The Benefits of Stress Balls

Playing golf offers many fascinating perks, such as experiencing the great outdoors, exercising your body and mind, and being with your friends and family, which all provide utmost relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. Yet, there are instances when the opposite happens, such as when feeling nervous on the golf course or feeling tension due to the high-level competition.

Fortunately, all you need to do is sideline your club to grip stress balls instead. Apart from reducing stress levels, you’ll be surprised by the many benefits these little squishy balls can provide that can improve your game and enjoy the sport. Read on below to discover!

Better muscle strength and grip

Squeezing stress balls contracts the muscles in your hands, wrist, and arms, toning and strengthening them in the process while improving your grasp. Remember, having strong muscles and grip is essential in golf, as it helps you control the club better, get more fluid movement, and execute a better swing. So, squeeze a stress ball at various intervals daily and see how it can improve your hand strength and dexterity.

Enhanced concentration

If you feel too much outside pressure, stress balls can help bring clarity to your mind and regain your concentration. Using stress balls diverts your attention on the ball, keeping it away from any tension or stress triggers, relaxing your mind, and improving your mental strength. That way, you can step on the greens with a clear mind and bestow the focus needed to assess and hit your shots effectively.

Stimulation of nerves

Manipulating stress balls also stimulate the nerves around your wrist area and arm. These nerves are linked to the different parts of the body. Thus, seemingly making the entire body exercised. It functions like acupuncture or acupressure, where stimulation of specific points impacts other parts of the body. In addition, nerve stimulation also helps ease symptoms of various conditions, such as joint pain and back pain, keeping you in tip-top playing condition.

Perfect time-killer

Have you arrived at the golf course too early and finished your warm-ups but still have some extra time? Instead of scrolling down on your smartphone or simply stare at nothing, squeeze away! Kill time by using a stress ball to make you feel refreshed, relieve unnecessary tension, and keep your attention level high. It will make a difference once you’re in the game!

Improved overall wellness and quality of life

Stress balls are perhaps the quickest and most convenient way to relieve stress. And, everything good happens when you are stress-free. It’s a prerequisite needed for overall wellness and quality of life. Living life with reduced stress levels means staying healthier and getting lesser risks of acquiring certain health conditions. You will also get better sleep patterns and an improved mood, promising you a better outing on the golf course.


Often viewed as simple toys, the aptly named stress balls offer lots of benefits to playing golf than most people imagine. Make sure to get and incorporate them into your day-to-day routine, and squeeze all the benefits they can bring, and bounce them back to your game.

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