The Umbrella Drone, Ridiculous? Yes, But Innovative!

Now, being in the drone industry while also being a drone fanatic like myself, you see a lot of weird ways people are using drones.

I’ve seen everything from flying a drone into the white house lawn to delivering a taco by a drone using TacoCopter, but the thing that I’ve just learned about a few moments ago has definitely taken the top spot.


Have you heard of The Umbrella Drone?

Now, if your thinking to yourself and just said “Yes, Of Course! Who Hasn’t?” Then either your lying or you clearly have a more interesting life than me and we need to talk ASAP because this is definitely next level!

I’m sure we all know that over the past couple of months drones have become a little more popular. With all of the new regulations and innovations in the industry, it’s gotten its fair share of news coverage, but nobody has really talked about the limitations of drones.

A couple of days ago, I remember scrolling through the drone subreddit on Reddit and I remember seeing a post asking people what their biggest pet peeves were with drones. And a lot of people gave some really great stuff that I even agree with, such as how annoying the buzzing sound of drones are. But there has always been something that has annoyed me about drones that I’ve totally

But there’s always been something that’s annoyed me about drones that I’ve totally forgotten about…

And that is that you can’t really fly them in the rain!

At first, you might be thinking “Duh, of course, you can’t fly them in the rain!”, but can you imagine the amazing shots that someone could get in the rain?

And yes, I know that some people, especially in the movie industry & Casey Niestat (Check this out!), have found some workarounds to be able to fly in almost all types of weather, but I guarantee you that none of their solutions were as elegant as this.

Please don’t laugh too hard… But this is the Umbrella drone

The Umbrella Drone is technically a modified DJI Phantom 4 but so much more… Um… Awesome?

And not only are you able to fly your drone in the rain now, but you are also able to walk your dog in the rain without ever fearing that you will get wet…

Please don’t laugh too hard… But this is the Umbrella dron

How about take a nice walk or jog? With a drone that can go about 44 MPH even Usain Bolt (The fastest man alive) can run his best race and not ever fear that he will get wet!


Now, at this point, you might be thinking “How can I fly a drone, while also walking my dog?” Well, remember that the Phantom 4 has a follow mode, so as long as you are holding the controller(Your phone) then you’re fine!

But there is one problem, the amazing Umbrella Drone can only fly for about 30 mins. So as long as you don’t plan on being in the rain for too long, then you should be fine… You could always bring some batteries or learn some ways of increasing your drones battery life!

So if you think you are up to it, get one and please, oh please send

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What’s the most ridiculous thing that you could probably do with a drone?