Star Trek Franchise Collectibles You Can Own

When it comes to collectors, Star Trek fans tend to be among the most passionate. Keeping in mind the popularity of the original show and its multiple spin-offs, movies, novels, and animated shows, the number of vintage star trek collectibles is pretty large. We have compiled a list of some of the most sought-after vintage collectibles any diehard Star Trek fan would appreciate.

What can I collect?

A Luc Picard action figure

A big reason why people collect is due to nostalgia and memory. If there is a huge event you were really invested in or a show you really loved, you will most likely want something that reminds you of it. 

Star Trek has been a huge source of entertainment for many around the globe. Due to this, many Star Trek collectors like to collect rare Star Trek collectible items or memorabilia to remember the show. Here are a few items that most collectors want to own.

Clothing Items

Male cosplayer in Star Trek costume

One of the most common merch items that collectors own is clothing items. There are many websites online that sell clothing items with either a quote or a picture from your favorite show on it. There are a variety of graphic tees, hoodies, and even bottoms that you can get online and in-store. 

Many fans also take it upon themselves to design images to go on these clothing items. You can often find an excellent design with either ‘Star Trek’ or a quote from the show decorating it. Due to the popularity of this show, you can find a variety of different prints and designs to choose from. Most places also have an option for customizability, so you can choose your design or the quote or picture you want on the shirt. 

Such collectibles are also pretty valuable as you can wear them and get some use out of them.


Figurines are another popular merch item that many collectors own. Small figurines are a great addition to your bookshelf, office desk, or even your nightstand. You can get an unmoving figurine or even a bobblehead. The latter will move around and can be a source of relaxation when you are working at your desk.

There are a variety of different kinds of Star Trek figurines available on the market. You can find small ones that are unmoving and stand still where you place them or larger ones that have movable parts. 

Figurines are an excellent collectible, as many figurine companies sell sets or even mystery boxes with just one character inside. This brings some fun to the collecting game because you don’t know which character you are getting. It can be a small challenge for you to collect all the different characters. 

Starship/Spaceship Models

model of the USS Reliant from the Star Trek film The Wrath of Khan

Since Star Trek is based around spaceships, it is not uncommon to find an interactive model of it. Many companies send out parts for you to build the starship yourself. This can be a fun little challenge for collectors as once they are done; they can display the model on their shelves. Such models give a sense of satisfaction as you make the model yourself. Looking at it can also be a visual reminder of your effort. 

Not all these models require you to build them. Some come prebuilt, which you can take out and place on your shelves. You can even find models that come with lights and sounds that are inspired by the Star Trek TV series. 

If you have the budget, you can find high-tech ones that can connect to your mobile using an app. Through the app, you can control its lights, sounds, and even some movable parts.

Trading Cards

Trading cards are some of the earliest merchandise inspired by the Star Trek TV series. These cards began as bubblegum cards but soon evolved into proper trading cards that fans could buy and trade among themselves. Trading cards are a popular collectible because they come with the characters on them. It could be a fun challenge to collect them all if you have a favorite. 

Trading cards often come in sets or mystery packs, where you do not know which cards you’re getting. Some cards are not as common, which makes them rare and harder to find. Additionally, since Star Trek trading cards have been in circulation for quite some time, some people aim to collect older and rarer cards. You may find original cards in mint condition sold for thousands of dollars. 

Some people also collect trading cards in hopes that they will increase in value down the line and can be sold for a large sum.

Magnetic Badges

Among other collectibles, insignia badges are also extremely popular. They encompass the many different symbols seen throughout the movies and are usually made using high-quality material. If you intend to buy magnetic badges as collectibles, ensure you purchase ones made using sturdy zinc alloy and burnished using different metallic hues.

You can wear these magnetic badges on your clothes and even stick them onto your bags. If you are worried about them falling off, you can keep them safe on a magnetic board at home. 


Plushies are soft toys or cushions that you can display on your bed, on a shelf, or on a sofa. Since they are made of soft fabric, anyone can customize them. Star Trek plushies are extremely common among collectors because they are adorable and represent your favorite character. 

Star Trek Tribble is a popular character that often gets turned into a plushie. Plushies come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can find palm-sized dolls like plushes and large ones that can take up half your bed. These are most commonly found online. When purchasing plushies, ensure that they are sewn correctly, and the seams are sturdy. 

Memories Book

Due to the immense popularity of the franchise, several books have also been written about them. Many of them are memory books that contain information about the series and movies. They contain details about the story, how it came about, and more. Memories books also sometimes document the filming process and what it was like for the actors who were on set. 

These books can be an excellent way to add to your collection and learn more about the story behind all the characters. Some also document how this franchise came about.

​​Wall Art Print

If your walls seem a bit bare, having wall art prints can be an excellent collectible to decorate them with. Many artists design wall art prints, but what most collectors seek are old movie posters and then frame them. Not only are they authentic collectibles, but they help add a bit of color to your walls. If you search hard enough, you can also find signed posters, but they will most likely be quite expensive. 


1. What is the value of star trek collectibles?

The worth depends on the item’s authenticity. The autographed items carry a huge worth and sell at a high amount.

2. Where can I sell my vintage Star Trek collectibles?

The best way to advertise your items to a worldwide audience is to list them on an eCommerce store such as; eBay or Shoppe.

3. Where can I find the first six Star Trek films with the highest definition possible?

You can find the first six episodes in the Star Trek DVD set, which also features the director’s version of Star Trek’s first motion picture. 


Star Trek originated in an era when there was no internet or basic technology as we have today. It was only the Stark Trek faithful fans who kept it going for the longest time. It is rightly said that the popularity of a franchise depends hugely on its fans, and in this case, it is totally true.

Stark Trek collectors advise their fellow collectors to be aware of fake and forged items. Rise in commodities pricing has pushed people to create dupes and replicas of star trek memorabilia that cannot fathom the original ones. Trekkies suggest collecting autographs based on personalized inscriptions, as foragers tend not to personalize.