Tactical Pens

When determining what to carry that will protect in a pinch but still be useful every day, it is hard to beat a tactical pen. Jotting down thoughts and notes is a common practice, so having a pen is something most people already do. Choosing a pen that is tactical doubles its use, and sometimes triples or quadruples if the pen includes other things like flashlights or tools, as well.

Tactical, when discussing pens, generally means it is made of heavy-duty material – usually metal – sometimes with other features to add to its usefulness. They are made to be self-defense tools with a low profile.

There are a variety of these available, ranging from inexpensive to pricey, depending on manufacturer and quality. Even the lower cost tactical pens can be useful, however, so do not ignore the lower price options just because their price is lower.

1. Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

This sturdy aircraft grade aluminum pen has 2mm or thicker walls and a thumb rest built on the cap. The opposite end contains a glass breaker made of hardened tungsten that has a sharp tip. The cap can fit securely on either end of the pen. The pen uses high precision ink cartridges for a smooth flow of pure black ink. It comes with a tactical carry pouch to protect pockets from the sharp point or ink, depending on where the cap is when the pen is put away.

2. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Machined steel is paired with a stainless-steel clip to keep this pen secure in a pocket and handy for defense. The ink cartridge is made to write in all conditions, including the rain. The ballpoint pen is deployed by pressing a button. The glass-breaker is integrated and made of tempered steel. This pen is made in the USA. Writes like an ordinary pen and is the same size and shape. It is coated with Cerakote for a firm grip.

3. Military Gear Tactical Tool

This multiple use tool includes a ballpoint pen in a body made from aircraft aluminum, a tungsten steel glass breaker, an LED flashlight in one end, and a separate fire starter, compass, and bottle opener. These are packed into a nice gift box. Batteries are included.

4. Military Tactical Pen

The tungsten steel pen cap works as an emergency glass breaker and is usable for self-defense. The aerospace aluminum body is strong and portable. The DNA collectors will aid in identifying an attacker after using the pen for defense.  The ballpoint pen is comfortable to use and is good for using every day for notes and other writing. 6 pen refills are included.

5. Most Loaded 6-in-1 Tactical Pen

Ultra-strong aircraft aluminum makes up the main body of this sturdy pen. The design of the pen makes it easy to hold firmly both for writing and for using defensively. Six tools are included: a self-defense tip made of tungsten carbide, a bright flashlight with strobe and high-beam modes, a ballpoint pen with ink that writes smoothly and dries quickly to avoid smearing, and a multitool that includes a bottle opener, a screwdriver, and a hexagonal wrench. It comes in a nice gift box with five extra refills of ink and two sets of flashlight batteries.

6. Multi-Tool and Tactical Pen

This pen includes a flashlight and a ballpoint pen, a glass breaker and a fire starter, and a key-shaped multi-tool that combines a flathead screwdriver, wrenches of three sizes, a bottle opener, a ruler, and a tool with a serrated edge. The pen is made from aerospace grade aluminum and is tough, rust-resistant, and sturdy.

7. Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

Durable aircraft aluminum has a pocket clip and looks like a stylish ballpoint pen. Its sturdy self-defense end pairs with the comfortable grip to be an excellent tool for defense while the screw-off cap makes it easy to use the ballpoint pen for daily writing tasks.

8. Survival Pen

Sleek and stylish, this tactical pen can go anywhere and has a lifetime guarantee. Made with strong military grade aluminum and a glass-breaker tip that is ultra-hard.

9. Tactical Pen Set

Lightweight but heavy-duty, this rugged portable pen is made of aircraft aluminum, and comes with a credit card sized multi-tool and a wire saw. The sturdy pen also includes a flashlight with a strobe function; batteries are included and extra batteries, as well. The pen, which has an easy-grip design, comes with 2 extra ink refills. The stainless-steel pen clip holds the pen secure wherever it is put. The tungsten steel tip will break a glass in case of emergency (up to 10mm thick). It also includes a survival whistle that is super loud. The credit card multi-tool includes 46 uses, including screwdriver, box opener, wrench, ruler, can opener, and a whole bunch more. The flexible pocket wire saw has rings on both ends for easy handling and is about 50cm long.

10. Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker

Rugged, heavy duty pen writes well plus is great for self-defense. The solid construction features a refillable aluminum ball point pen with a glass breaker of tungsten steel on the cap and a clip to keep it securely in a pocket. It also includes two black ink pen refills.

11. Two-Pack Military Tactical Pen Set

With a body made of aerospace-grade aluminum and a tungsten steel tip, this tactical pen is durable and strong enough to break a glass window if needed. Two pens and six black ink ballpoint pen refills are included. The anti-skid design in the pen body makes it easy to hold when writing or using for defense or in emergency situations. The pocket clip keeps it safe, but that is also removable if desired.

12. UZI Tactical Pen

Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, this pen has a smooth-writing ballpoint on one end and a glass breaker with a carbide tip at the other. It comes with a standard ink refill and a space pen refill. The clip on the side secures it in a pocket or backpack. The whole pen weighs only 1.5 ounces.