STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

It is no secret that I favor some brands over others, and not just in regards to ping pong tables. Sticking with a well-known brand brings faith that your product will be the quality you expect, and with a long history in manufacturing fine ping pong tables, STIGA has become one of those brands.

The ping pong tables produced by STIGA are of exceptional quality and have been recognized all around the world.  Durable and attractive, there are ping pong tables suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The STIGA Advantage is just one example of their ability to manufacturer quality indoor ping pong tables.

Below you will see the features that make the STIGA Advantage so great.

Features of the STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table



The STIGA Advantage is strictly a table that is suitable for indoor use only. Whilst offering flexibility, outdoor tables do not always provide the bounce quality and design that can make ping pong tables both look and perform well.

This makes the STIGA Advantage both a great looking table of superior quality but leaves the table without any weatherproofing to resist warping, and is therefore not recommended to be kept outdoors. It is also not recommended to leave the table anywhere where it could be potentially exposed to water.


Often regarded as the solution to difficult assembly, this ping pong table comes 95% set up with most people fully assembling the table in under 10 minutes.

Although we don’t like to focus too heavily on assembly times in our reviews, as this is just one aspect of the ping pong table, it certainly gives it an advantage over the competition.


Coming in two separate parts, this ping pong table is fully collapsible. Individually, each part can be wheeled independently on 4 wheels, and can also stand up by themselves.

Dimensions and Specifications

This a full-sized table that abides by standard ping pong table measurements. When folded, the table stands at 30 inches. The table uses a 5/8 inch thick medium density fiberboard on the table top – a quality material, which is the gold standard of ping pong tables and weights around 190 pounds.

Where to Buy
STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table



This set does not include rackets, but a great addition to this table is the STIGA Performance Table Tennis Set. Whilst not the heaviest table out there, this table is definitely not lightweight.

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Ping pong tables can be a great long term investment for your home or office – if you pick the right one. This is why the STIGA Advantage is great. This particular ping pong table is attractive and heavy duty and guaranteed to last.

Fully sized and ready to help you to improve your play, this table comes with 3-inch lockable wheels that make moving and storing the table super easy. This is due in part to table breaking into two independent halves, which can be rolled alone and placed securely together in storage to fit compactly into one.

The quality of the table is obvious with the multiple roller coat to finish leaving an attractive blue surface and providing a superior bounce quality. The table can be positioned with a tournament grade 72-inch net, which is an easy to attach clamp style. The net clamp is the secret to the design of this table. The heavy-duty net is adjustable for added tension and is easy to install and remove in seconds. It also helps when the net is of as high quality as this one.

When placed together for storage, the safety latch ensures the table won’t open unexpectedly. Putting the table up is surprisingly simple for a ping pong table of heavier weight, and it does not feel overly heavy.

The tournament blue table top is both attractive and strong, with a UV curled surface leaving a smooth surface with a durable and consistent tabletop providing a quality bounce and reliable performance. This ping pong table is also adaptable and can be positioned for solo play. The two sides can also be detached and stood individually to suit any need that may arise.

The table is smooth to the touch and should work well on any surface, but works best on a hard floor, as does any ping pong table, and although we have not tested it on the carpet, it is sturdy enough that it should work well enough. The 1.5-inch steel self-opening matte legs have rubber to protect a hard floor and to keep the table even more secure.

I have no doubt that even a seasoned player will be impressed with the quality of this table. In this price range, it is perfectly acceptable to expect more, and this table definitely delivers. If you don’t want to spend hours putting a ping pong table together, this is sure to be both high-quality and long-lasting option.

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