The Guide to GPS for Bikes

Whether as a form of exercise, transport or casual stroll down the street, bikes are a lot of fun and going through a boom right now. But did you ever wonder if you’re making the most of your two-wheel commute? Would you like to take it on long, complicated routes without getting lost? What about securing it from bike thieves who’re watching you park from a near distance? If questions like these keep popping up inside your head, consider getting a GPS for your bike

GPS for bikes offer a range of benefits. Apart from telling you the real-time location of your bike, they may be able to track how fast (and far) you cycled. Some of them can even be connected to a data tracking device to showcase other data (heart rate, calories burned, etc.). Gone are the days of ugly-looking bike computers that had awkward magnets and wires – today’s GPS for bikes are a breath of fresh air and get data directly from the satellites in the skies.

What Should Bikers Look For in a GPS?

The four important things to consider are connectivity, navigation and maps, design, and battery life. Devices with turn-by-turn navigation and robust mapping are better than the ones offering simple navigation. Also, they’ll help you explore uncharted territories without losing your way. Credible GPS units for bikes will also include Bluetooth to help you pair them with a PC as well as a range of third-party gadgets. As a result, you’ll get a wealth of data at your fingertips.

Design and screen size will also matter. Make sure to get a unit that neatly arranges the data collected by the GPS. Multiple fields spread across the screen will ensure you’re able to read the most important insights at a glance. Lastly, see if you can find GPS models that come with native apps for mobile devices. If you’re struggling to find good options, feel free to choose a bike friendly GPS from our list below.

Best Bikes’ GPS to Buy

Where to Buy
Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and Navigation
iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer Big Screen with ANT+ Function iGS50E Wireless Cycle Computer Waterproof
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer
MEILAN M3 Mini GPS Bike Computer Wireless Cycling Computer Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer Waterproof Cycle Computer Bicycle Computer for Road Bicycle MTB Bicycle
TKSTAR GPS Tracker Designed for Bicycle Small Vehicles Hidden Real-time Track Long Standby SIM Card GPS GSM GPRS Tracking Devices with LED Tail Light Lifetime Free Platform - TK906
RISEPRO Bike Computer, Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Bike Odometer Cycling Multi Function Waterproof 4 Line Display with Backlight YT-813
Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker. Full USA & Worldwide Coverage. For Vehicles, Car, Kids. Magnetic Hidden small Portable Tracking Device. Child, elderly, Dog pet drone motorcycle bike auto

1. Garmin Edge 520

Be it a mountain bike or speed bike; the Garmin Edge GPS tracker works well on it. It is a mini bike computer that helps you navigate. It is a palm-sized device that you can fasten to the front of your bike with a Velcro strap. Garmin’s advanced navigation features are ideal for competing and live tracking. When racing, the Live Tracker feature will keep updating you about new riders who join.

If you go off-road, Garmin will alert you and help you navigate back to the nearest road. You can safely find turn by turn directions on this tracker. You can connect your smartphone with the Garmin Edge and stay connected through an app. Mobile features include LiveTrack, GroupTrack, smart alerts, rider messaging, and incident detection. You and can benefit from these in-app features and have your loved ones track your location as well.

What makes it stand out? There are pre-loaded Strava segments on this device. These segments help you surpass your previous best or another rider’s best. The monitor will notify you when you beat your score.

2. IGPSPORT GPS for Bikes

The iGSPORT is a GPS bike computer with a big screen. The 2.2-inch display is anti-glare and made to bear the roughest weather on your journey, especially rainy days. The 1200mAh battery life goes up to longer durations and charges through a USB cable. You can always position your travel accurately with the iGsport tracker. It quickly connects with the satellite and provides you multiple routes based on time and distance. You can upload all your details to Strava and look back at how fast you rode.

What makes it stand out? The ANT sensor is a defining feature of this product. ANT sensor plus heart rate monitor makes this device a worth-buy because most other brands do not have ANT built-in.

3. Wahoo Elemnt

Wahoo’s Elemnt is a smart GPS computer for bikes. It is not just a tracker, but also a handy smart device for your biking adventures. Based on the needs of this extreme sport, Wahoo introduced a small monitor that is wind and water-resistant. It easily attached to the front of your bike, and you don’t need to worry about it falling off.  Once you build a route, you get step by step notifications on each turn, and you will never miss a turn with the Elemnt. The package will include a Wahoo GPS tracker, integrated mount, stem mount, and a charging cord. The mobile application is free to download and use.

What makes it stand out? The amount of integrations offered in this minicomputer (Strava, Best Bike, Komoot, etc.) is impressive. You can sync or download the best of resources through the Wahoo tracker.

4. Meilan M3 Mini

Meilan MS is a wireless bike computer with built-in GPS. It has a 1.7-inch high definition LCD screen with backlight. There are two buttons on the top that activate the backlight. Be it night or daytime; you will have full visibility of the screen without glare. It is designed as a mini device and attaches to your bike easily. Meilan provides global positioning, so you will not require any extra sensors for the periphery. When you are biking at full speed, the device will measure speed, mileage, and take your records into account. As you move, the tracker automatically calibrates the time zone of your area.

Meilan’s battery life goes up to 8 hours with full charging. It is easily rechargeable using any nearby USB charging port. Always make sure that your GPS is connected and on before embarking on a ride. As you go, it records speed, altitude, riding time, and history.

What makes it stand out? This is a small but wholesome device for both adults and kids. It is easy to use, install, and manage as you go.

5. TKSTAR GPS Tracker

TKSTAR’s GPS tracking device is multifunctional and proves itself useful on any type of vehicle, especially bikes. This device can locate and track your bike by using the internet, APP, and SMS. The advanced technology of GPS and AGPS dual positioning makes the monitor more accurate. It supports SIM card and allows GPRS connectivity up to 1900 MHz. Geo-fencing is an excellent feature of the TKSTAR. It instantly alerts your contacts if you leave an area, through SMS or email. It is easy to track the real-time location of your children or loved ones. Moreover, the device sends an over-speed, shake sensor, or low battery alert to the admin’s phone number.

What makes it stand out? The SMS technology enables the rider to send an SOS message to the SOS number. Press the SOS button for 3 seconds, and the device will alert the number with your Google location link.

6. Risepro Bike Computer

Risepro’s bike computer is packed with helpful features for bike riders. It is built for tough terrains and tracking long routes. The large backlight display of this computer makes things easy to see at night, and water-resistant design enables visibility during rain. It records as an odometer, speedometer, calorie calculator, and driving timer. The tracker is compatible with standard bikes, electric bikes, and magnetic bikes. There is a 60 cm transmission range between the computer and transmitter. Every detail is visible during the ride on the 4-lines display.

What makes it stand out? This model allows you to pre-program all settings for two bike riders. This feature is an excellent addition for training together and staying in touch during the ride without talking or stopping.

7. Tracki Mini 2020

The Tracki 2020 is a mini GPS tracker that monitors your ride in real-time. It has full coverage in the USA and worldwide. Global travelers can use this device in 185 countries with an international SIM card as well. The tracker connects to a smartphone app and provides all data to the connected devices. The impressive battery of Tracki 2020 lasts up to 3 days if tracking real-time. Without real-time tracking, the battery life goes up to a month! Other features include geofencing, GPS, GSM, A-GSM, mac ID matching, SOS, and speed alert.

What makes it stand out? The size and weight of Tracki are small, ideal for traveling long distances and abroad. The company provides excellent customer service and a free tracker if yours gets lost.


As you can see, there’ are plenty of bikes-specific GPS available in the market. To learn more about how this technology works, check out chad kimball google maps.  A lot of them come with cool features such as SOS alerts and the ability to engage in a friendly competition with fellow bikers. We suggest that you carefully review the perks offered by each of these GPS units for bikes so you can make an informed purchase. Additionally, feel free to check out other GPS reviews on our website. Keep biking, but keep yourself safe.