Review of the DJI Tello

DJI teamed up with Ryze tech to create a market entry drone that is highly capable but does not cost that much. The DJI Tello is their least expensive and smallest model among the drones they offer. It is designed for people who want to enter the world of drones but are looking for a high-quality child-friendly drone which can still cater to their appetite for all things high-tech.

Tello Specifications

Size: 3.86 x 3.64 x 1.61 inches (9.80 x 9.25 x 4.10 cm)

Weight: 80 grams including battery

Fly time: 13 minutes

Battery: 3.8V 1100mAh

Range: 100m

Antennae: a dual system for smart switching

Camera: 5 megapixels

Video: 720p at 30 fps with EIS

FOV: 82.6 degrees

Even though Tello is the cheapest drone that DJI has, it does not mean you will have to compromise on features or quality. It’s because it will impress you with what it can do for less amount of money.

One of the best things about the Tello drone is that it is super easy to fly. If it’s your first time to fly a drone, you are quite safe when you use it and you will be able to pick it up quickly. But if you’re an experienced drone pilot, it also has a lot of advanced features that you may like.

Unlike other drone models, another great thing about the Tello drone is its design because it does not have a bulky frame. It has a slim and minimal appeal, making it a great drone either for indoor or outdoor use. You can even maneuver it easily around tight corners. With its size, it can definitely rest on the palm of your hands. It also has four rotor hands that extend beyond the hardware frame. These hands act as its feet while protecting the underside from any damage at the same time.

The propellers of the DJI Tello are made from carbon fiber reinforced composite. They have been manufactured to reduce vibration during flight time, allowing you to capture professional quality photos and videos.

The Tello is a compact quadcopter and it has a longer flight time of 13 minutes, unlike other entry-level drones which can only fly from 5 to 7 minutes. It also has a 5MP camera with an 82.6-degree field of view which is really good for a drone within its price range. It can also shoot 720p videos at 30 frames per second and it has an electronic image stabilization feature or EIS to prevent blur and improve the footage on the move.

Aside from that, the Tello drone’s camera also offers EZ shots, making shooting easier and more fun. It has different modes such as Circle, Up and Away, and 360. It will stream to your phone, tablet, or VR headset.

Features of DJI Tello

Aside from being a lightweight, compact, and affordable drone, the DJI Tello offers a lot of amazing features as well and here are some of them.

One-Tap Lift Off and Auto-Land

One of the things that make the DJI Tello an easy drone to fly is its one-tap lift off and autoland feature. This makes it a breeze to fly and operate even for beginners.

Throw and Go

Aside from the one-tap lift off and autoland feature, another feature that makes the Tello drone easy to operate is the throw and go option. It is literally what it says, you throw it, and it will start flying.

Pressure Sensor Altitude Hold

Altitude hold is something that less expensive drones usually lack and fortunately, the Tello drone has this handy feature. Altitude hold helps you focus on other aspects without worrying about controlling the altitude. This feature is useful for all pilots, most especially for beginners.

Vision Positioning System

This feature will allow you to accurately and easily hover perfectly over your desired target. This feature can ensure you that you will be able to capture the wonderful sceneries or events you desire.

8D Flips Tricks

Small drowns are known for their agility but we can say that the Tello drone is really quick compared to other models. It’s because, with just a simple swipe on the controller, you will be able to flip the drone in any one of 8 directions easily and safely.  

Bounce Mode

Aside from flipping it in any of the 8 directions, the Tello drone also has a bounce mode feature which will allow you to bounce it up and down repeatedly from your hand or any other surface ranging from 1.6 to 3.9 feet. This feature is safe because the drone’s sensors will detect the distance to the surface.

The DJI Tello is a great drone if you’re someone who’s looking to get an introduction to drones. Its video quality, stability, and flight time make it an enjoyable drone to fly. With its decent quality camera and incredible gesture control, it might knock a lot of toy drones out of the market.