Tips for Playing Golf at Night

Night golf is playing golf at night with the golf course lit up with the help of floodlights. Night golf courses are typically found in areas such as the Middle East and Portugal, where the temperature is still good enough to play golf even after the sun has set. These night golf courses, such as the Yas Links in the United Arab Emirates, have par-3 courses. But, the championship course can also have floodlights installed as well. One example of this is the back nine of Turkey’s Montgomerie Maxx Royal, which is a European Tour venue.

Some golfers say that they have better visibility for their golf shots when they play at night compared to playing during the daytime. Even if night golf dramatically depends on the quality of floodlights that are used, it is best to remember that you cannot hit a shot 100 years off-line and expect that you will be able to find your ball out in the rough. Even if these floodlights are bright, they can only light up the fairway and a small part of the rough. That is why if you have a big slice problem, we suggest that you play it safe when you’re playing night golf and have your driver in your golf bag.

Night golf is not just for expert golf players; players with different ability levels can also enjoy it. Can you imagine what it would feel like when you hit an illuminated golf ball down a driving range that is full of targets and hoops which are lit up with LED lights? Sounds cool, right? Night golf is a great game to play, especially if you want to improve your golf game without any pressure. 

Here are some tips to help you improve your swing while playing night golf.

Ensure that your golf swing is always kept on the line

Remember, your main goal here is to keep your clubface aimed towards the target and open. The best way to do this is to imagine a line from the golf ball and over to the target. Once you imagine this line, all you have to do is swing your clubface on this line.

Expert golfers say that visualizing the trajectory of your swing and the golf ball is a beneficial technique. It is because when the ball is kept ahead of the center, it’s a lot easier to hit it using a square clubface.

Aside from keeping your golf swing on the line, the type of club you’re going to be using can make a big difference.

Stay focused and committed

Remember, the lack of proper follow-through is the biggest evil to a golfer’s swing. That is why it is best to keep your head down and your chin up, then allow your club to be fully released while your head is behind the ball. After this, raise your head naturally with your right shoulder. This motion and position help to create a smooth and balanced follow-through, which is what most golfers are aiming for.

Have a balanced approach

Maintaining your balance should be one of your priorities when you’re playing golf. When you’re getting ready to swing, make sure that you place your shoulder over your knees. Make sure that you approach your golf ball with a balanced swing. Or else, you will not be having a smooth and consistent delivery when you hit the ball. That is why you have to make sure that your body and movement are balanced when playing golf. Not only this, make sure that you are focused and have a positive mindset.  

Grip using your fingers

A new golfer tends to use their palms to grip their club, but this move causes hooks and slices and hooks, resulting from over control. The weather can also significantly affect your grip because the summer heat can also cause a club to slip through, especially if you have your sweaty hands also. That is why we suggest that you allow your club’s grip to rest in the space where your fingers join with your palms. Also, make sure to breathe in and relax your grip before focusing on your swing path.