Things to Consider When Buying a Toolset

Nothing kills a hardware repairer or small-scale constructer’s working momentum more than falling short of tools during a task. This is where a toolset comes into action, saving us from that last-minute hassle and allowing us to take care of minor repairs without the need for professionals.

But what tools are a must-have and which are simply good to have around? Should you invest in top-grade quality options in the market or buy a budget 100 piece tool kit? The six important toolset buying tips mentioned below will resolve all these queries. 

In order to find the right toolset, you should know what to look for before buying. If you think only the tool’s capacity is what will affect your buy, you are probably wrong. Every other aspect, including your experience level, intended tool use, and storage space, will also affect what kind of tool kit you buy. Here are the main points that you should mind: 

Know Your Needs 

First of all, it’s better to be realistic about your specific needs. You definitely don’t want to purchase a toolset that does not have the tools you require or have too many of them that aren’t even needed. Imagine investing money on a 100 piece, and 90 of those pieces remain in the case forever.

Hence being honest with your needs will limit you from purchasing extra. If you want a toolset for accompanying you through a few home improvement projects, look for a basic set with a minimal selection, including a hammer, pliers, set of screwdrivers, tape measure, level, and an adjustable wrench.

However, if your tasks are more advanced than just hanging a picture frame, driving some screws, or repairing the waterline, home tool kits won’t help much. You will probably require a powered toolset with more robust tools to deal with your hardcore tasks, such as specialized screwdrivers, a small handsaw, utility knives, and laser levels

Be Aware of the Different Types of Toolset

Most people think of hardware tools whenever they first hear the word tools or toolsets, but it’s not that simple. Toolsets just don’t vary according to the level of complexity they pack but may also differ as per specific tasks. 

You can purchase sets designed especially for tackling different work niches, for instance, gardening, woodworking, or mechanical work. The table below demonstrates all types: 

Types of Toolsets

What Does it Have? 

Best For:

Repair Toolset

Standard hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures, duct tape, adhesives 

  • Dealing with small projects around the home

  • Small scape repairs

  • Homeowners who don't want to call a professional for a tiny job

Mechanical Toolset

  • Socket wrenches and regular wrenches of different sizes

  • Standard repair tools

More advanced mechanical work than small house chores 

Power Toolset

Power tools like drills, saws, and mechanical drivers.

  • Large scale construction works

  • Woodworking 

  • Complex repairs 

Gardening Toolset

Tasks around a garden 

Stick to Essentials Only And Splurge Only If You Can  

You don’t necessarily need to have every tool ever invented when buying a toolset, but you should have at least the basics.  A small list of must-haves should include:

  • Both slotted and Phillips screwdrivers. Consider a set that contains all essential types and sizes. 
  • A claw hammer (hammer that can also remove nails)
  • Needle-nose and Slip-joint pliers (preferably locking models)
  • An adjustable wrench
  • Level 
  • A tape measure
  • One pair of diagonal cutters
  • A two-in-one knife (utility and putty)
  • Set of nails and screws in various sizes
  • Duct tape

Your budget should determine your selection. If you are not tight on it, consider extending your list by including a cordless driver/drill and a staple gun. The driver/drill is handy in loosening stubborn fittings and boring holes, whereas a staple gun can help hang posters and fabric. 

Keep in mind that these tools are bulkier than most of the handy ones listed above. In case of a small budget, pair up with this list and spread it out over time. You may decide you don’t need everything listed here. The crux is to be innovative and think about what you’ll truly need.

Mind the Manufacturer and Quality 

Like buying other products, choosing only the best quality toolset is extremely important whether you employ it for small house chores or something more significant.  Tools are those crucial players that can make or break your repair or construction game; therefore, opting for only the standard sets is the most intelligent you can ever be. 

With a set containing all excellent pieces, you don’t have to worry about the complexity of your work as such options are specialized in turning complicated tasks into simpler ones. To ensure good quality, you need to think a bit of brand consciously. 

Established brand names such as DEWALT and BLACK+DECKER  employ only top-tier methods of building their tools until they become the best and guarantee a strong product resistant to damage. A branded toolset might cost you a lot more than usual options, but you’ll benefit from the quality. 

However, brand consciousness should not exceed limits. Though it’s good to consider the manufacturer’s name before investing in a toolset, don’t end up ignoring a potential option that might benefit you more than those featured with a brand name.  

How Portable is The Toolset 

While toolsets should be of the best quality and contain every nifty option you want, don’t forget to prioritize its overall weight and size.  The lighter the toolset is, the easier it is to carry. We recommend portable options with under 10 kg (20lbs) of weight. However, be mindful that a smaller tool kit will limit the selection of tools that come with it.

Number of Tools Matter 

Though buying extra is not clever, it is still important to mind the number of tools included in the toolset. This will help keep track of long-term investment because then you won’t have to purchase each piece of equipment separately. 

However, refrain from buying the ‘300 tools for $5’ type of options from the market. Such options rarely use high-quality material and thus make bundled packs to make up for the gap. As a general rule, if the price for an extensive tool kit sounds incredibly low, there’s probably a reason why. 

An interior product might prove devastating for your task. For instance, when a low-quality screwdriver fails, the material you are working on will not mold but rather snap off, and you certainly don’t want that to happen. Hence don’t fall for it and as said above, mind the manufacturer and quality. 

Recommended Products 

Whether you’re hanging a picture frame in your new home, working on your car, or completing a complex construction task, these tool kits will help make your life easier. 

Where to Buy
BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX 60-Piece Drill & Home Toolset 
Apollo Tools DT9706 Original 39 Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set
Ryobi P1819 18V One+ Lithium-Ion 6 Tools Combo Set 
CRAFTSMAN Mechanics 135-Piece Tool Set 
Cartman 148Piece General Household Tool Set 

1. BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX 60-Piece Drill & Home Toolset 

BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX 60-Piece Drill & Home Toolset 

Not only does this toolset house all the essential repair tools you need for your home or any small scale DIY tasks, it also carries a potent compact drill along with 32 assorted screw-driving bits and ten assorted drill bits. 

Essential tools include a tape measure, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, wrench, nut drivers, level, and a utility knife. That means users with BLACK+DECKER Toolset can easily make short work of tightening screws, assembling furniture, fixing doors, or other everyday tasks on their honey-do list. 



  • Excellent beginners tool kit
  • Includes a robust drill machine 
  • It contains a wide array of drill bits


  • The drill isn't very top-notch 

2. Apollo Tools DT9706 Original 39 Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set

Apollo Tools DT9706 Original 39 Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set

Amused by the quality offered by BLACK+DECKER but don't have enough budget? The Apollo Tools DT9706 Original 39 Piece toolset is a perfect wallet-friendly alternative with the same standard and efficiency packed in a less bulky box. 

This Apollo Tool Set comes with a tape measure, slip joint pliers, claw hammer, utility knife, precision screwdrivers for tiny screws, manual bit driver with a 2-inch extension and up to standard bits, pair of scissors, and hex keys.



  • Includes all essential tools
  • Less heavy box
  • The case is easy to store
  • Good quality tools 


  • Not suitable for hardcore work

3. Ryobi P1819 18V One+ Lithium-Ion 6 Tools Combo Set 

Ryobi P1819 18V One+ Lithium-Ion 6 Tools Combo Set 

A brilliant step-up toolset from the ones that only revolve around hammers and screwdrivers. The Ryobi P1819 18V One+ Lithium-Ion 6 Tools Combo Set of wireless power tools includes more than a few basic essential power tools for DIYs and beginners hardware workers.

With the combo kit, you get an electric impact driver, drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, work light, and multi-tool,  as well as two batteries (a 1.5 Ah and 4 Ah battery one) and a charger. All six robust power tools even come with a 3-year extended warranty.



  • Great power toolset
  • It contains all the essential power tools at an excellent price 
  • Includes two batteries and a charger 


  • Work-light doesn't work well.

4. CRAFTSMAN Mechanics 135-Piece Tool Set 

CRAFTSMAN Mechanics 135-Piece Tool Set

This mechanics tool set is slightly smaller than usual mechanical kits and has only 135 pieces. Still, it includes a wide variety of components, each specialized to deal with a different task. Besides the Allen wrenches and socket wrenches included in the box, the set also houses a bunch of other standard wrenches and a screwdriving base with special head attachments. 



  • Excellent variety of wrenches 
  • Durable blow-molded case makes for easy storage of tiny bits 


  • Ratchets aren't of high quality 

5. Cartman 148Piece General Household Tool Set 

Cartman 148Piece General Household Tool Set 

This comprehensive 158 piece tool set includes wrenches, fasteners, tape, and a variety of quality screwdrivers. Each of these tool's tips are metal-made and have been chrome-plated and heat-treated to make for an overall durable and corrosion-resistant structure. Their bases also offer anti-slip gripping. 



  • Includes everything you need for small tasks  
  • MultiBit screwdriver 
  • Durable chrome-plated bullets that resistant to corrosion


  • Not ideal for hardcore work

Final Word

Buying a toolset is not an easy chore, but hopefully, our post has helped you through. The crux is to stay limited to your needs and don’t buy everything that seems charming until you end up getting short of storage. 

It’s difficult to recommend the best toolset because everyone’s needs vary depending on their particular tasks, but the above option will definitely grab your attention. However, we can advise you for sure! 

Buy Apollo Tools 39 Piece General Repair Tool Set if you are tight on budget and don’t have many complex fixing or building tasks on your plate. For simple assembling and mending works, this set will prove ideal. 

But if you have got complex construction projects on your to-do list, couple this essential toolset with the more advanced Ryobi P1819 18V One+ Lithium-Ion 6 Tools Combo Set