Reasons to Use Alligator Loppers Instead of a Chainsaw

Alligator lopper is a type of chainsaw with a scissor or jaw-like design. The blades make it easier to cut logs and branches of a tree that can otherwise be difficult to cut with a traditional chainsaw. However, it cannot cut trees or big trunks of trees.

Chainsaws can help in pruning the branches of the trees, felling the trees, and cut firewood. There is no other tool that can do the work better than a chainsaw, but the problem is that the chainsaw is very heavy and too risky. Many people prefer a lopper over a chainsaw as it is small and usually has a 6-inch chain bar covered in protective jaws that don’t have a loud noise.

Although the lopper cannot take down a tree, it can certainly cut down its limbs. It is also excellent for landscaping and clean-up work in most yards. It is similar to a chainsaw but differs in cutting actions and power sources. Loppers are more lightweight compared to regular chainsaws, making them easy to hold and handle.

They come in corded and cordless models, varying on battery power or a power outlet. They both have their pros and cons, depending on the condition or nature of the job.

Reasons for Choosing Alligator Lopper over Regular Chainsaws

Faster and Efficient

Alligator chainsaws are faster and more efficient in yard work than regular chainsaws. In contrast, an alligator lopper chainsaw is smoother and gets the job done quicker than the other heavy cutter.

Less Disturbance

Although chainsaws are suitable for pruning trees, they make a lot of noise while cutting, which creates a lot of noise and disturbance in the area.

Loppers, on the other hand, are useful in cutting tree branches up to 4 inches in diameter without making much noise and effort. Unlike regular chainsaws, they don’t disturb the peace of the neighborhood.

They Are Safer

Alligator loppers are safer than regular chainsaws. They’re built with safety options to prevent severe injuries such as the chainsaw cutting through your gloves and injuring your hand or the blade cutting through your clothes and injuring your leg.

On the other hand, loppers provide more stability and firmness when cutting, which reduces the chances of you ending up with cuts and bruises.

Suitable For Landscaping And Cleaning Work

Loppers are small compared to the regular chainsaws but perfect for landscaping and yard clean up with its size. You won’t need the standard noisy chainsaw for doing such work as the loppers have made it a lot easier to do it.


Loppers are lightweight compared to regular chainsaws, and any average person or a beginner can use them with ease without facing any problems. As for standard chainsaws, you need to be strong and have a firm grip to use it.  They weigh about 7 to 9 pounds, while regular chainsaws are over 20 pounds.

No Fuel is Required

Unlike regular chainsaws, loppers don’t require fuel to operate. Instead, they often run on electricity to function correctly. You have to plug it in a socket to run, and some are cordless that run on batteries. Unlike the standard chainsaws, they don’t turn off automatically to cool down or when you are out of fuel.

Lesser Kickbacks

Loppers have lesser kickbacks that happen when the transferring chain and the manual chain runs into an object. Kickbacks are very dangerous as they can eliminate the constraint of the chainsaw leading to several different injuries. That is why loppers are fitted with safety chains to avoid the negative impacts of kickbacks.

Easy Maintenance

It is easier to maintain loppers than regular chainsaws. All you have to do is add some oil to the chain for lubrication before cutting. Oiling the chain is the only maintenance required as they don’t have any big engine or need to use fuel. In the classic chainsaw case, you have to maintain it entirely, which also consumes a lot of fuel power.

Easy Storage

Loppers are easy to store than regular chainsaws as you have to clean them and put them back in their container or storage box. On the other hand, to store traditional chainsaws, you need to empty the fuel and oil and then remove the plug to keep in the prolonged storage, avoiding it from the kids and pets.

Attractive Design

When you hear the word alligator lopper, the first thing that comes to mind is an alligator. This is because its design resembles the jaws of an alligator.

More Portable

Alligator loppers are more portable than regular chainsaws because of the sheer difference in their size and weight. A typical chainsaw can weigh up to 20 pounds – that’s like the weight of a nine-year-old kid. In comparison, alligator lopper chainsaws weigh about 7 pounds, and their large handles make them easy to carry.

Tips for Using the Loppers

Prepping For Use

Before using the alligator lopper, you need to prepare it for use. Be sure to remove the oil cover, then apply a bar and chain oil to lubricate the cutter. Ensure that the area you want to work on is clean and free from any stumbling blocks because they can become an obstacle for you while cutting. It’s also helpful to use an extension cord if your working area is far from the power source.

Locking and Cutting

The loppers are designed to firmly hold on to the tree branches and cut them smoothly, up to 4 inches in diameter. It would be best if you were careful about cutting other materials with the lopper as some materials can damage the cutter’s teeth and chain.

Before you start cutting, make sure that the electric saw is running at full speed. You should hold the device as firmly as you can to cut the branches using light pressure.

Need For Lubrication

You should lubricate the lopper with bar and chain oil after every 10 minutes of use. It would help if you also lubricated it before using it again. Doing this ensures that your machine runs appropriately and all the time without any problem. Moreover, oiling at the right time can also increase the life of a machine.

Cleaning After Use

You should clean the debris wrapped inside the lopper after every use by opening the chain access cover. Clean the vents with a brush and use a wet cloth and a little soap to clean the cutter’s inner surface. Don’t soak the lopper into any liquid.

Alligator Lopper – A Safe and Convenient Cutting Tool

Alligator lopper is the best cutting tool out there, as it is not only lightweight, but it can also be used by anyone regardless of their experience and strength. It also allows you to cut wood, such as logs and tree branches, with excellent precision and ease.

You can easily cut the tree’s upper limbs, which otherwise would be hard to reach with a regular chainsaw. They are suitable for landscaping and yard cleaning works and don’t require much effort to maintain.

On the other hand, traditional chainsaws would be more suited if you’re looking to actually cut down a tree or do something on a big scale. It is also important to mention that using a chainsaw isn’t for everyone. It requires strength and extreme focus to hold it in place and cut as desired. It is more dangerous than a gator saw.

All the convenience, ease, and reliability are some main reasons that have led people to buy gator loppers instead of the regular chainsaw.