Things Prohibited to Carry on an Aeroplane

Traveling around the globe is definitely a bucket list for most of us. Dreaming that out of the country vacation for a long time is surely worth the wait. Imagine you’ll be packing your things, riding your first plane ride, getting your passport ready, and buying your first plane ticket.

First times will always be unforgettable. Can you remember your first time passing through airport security? Most of the time, we are not aware of the things we can and cannot bring on an airplane; this leads to a time-consuming activity inside the airport security. So, to prevent these kinds of mishaps, we are here to help with the basic things you might need to know when packing your things for that long-awaited trip.

What you can Bring on the Airplane (Carry-On)

For an experienced traveler, mistakes can still happen, so to prepare as a first-time flier like you; hopefully, this can help!

  • Matches and Lighters – One book of safety matches will be allowed and/or common lighters as well.
  • Electronics – Mobile phones, standard-sized laptops, tablets, and of the like will be allowed on your carry-ons. Larger devices, such as gaming laptops and game consoles, will be screened at the security checkpoints.
  • Personal Care – We know you’ll be needing this to either freshen up, so make sure to have these on your carry-on only; Tweezers, razors, nail cutters, and scissors will be allowed. Do take note that the scissors’ blade needs to less than 12 cm.
  • Liquid of any kind – All non-flammable liquids such as shampoos, perfume, beverage, liquid medicine, makeup products, toothpaste, hair gel, hand sanitizer, deodorant, insect spray, and hairspray are allowed in your carry-on. The rule of thumb to remember is, it should be on containers not exceeding 100ml, and every liquid product should be placed in a single clear, plastic bag not exceeding 1 liter.
  • Medication – Over-the-counter and prescribed medicine can be on your carry-ons. Insulins and Inhalers, however, must be declared for screening.
  • Baby Food and Accessories – These are permitted if you have a baby on board.
  • E-cigarettes/Vape – If they meet the 100ml liquid requirement, it’s good to go on your hand carry. The same goes for the devices themselves.

What You CANNOT Bring On The Airplane (to be placed in the luggage)

This will be the list of items that you cannot bring on your carry-ons but can be placed on the luggage.

  • Self-defense Items – BB guns and even Nerf guns will be allowed on your luggage with their ammunition. Pepper spray will be allowed if it has a safety mechanism to prevent spillage.
  • Sports Equipment – Hockey Sticks, Golf Clubs, Baseball bats will be allowed on the luggage only.
  • Sharp Objects – Shears, Large Scissors, Knives will be allowed on the luggage and if properly wrapped. Wrap it with a carton or old newspaper.
  • Alcohol – Up to 70% of alcohol will be allowed, and it must be unopened since it was bought. The number of bottles allowed depends on the airline you’re flying with, so try to reach out to them beforehand.

Items You CANNOT Bring

These items need to be left at home since they wouldn’t be allowed even in the luggage. This will be a no-brainer even for first-time fliers, trust me.

  • Flammable Items – Paints, Lighter Fluids, Gasoline, and such are not allowed. This is to prevent any large-scale fire accidents.
  • Chemicals – Bleach, Chlorine, Fertilizers will be prohibited to avoid cross-contamination of chemicals.
  • Explosive Materials – Fireworks (Regardless of the size) and other flammable items.
  • Alcohols over 70% should be left at home. It wouldn’t be allowed even on your luggage.

Prepare before Travelling

Having the proper knowledge before traveling via airplane will not just help you out. It could save you from the hassles of airport security, checkpoints, and, of course, avoid and accidents. The last thing we would want is to avoid any accidents while we are flying, and these protocols provided by the airlines are here just to prevent those kinds of scenarios. So, whether you’re an experienced or first-time traveling out of the country, make sure to properly follow these tips when packing and prepare well before flying, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be having a smooth flight experience.