Things To Know About Neck Contouring

There are proven ways to transform the body, either to correct nature’s mistake or to eliminate the unwanted results of an event. For some of us, it is about opting for a cervicoplasty to remove the excess skin from the jawline to bring balance to the features of the face and enhance the chin. Meanwhile, in some cases, surgeons recommend platysmaplasty to remove excess, sagging skin, tighten the loose muscles of the neck, and restore the beauty of the neck. Whether you’re just considering a neck contouring procedure or only doing the research for a friend, this post enlightens you about some of the important aspects of neck contouring.

Types Of Non Surgical Neck Contouring Procedures 

  • Dermal Filling; this procedure offers temporary results and must be repeated after a period of time. The goal with injecting dermal filling into the neckline and jawline is to fill wrinkles, add plumpness to sagging skin, and improve the skin tone. As hinted, the results last between 6 months and 12 months after which the procedure is to be renewed.
  • Botox; during a botox face lift, your surgeon injects a regulated amount of botox into the muscle of the neck that usually strengthens and shows under the skin whenever you flex the neck. This procedure makes the neck appear thinner and longer, a result that lasts between 3months and 4 months.
  • Microneedling; another non-surgical procedure that’s aimed at removing neck wrinkles and sun damage. A typical microneedling procedure entails creating micro wounds around the neck to trigger the growth of the fibroblast skin wall and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. These micro wounds are created with special micro needles.
  • Kybella; similar to dermal and botox, kybella is an injection-based liposuction where deoxycholic acid is injected under the chin of the patient that has double chin. This acidic formula eliminates fat-producing cells and stops further reproduction of these cells. The result is a permanent enhancement to the chin.
  • Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment; this is carried out to eliminate aging signs from the skin, especially in the neck region. The CO2 laser is shot at the base of the skin to trigger the production of collagen around the areas with aging signs. This procedure is safe, and offers lasting results.

Facial Procedures You Can Combine With Neck Contouring 

It’s unlikely for a surgeon to carry out a neck contouring procedure on a patient without the arising of the need to address the face to balance with the new neck look. Below are the 3 facial procedures you should consider.

  • Rhinoplasty; it is a surgical process aimed at adjusting the shape, size, or and position of the nose to balance with the adjustment of the neck.
  • Facelift; after addressing double chins or eliminating the signs of aging from the neck region, it’s needed to tighten the facial skin to remove wrinkles. That’s what the facelift procedure is meant to do.
  • Chin augmentation; this third cosmetic procedure corrects the chin area that is receding or weak.