Tips for Practicing Golf at Home

Is it possible to practice your golf swing without ever going to a golf course? The answer is, yes, it is possible. But if you think that passively watching golf tournaments on the television alone will help you learn the basics of golf, there’s much more than that (although it is also highly recommended).

Being trapped indoors due to rain or snow (or the nearest golf course is far away from where you live) is not a hindrance to learn golf. Practicing golf at home is simple, which is not so surprising. You can learn golf at your own pace, without feeling any pressure. Moreover, some gadgets and devices even mimic an actual golf game. There are golf simulators that proliferate in the market, thanks to lower costs and advancements in technology.

The following are some tricks, tips, drills and ideas that you should consider:

1) Use a heavy club for your swing
Using a heavy or weighted club may be more expensive, but it will help you to maintain your strength and flexibility, as well as retain your muscle memory.

Doing 25 to 50 swings a day using a weighted club can make a big difference. You have to find a suitable place at home where you can practice your full golf swing with a heavy club. A garage, large storage room, a basement or your backyard is the spot to do that.

2) Set up a net to hit your shots
Set up a net in your garage, storage room, basement, the frontyard, or backyard. Hitting golf balls into a net enables you to fret less about the ball flight. Instead, it allows you to improve on other factors such as your swing tempo, mechanics, as well as muscle memory.

3) Set up a full-length mirror
If you decide to do most of your golf practice indoors, set up a full-length mirror for several drills. Choose a suitable spot to install a frameless bathroom window and PVC pipes. Or find a place where there is a reflection, such as a sliding door.

4) Have a chipping net
Purchasing a chipping net helps you to improve your chipping accuracy in the comfort of your own home. Fortunately, most available chipping nets on the market today are collapsible and lightweight. You can take it to your garage or your backyard, and then you can now start doing your chipping drills.

5) Arrange a putting surface
Laying down a flat surface allows you to roll your putt on. You may also use an old or scrap carpet. But if you can afford it, you may want to invest an artificial putting surface that has almost the look and the feel of the real golf greens.

6) Watch golf on TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone
Do you want to study the winning moves of champion golfers (aside from getting entertained)? Watch tournaments on TV or any device. Copy their technique, and try to imitate their swing tempo. Carefully study and examine their course management, decision-making, etc. It also helps to work on your club grip and practice your swing tempo while watching.

7) Read golf instruction books and watch golf instruction videos
Read golf instruction books and watch golf instruction videos to further improve your golf game. The best thing is that you can do either of these things in the comfort of your own home.

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Things to help you with your indoor golf practice:

1) Heavy Ginty Golf Clubs Altima Heavy Iron Set

Playing with heavier clubs give golfers lots of advantages that are mentioned earlier in this article. Besides, they are easier to control compared to lighter shafts, which results in a better contact with the ball. The shaft is made from premium steel, while the heads are made of iron to guarantee extra distance. This set of weighted golf clubs are ideal for tall and right-handed golfers.

2) Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

While you can practice your putt on any ordinary carpet, this kidney-shaped artificial putting green will let you feel as if you’re trying your putting luck at a real golf course. Made of PET resin, it also has built-in cutouts that resemble sand traps to catch errant shots. No matter how many times you putt, the surface stays smooth and durable.

3) Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

The Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net helps you in honing your chipping skills. It features three targets to boost your precision for the ultimate challenge. It is collapsible, easy to set up and comes in a nylon carrying bag for portability.

4) Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf shows that learning golf does not have to be a Gordian knot to unravel. Take that from one of the greatest golf masters, Ben Hogan. Each chapter outlines fundamentals, based on Hogan’s real-life experiences, and comes with several clear illustrations. It is as if Hogan provides you with one-on-one and personal training with the same skill and precision that made him a golf champion. Indeed, this book is a must-have reference for both amateur and pro golfers alike.

5) The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers

If you are looking for the most comprehensive golf guide, The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers provides you with the A to Z learning processes about golf that you need to know. This well-researched and well-written golf guidebook focuses on motor learning, especially for those who have trouble hitting the driving ranges and still cannot see some significant improvements on them. Aside from the practice drills it provides, this book balances them with learning concepts and theory for a more well-rounded golf knowledge and learning experience.