SadoCrafts – What Are They and How Do You Get Them?

In this day and age, where more and more children are getting hooked on gadgets and screens, it’s a conscious effort to bring your child to traditional toys. No app or video game can replace the fun and mental development that physical toys can bring to a child. And if you want your child to develop artistic skills, give them DIY arts and crafts kits.

For a child, receiving this kind of gift is exciting, and it boosts their creativity. Perhaps you remember receiving a bracelet making kit, a design-your-own-bag, or a plaster paint set when you were a kid, and all you want to do is to start on it right away. Give that kind of excitement and opportunity to learn and be creative to your children by giving them DIY kits from SadoCrafts.

What is SadoCrafts?

SadoCrafts is a registered brand that designs, manufactures, and distributes fun and creative craft kit products for children. The brand believes in catering and improving creativity in kids in this modern age of technology. Their products are also designed to take the children’s assembly skills to new heights. They aim to help kids “fall in love” with the beauty of crafts they make with their own hands, and bank on their already active imagination. SadoCrafts stay true in their motto, “Boost your child’s creativity!”

Giving your children arts and crafts kits can hone essential and practical life skills such as patience, resourcefulness, and hard work. Their DIY kits can cultivate a lively and rewarding experience for you and your child, which can help develop your mother-child relationship as well. Toys and DIY kits like this can help shape your child’s overall development and build cherished memories that will last forever.

Why Choose SadoCrafts?

SadoCrafts products can bring serious fun for your kids! Here are the three main reasons to choose this brand:

1. Educational

With SadoCrafts kits, children can learn some new skills like painting, stitching, origami, and other kinds of crafts in a fun way. The kits come with instructions, and children will learn how to do it easily.

2. Enhance creativity

These kits can help create their designs and choose patterns and colors that boost creativity. These things tickle young minds and get their imagination going.

3. Convenient

All materials a kid will need to do a project is inside the kits. Upon unboxing the kit, your child can start with the crafts right away.

4. Enhances critical thinking

Challenge your child’s critical thinking by allowing them to think of other ways they can make their craft kits look different.

5. Encourages patience

Improve your child’s patience by keeping them focused on a task for a certain time.

SadoCrafts Products

Check out these fantastic kits from SadoCrafts you can give your children:


Where to Buy
shynek Bracelet Making Beads Kit 
SadoCrafts Archaic Beads DIY Bracelet
SadoCrafts EVA Decoration Magnet Kit 
SadoCrafts Hand Scratching Art Kit 
SadoCrafts Make Your Own Notebook 

Little girls will enjoy making bracelets they will show off and wear on their wrists. It offers enjoyable hours of fun for kids. For sure, they will look forward to wearing personalized accessories that they made.

This is a colorful bracelet DIY kit perfect for your little ones. This allows your kids to make the cutest and colorful bracelets that your child can easily personalize.

Appropriate for kids ages seven and above, this archaic beads set come in classic designs that capture the retro feel. It can give a wearer a vintage look, which looks nice for both girls and boys. This bracelet kit is enough for seven kids, and the beads are made of high-quality materials.


Give your child a chance to decorate a part of your home – this will be so much fun for them! SadoCrafts also offer a couple of home decorations kids would love to create.

Ref magnets are amusing for kids, so why not make them create their own for your fridge? These DIY dinosaur magnets include dinosaur-shaped EVA as the base of the magnet, wiggly eyes and rhinestones for decorating, and glue and tweezers. It’s so easy to use, so any child will surely have fun making art to display on the fridge. You can also use this for playrooms and nursery rooms.


Does your kid love to write and draw? Or perhaps you want to encourage them to do so? Then try out these items:

Your kids will be awe-struck with what scratch-off art can do. This kit offers black EVA patter boards that your children can scribble in or draw using the provided art stick. As they do so, your child will love the color changes that it can show off.

Let your child enter her classroom while holding up her very own SadoCrafts notebook. This is a DIY project in which your child can design and decorate their notebook. This notebook comes with EVA cover, glitter glue, EVA shaper, rhinestones, tweezer, and glue.


Where to Buy
SadoCrafts Garden Folding Paper Kit
SadoCrafts Funny Folding Paper Kit 
SadoCrafts Gorgeous Butterfly Origami Paper
SadoCrafts Make Your Own Dinosaur 
SadoCrafts Paper Sleeve Making Kit 

SadoCrafts also offer origami kits. Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding, and it has been used all over the world for educational purposes. Here are some fun origami kits your kids will enjoy:

Paint Your Own

Where to Buy
SadoCrafts Paint Your Own Bank
SadoCrafts Paint Your Own Pencase
SadoCrafts Flower Pots Painting Kit 

These paint-your-own kits feature ready-made items in which the kids can decorate through painting. You can find a cute coin bank, a birdhouse, pen case, and flower pots:


Where to Buy
SadoCrafts 3D Foam Airplane Kit 
SadoCrafts Stain Glass Art Kit
SadoCrafts Wooden Pirate Ship Kit 
SadoCrafts Wooden YoYo Craft Kit 
SadoCrafts Create Your Own Planets 

Painting is an exciting task for any artist. Train your young kids to be creative and artistic with these craft kits that they can paint on their own:

Make your little boy happy with this foam airplane kit. All he needs to do is to build together the plane parts, attach the EVA, and paint it using the paint set and brush. Plus, it’s not just fun to assemble and paint – it flies.

Your children will get excited to make their keychain and bracelet charms with this kit. It includes cute stain glasses with fun shapes, paint set, paintbrush, keyrings, and iron circles.

Develop your child’s creativity and assembly skills through this DIY wooden pirate ship kit wherein he or she can assemble and paint their very own ship.

This is a carefully crafted yoyo with colorful stickers, sparkling laser papers, four-color paints, and a smooth brush. Bring back the joy of playing with yoyos with the added twist of designing it on their own!

Let your kids have fun with science and art! This educational solar system kit is intended to teach kids fine motor movements and creativity, as they are allowed to paint their planets the way they want.

Sew and stuff

Sewing and making their own stuff is a lost art among young people, so make your children distinct by training them early on. Teach them how to sew and weave in a fun way with the help of these SadoCraft kits:

Make a DIY felt pillow with your child with this fun and easy kit. This one is designed for kids ages six and above. This kit includes colorful felt, buttons, thread, needle, and stuffing to place inside.

Weaving loom is usually something kids aren’t familiar with nowadays, but this kit can help develop their creativity as they can learn a new skill. This kit allows a child to create a small woven bag they will be proud to use as they did it on their own.