The Top Golf Courses in New York

As part of the most significant golf enthusiasts country, it is no wonder that golf courses are present almost anywhere you go. Each state has a golf club to boast, showcasing the beauties and style of one’s land. There are thousands of golf courses in the United States alone, giving the players a lot to choose from. Interestingly, New York is known for its participation in the sport over the years. It has many great players, and at the same time, they prove their love for the sport by the several golf courses found all across the state. In this article, we are going to look into the list of top golf courses in New York.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Shinnecock Hills Golf has earned its reputation as one of the greatest golf clubs not just in New York but also around the globe. It showcases a lot of incredible features, mainly from its classical design and rich historical background. This golf club is known to be the oldest incorporated golf club in the United States, wherein it was established in 1891. In terms of its appearance, the Shinnecock Hills golf club boasts its eighteen-hole field that spans more than seven thousand yards. This masterpiece was designed by William Flynn, C. B. MacDonald, Willie Dunn, and Willie Davis. Furthermore, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club has already hosted several professional tournaments over the years, including the U.S. Open, Walker Cup, U.S. Amateur, and U.S. Amateur.

National Golf Links of America

The National Golf Links of America is recognized for its luxurious design and soothing ambiance. It is a private golf course that showcases an eighteen-hole field and is located in Southampton, New York. This golfing paradise was established in 1911 and was designed by the great golf course architect Charles B. MacDonald. Like the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club – National Golf Links of America is also known for hosting tournaments over the years. This golf course is notable for hosting the Walker’s Cup for different years.

Fishers Island Club

The Fishers Island Club is a country club located in Fishers Island, New York. As expected, this golf club features great attractions that would surely capture the attention of golf enthusiasts. It has an eighteen-hole field designed by Seth Reynor. This fascinating golf course was established in 1926 and had been a significant part of golf history ever since. Over the years, the Fishers Island Club has been a regular member of the top golf courses around the globe, and the various amenities in the place also add up to its magnificent design.

Friar’s Head Golf Club

The Friar’s Head Golf Club is a private golf club that is home to an eighteen-hole field that spans up to more than seven thousand yards. This golf club was established in 2003 from the incredible design of Brent Grass. It may not be as old compared to other courses in the field, but the Friar’s Head Golf Club is a consistent contender in the list of greatest golf clubs.

Oak Hill Country Club

The Oak Hill Country Club is a country club located in Pittsford, New York. The golf courses in this private club is a true golf lover’s delight, mainly because of the exclusive design. Unlike the standard golf courses, the Oak Hill Country Club is known to have thirty-six holes in total. Donald J. Ross is the designer of this masterpiece, wherein it was established in 1901. Another thing that makes the Oak Hill Country Club a more interesting club is its participation in various championships over the years. The major tournaments hosted in Oak Hill Country Club include the U.S. Amateur, U.S. Open, PGA Championship, U.S. Senior Open, Ryder Cup, and Senior PGA Championship.

Bethpage State Park

The Bethpage State Park is known for its various sports fields and recreational areas. It consists of a tennis court and a polo field, but it gains recognition mainly from its golf courses. The park’s golf course, known as the “black course,” was established in 1936, which showcases an eighteen-hole field. Interestingly, this golf course is opened to the public. Because of its excellent features and unique style, the Bethpage State Park golf course is known to have hosted various professional tournaments before, including the U.S. Open and PGA Championship.