The Avro Lancaster

Considered Britains’s greatest bomber of World War 2, the Avro Lancaster was the main aircraft used for night assault on Germany. With four engines allowing the plane to fly at 462 km/h (287 mph), this heavy bomber delivered a bigger bombload than any other plane in Europe – 6350kg (14,000lbs).

The Lancaster was well designed, so well that only minor changes were made before production started and then surged ahead through World War 2.

Type: seven-seat heavy bomber
Powerplant: 4x 1,390hp (1,460hp with max boost) Merlin 20 or 22
Service Ceiling: 7467m (24,492ft)
Maximum Speed: 287mph (462km/h)
Range: 4075km (2530 miles) with 3175kg (7000lbs) bombs; 2700 km (1660 miles) with full load (6350kg/14,000lbs of bombs)
Armament: nine 7.7mm (.303 cal.) Browning machine guns
Span: 31.09 m (102 ft.)
Lenght: 21.18 m (69 ft.)
Height: 6.25 m (20 ft.)

Avro Lancaster full sharp