Tactical Pens

Accidents or disagreements may occasionally occur along the road. Mind you, they typically happen in unforeseen circumstances. This is why having a useful item like the tactical pen on you is beneficial and important. But in the event of an accident, what does a tactical pen do? Many survivalists viewed the tactical pen as a multi-tool that has a variety of uses and includes a lot of versatility. Typically, it has the same size, shape, and look as a standard office pen. However, this type of pen offers usage in unusual ways due to its versatility.

A set of expensive military pens in wooden boxes, compositions on a dark background with attributes. Luxury gift pen

What Exactly Is a Tactical Pen?

If there is an improved variant of the standard office pen, it is the tactical pen. Among the numerous pens available, the tactical pen is more useful in a variety of settings. Because of its adaptability, this pen is referred to as “tactical.” Police officers are the most likely to utilize tactical pens. Furthermore, due to its adaptability and endurance, this pen is useful for wilderness workers, construction officials, and tourists. In general, the tactical pen functions as a decent pen with the potential to save the user’s life. It is a writing tool with warfare applications.

Most tactical pens are made of anodized aluminum, titanium, steel, or any hardened metal of military grade. Its appearance is more understated, with the addition of stiff grips for a better grip. As a result, they can tolerate any physical impact. For example, you cut a tactical pen over your attacker’s head. A tactical pen’s usual size is quite small, measuring only a few inches. It also weighs a few ounces with that. It is convenient to carry around daily because it resembles a regular pen.

A set of expensive military pens in wooden boxes, compositions on a dark background with attributes. Luxury gift pen

What is the Purpose of a Tactical Pen?

A tactical pen, according to its description, has a variety of purposes due to its versatility and durability. Its primary function is as a writing instrument because, like any other office pen, it has ink that allows you to scribble down words. Other than writing, the tactical pen has several purposes, all of which fall within its secondary use. In general, tactical pens are well-known self-defense instruments.

1. The Attacker Can Be Tricked by a Tactical Pen

When someone confronts you from behind, pulling out a tactical pen that appears to be a regular one is quite unexpected. Your assailant will not believe you are about to stab him with this pen. This is useful for you since you can go on the offensive before your assailant realizes what is going on. In most cases, utilizing a tactical pen rather than attempting is preferable. This will also cause the potential attacker to retreat.

2. Strike Any Part of the Body

A tactical pen allows you to strike your enemy in any part of his or her body. However, keep in mind that strikes from this tool into a specific location of the body are far more effective than others. This is one of the contrasts between it and utilizing knives.

3. Breaking Glass to Escape Windows

A tactical pen can smash glass windows once you are confined inside of a space. As a result, you can usually use it as a tool to carry out your escape. The majority of tactical pens currently on the market are often made of heavyweight stainless steel, which when applied with sufficient power, is suitable for smashing windows.

The Tactical Pen’s Popularity

Many people nowadays are becoming survivalists, which has become the norm. And this group is the most enthusiastic about tactical pens. As you browse the internet, you will see that an increasing number of survivalists, particularly those interested in self-defense, are purchasing tactical pens. These are the folks who live in harsh environments and serve in the military.

Tips for Selecting Tactical Pens

The styles, forms, sizes, materials, and colors of tactical pens vary. Everything from a classy commercial look to something that resembles a tier-one government asset is available. Prices can be as low as they need to be cheap or as high as they need to be to grab your money. Materials can range from polished steel to aircraft-grade aluminum and everything in between to injection-molded polycarbonate. Fitting your hand size, budget, and personal style preferences are the deciding factors.

It should be added that most tasks that can be completed with a tactical pen can also be completed with a relatively ordinary 25-cent plastic pen that you may discover in a hotel room. If you intend to use your tactical pen for self-defense after selecting and purchasing it, you may want to think about three important factors: carry, access, and deployment.

Tips for Carrying Tactical Pens

A tactical pen can be carried in your hand, in your shirt pocket, on the neck of your t-shirt, in any pocket of your pants, between the buttons of a collared button shirt, or even in your boots, according to some people. Carry involves applying common sense. Carrying a three-pound tactical pen in your shirt pocket or collar may seem odd, especially while engaging in prolonged physical activity. Anywhere at or below your belt would be the greatest place for a heavier pen to be structurally supported. On the other hand, it is acceptable to carry a lighter pen above your belt in a carry position of your choice.

How to Defend Yourself with a Tactical Pen

1. Choose an Excellent Tactical Pen

In the past, only members of the military and law enforcement would purchase tactical pens for use while on active duty. But there are more tactical pens available than ever before because to the growing popularity of survivalists and the EDC (or everyday carry) movement.

Strong materials like steel or titanium should be used to construct an excellent tactical pen so it can sustain the force of striking another person without breaking. Additionally, the pen’s body should be substantial enough for you to easily grasp it in your palm without it slipping.

2. Accessibility

The next thing you’ll need is a location to put your tactical pen once you get it. A smart place to keep tactical pens is within your clothes because most of them will have an integrated clip of some kind. Other ideal locations include the shirt or coat pocket. It’s also a good idea to keep your tactical pen in an accessible pocket if you always carry a bag. In any event, you need to be able to swiftly access this location at all times and be able to immediately pull out your tactical pen. If you aren’t confident in your ability to rapidly remove the pen, you can practice at home.

3. Having Good Self-Defense Mentality

Tactical pens have the advantage of not truly being considered weapons, so you can take them on trips. Tactical pens, however, can still be used as weapons. It is crucial to have a correct self-defense mindset and treat your tactical pen with the same respect you would a knife or another lethal weapon for this reason.

Note:  Always be sure to consult local authorities for the legality of carrying a tactical pen.

It is difficult to beat a tactical pen when deciding what to bring that will protect in an emergency but still be helpful every day. Most individuals already use pens because it’s normal practice to jot down ideas and notes.