to golfers. It enhances their attention and sharpens their focus, especially towards the end of the game when fatigue is at its peak.

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Ways to Take Coffee to the Golf Course 

Now that we are all convinced how coffee works wonders for our performance on the golf course, it is time for the real question: how to take coffee to the golf course? Several items are available online and in stores that can help you keep your coffee hot and fresh throughout the day.

1. Use a Thermos 

Using a thermos is the most reliable way you can take your coffee to the golf course. You just have to brew the coffee beforehand and pour it in the thermos, and you are good to go. Following is the list of best quality thermos that easily fit in your car’s cup holder and looks extremely stylish.

1. Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

This sleek-looking stainless steel thermos is the best option for you to take your coffee anywhere with you. It has a patented vacuum insulation seal that maintains the temperature of your drink. It can keep your coffee hot for about 5 hours and cold beverages cold for 9 hours.

It has quite a stylish steel exterior and interior, which enhances the durability of the thermos. Its lid is leak and spill-proof with an optional tea hook for using tea bags or loose leaves for tea.

2. Contigo Thermal Bottle

If you are looking for ways to travel with your coffee, this leak-proof and high-quality thermos by Contigo is one of the best options. It features the Thermalock vacuum technology that can keep your coffee hot for 7 hours while you continue playing your game.

Using this thermos for coffee on the go is the best decision you can make. It has a convenient and non-slip grip that lets you enjoy your dose of java with only one hand. Moreover, this thermos easily fits in the car cup holder, making traveling with coffee easier.

2. Preheating your Thermos 

Using thermos is very useful. However, make sure to warm up your thermos before pouring in hot liquid to get the most out of it.

You can preheat by pouring 2 cups of hot boiling water into the thermos and let it sit for five minutes. This process warms up your thermos, which helps increase the temperature maintaining capabilities of the thermos.

Simply pour in your freshly brewed concentrate in the preheated thermos, and you are good to go.

3. Use a Mug Koozie 

If you want your coffee to help you up your golf game, then treat it warmly. You can do this by getting a koozie sleeve for your cup, pot, or French press. These cup sleeves prove to be the most effective way of keeping your beverages hot.

They form an insulating shield around your mug that does not allow any heat to escape. Also, it has a convenient non-slip cushion grip so that you can hold tightly to your mug without letting it fall.

These sleeves are made from neoprene material and are washable.

4. Use a Car Cup Warmer 

There is nothing worse than putting a lot of prep in brewing fresh coffee to take along with you to the golf course and getting stuck in the traffic, only to find your coffee turned cold. Bitter cold coffee will never taste good and would not do any good to sharpen your attention or focus.

To tackle this problem, buy a cup warmer for your car so that you can keep your drink warm throughout the commute. For example, you can check out this car cup warmer+cooler. It is as easy as plugging in and letting this device do all the work. This cup warmer can be connected to the cigarette lighter in your car and maintain the temperature of your drink. It has an automatic system that turns it off when the car battery is being overused.

Specifically, during winter, the car cup warmers cup comes in handy for maintaining the drink’s temperature.

5. You Can Use an Immersion Heater 

This is the best item you can have to warm up your coffee instantly. Immersion heaters are the best in terms of investment – they do not cost a lot and can be used by plugging in any nearby socket. It takes up about a few minutes to heat the coffee. Therefore, with this device, you can have your coffee ready in a French press and pour it into your cup without any worries about getting cold.


Coffee acts as an effective stimulant for your brain, resulting in enhancing your focus and attention. Scientific evidence also claims that regularly drinking coffee reduces the risk of degenerative brain diseases, such as Parkinson’s, by 60 percent.

Caffeine helps lower the risks of cognitive decline by keeping the brain sharp and stimulated. Thus, the best tips you can note down for taking your coffee to the golf course are listed in this article. These tips will help you gulp down your coffee while playing golf so that you can stay focused and play a great game.