The Drone Buying Guide for Beginners

Drones are the most popular aerial vehicles and stable as well as maneuverable.  However, DJI drones are followed and used by thousands of fans, even all age groups of people love to buy drones for getting ultimate fun. There is no surprise because Phantom 5 comes with additional benefits that help anyone to get fun and excitement. The DJI Phantom 5 features a retractable landing gear.  Even its flawless design brings ultimate benefits especially this will makes it perfect for beginners.

1. Sturdy Design

In general, the 5th quadcopter of the Phantom series comes with new features, first of all, the shape, as well as the architecture of the quadcopter wills, exceeds your expectation. The retractable landing gear is the ideal option. The advanced design also enabled the camera to rotate around 360 degrees.

2. Fast Flight Time and response

Normally, the design of the DJI plays an important role in its flight time, so you must pay close attention to the design. Usually, larger propellers are important for longer flight time. Now DJI Phantom 5 comes with extra batteries that allow you to enjoy your fun time. So the DJI changes the complete design of its product to improve its flight time. Choosing drone with long flight time is important for getting ultimate fun normally flight time will be varying 5 to 30 minutes.

3. Easy Flight Modes

In general, the DJI Phantom 5 comes with different flight modes, with the help of the controller you can easily select the different flight modes that also includes Sports Mode, Take off, Tap to Fly

The sports mode is the best choice for you when you prefer to taking your drone for a rough ride even you will get full control of the quadcopter while using this option. Obviously, it is the manual mode so you can easily control everything even minor details of flying. This mode is perfect when you need to understand how everything works.

The Tap-to-Fly mode is autopilot system and you no need to do anything except for tapping t because everything will be handled automatically.

4. Advanced Camera

Phantom 5 would be the best choice for capturing images and recording high-quality videos because the camera could be upgraded to 24 MP to offer better resolution. Of course, it is the low-resolution camera as well as it can be utilized by the pilot to fly when the high-resolution camera could be used for controlling the gimbal. In addition, the high pixel density also leads to a decrease in ISO performance. In order to facilitate the dual operator’s flight, it contains a secondary camera.


5. Latest Tracking System

DJI Phantom 5 features an advanced tracking system; it is really fun at the same time perfect for any thoughtful activity. It is the best drone that can be used in fields such as surveillance. The quadcopter will follow your instructions as well as obey your command so you can easily operate it based on your needs.

In addition to this, you can also take ultimate benefits by using the anti-collision features, this will be enhanced in the Phantom 5 360-degree. When it comes to buying a drone you must pay close attention to this factor. Of course, it is the obstacle avoidance that helps you to get risk free experience while operating this drone.


The DJI Phantom 5 will be available soon with the expected features; of course, it has the ability to follow an object or individual automatically. Everything upgraded from the previous versions so you can also capture the greater image. Even it would keep the advanced GPS along with a new battery power system so it can be the best choice to enjoy your fun time during cold conditions. In order to automate the flying experience, this drone also comes with auto take off as well as an auto-returning feature. Overall, the DJI is set to smoothen if flying a drone with some innovative options so it is perfect for drone fans.