The Ultimate Guide to UVify Drones

Drones have breathed a new life in the world of technology. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or someone who is a professional in drone racing, drones have captured a huge market segment that continues to flourish. Today, drones are used in construction, photography, movie-making, and even racing. Competitions are held across the globe where professionals show off their skills and set records.

On the other hand, photographers used them to capture stunning images and special occasions. In the construction world, drones give the engineers a completely different view of a particular location from different angles. Prominent retail giants such as Amazon use drones for delivering products as well.

The importance of drones today could not be underestimated. If you plan on getting your hands on one, give this guide a read, which will make the process of choosing the perfect one both simple and easy.

Things to consider when buying a drone

Budget-Friendly/Economic Drones

Not everyone prefers to spend or has the budget to purchase hi-tech drones. In the beginning, you could consider buying a budget-friendly drone that could cost as low as $40. The drone will perform stunts for you and fulfill your entertainment needs. Another important reason for starting with a budget-friendly drone is that you will be crashing your drone a lot while training so starting with a budget-friendly drone is a smart decision. You could easily purchase the aftermarket products as well in case anything goes awry and most importantly you will not have to spend a huge amount every time on its repairs.

Budget-friendly drones usually offer 6-10 minutes of flying time with a flying range of around 30-40 meters. Additionally, they are built from durable enough material to withstand minor crash landings. You could go for a drone that features a 480P camera, altitude control and follow me feature to ensure that you make memories along the way.

Mid-Range Drones

Mid-Range drones could be used by both amateurs and professionals. As compared to the budget-friendly/economic drones, these drones feature much more features. If you want a drone for capturing images, consider the one that features a 1080P camera with the best available resolution.

Furthermore, mid-range drones can offer flying time nearing 15-20 minutes and a flying range of 1000 meters or more. The majority of the mid-range drones come with LCD remote controls that are powerful enough to transmit un-interrupted signals due to anti-interference technology. A mid-range phone will feature a frame that is a bit flexible and durable to withstand mediocre impacts. Lastly, for what you are paying, consider other features such as GPS integration and smartphone connectivity as well.

Expensive Drones

Designed to suit mostly the professionals, Hitech drones are made to race and carry weight in some cases as well. These drones retail for as much as $150,000 and are packed with all sorts of features. Compared to the budget-friendly and mid-range drones, these drones are designed for extreme flying and tasks. For instance, Amazon uses drones to deliver products to its customers that can carry around 50 pounds worth of weight.

Furthermore, these drones can fly at a range of 4000 meters and feature a flying time of more than 40 minutes. The remote controls can transmit signals up to 1 kilometer while the drone maintains its altitude. The hefty price tag brings GPS integration, dual antennas, LTE, smartphone access, 4K resolution, dual cameras, and a bunch of other features. On top of that, the drones are built with an extremely light and rigid material to allow them to withstand heavy impacts while traveling at extremely fast speeds.

Now that we have discussed what type you should consider according to your budget, several other things are of utmost importance regardless of the type you choose to go with. Let us take a look.

Reliability & Flight Safety

Both stability & reliability are key factors when it comes to purchasing a drone. A drone with an advanced flight controller will transmit strong signals so that the drone is handled more efficiently. Opposed to what people assume, remote controls need to be more intelligent rather than the drone itself. The more intelligent the brain of the drone i.e. the remote control, the greater are the chances of your drone flying worry-free. Consider a drone that consists of an obstacle avoidance system and automatically returns home when it senses something wrong.

Imaging System

Drones today come packed with cameras. If you are opting for a Hitech drone, you will get dual cameras. Moreover, even the budget-friendly drones feature at least a 480P camera to help you record your flying activities. Consider the shutter speed, sensor size, and photography modes to decide the quality of the camera and its features.

The most important aspect when it comes to imaging systems is the gimbal quality. Drones require image stabilization to record capture images smoothly during flight. Therefore, we would recommend that you choose a drone that features a top-quality gimbal.

Transmission System

The next thing to consider is important if you are a professional photographer. Video transmission is crucial for capturing images and sending them to your phone. If the video transmission feature of the drone is weak, you will find it difficult to manage the HD camera of the drone. As a result, the quality of the images captured will suffer as well. Advanced drones feature transmission systems with dual 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands, allowing longer transmittance.


A drone is a perfect companion on memorable journeys. However, it needs to be portable for you to carry around. If you opt for a large, heavy drone, it will be difficult to pack and unpack. Then again, this could become a problem if you are traveling to shoot. Therefore, a small portable drone will definitely make it easier for you to shoot and will not consume luggage space as well.


Drones are equipped with a variety of smart features. For instance, the ‘Return to home’ function automatically enables the drone to return to its owner if the battery is low or something unusual occurs. Similarly, the ‘Follow Me’ function allows the drone to automatically follow the controller while driving, cycling, walking, or jogging without having to control it. And then there is the ‘ActiveTrack’ feature that tracks a subject and keeps it in a frame. Consider all such intelligent features and be sure to check them before buying.

Types of Drones

Multi-Rotor Drones

Multirotor drones are the most popular amongst professionals and hobbyists. These drones are normally used to capture aerial photography and video surveillance. Furthermore, multi-rotor drones are the easiest to manufacture and are available at affordable prices as well.

Fixed Wing Drones

Fixed-wing drones as the term suggests feature wings that are fixed. Such drones feature a completely different design and rotor technology. Similar to the wings used by airplanes, the fixed-wing drones use the same wings to fly. However, unlike the multi-rotor drones, the fixed-wing drones do not require energy to remain in the air. They will keep moving on their course and are not able to stand still in the air as well.

Single Rotor Drones

Single rotor drones as compared to multi-rotor drones are more efficient. The structure of these drones is similar to that of helicopters. Furthermore, single rotor drones feature one big rotor along with a small size rotor on the tail. You can power them with gas as well but overall single rotor drones usually provide higher flying times. However, if you are adamant about getting one, make sure that you have what it takes to operate it.

Toy Drones

Toy drones are designed for kids and amateurs that require a bit of flying entertainment on a daily basis. These drones are not packed with Hitech features and instead will perform numerous stunts for you. However, they are fitted with different packing to prevent any kind of damage while trying to showcase skills in mid-air.

Camera Drones

Camera drones are designed for professional aerial photographers. Even movies today make use of camera drones to capture action scenes. Featuring top-notch image quality, thanks to image stabilizer features and dual cameras, the camera drones are able to reach and capture views that otherwise are humanly impossible.

Racing Drones

Racing drones are similar to trick drones that perform stunts. These drones are fast, small, and free of excessive weight. As a result, racing drones are bound to be fast and far more maneuverable. If you go for an expensive racing drone, you could expect it to travel at speeds of 60-120 miles per hour. The manufacturers and designers of such drones focus on speed, agility, and stability. Therefore, even at fast speeds, these drones are easy to handle.

Final Word

As this guide reaches its conclusion, we hope to have cleared your confusion regarding drones. Furthermore, we highly recommend that you consider and understand the basics mentioned above to end up with the most suitable drone according to your budget. Make sure that you comply with the state’s rules & regulations related to flying as well so that you always fly safely.