Power Tool Brands

The power tool industry is more important than a lot of us know. From the little DIY tasks you embark on at home to those professional welders and other handymen, these tools serve a significant proportion of people across the world.

Power tools have gone through much innovation over the past few years, and in that time, several companies have been able to stay relevant in the hearts of consumers. Here are some of them:


There’s hardly any way you could mention the American power tool industry without giving reference to Dewalt. Founded in 1927 in Pennsylvania, the U.S.A., the origins of this company dates back to 1922 when Raymond Dewalt introduced the first, woodworking machine- the radial arm saw.

Almost a century later, the company continues to remain an integral part of the global power tool industry, although it now operates as a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. The company has continued to produce high-quality tools and is regularly considered as one of the top power tool brands for decades now.

Dewalt is also bolstered by its catalog of products, from drills and table saws to automatic saws and mini lathes. Tools from this company are sturdy and efficient and have been the industry standard for a while now. Currently, the brand boasts five major product lines; the Dewalt 20C Max, 60V Max & 120V Max, 18V cordless tools, 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment, and the 8V MAX*-14.4V.

All of these line-ups come with a set of different tools that will be able to meet just about every demand.


Robert Bosch GmbH, also known as Bosch to the uninitiated, is another name that has defined the power tool industry for the past few decades. Just like Dewalt, Bosch built its name on the back of the trust that it has been able to build with everyday power tool users; from DIY enthusiasts, home builders, and woodworkers, Bosch has become a household name indeed. Of course, its line-up of powerful tools is also an added advantage.

Bosch has been around a little longer than Dewalt. The company was established back in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, although it had a much more complicated name; the Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. Like its American counterpart, Bosch has endured over a century of events. Now, it is a company with operations across the world.

Currently, Bosch has influence across various business sectors, including but not limited to consumer goods. However, the cream of the crop as far as Bosch is concerned will have to be its cordless tools. Theia added benefit comes from the company’s ability to innovate with battery technology, thus allowing its products to run for much longer than many of their counterparts.

Whether you choose to go for the 8- or 12-volt variants of Bosch power tools, you know you’ve made the right choice.

Black + Decker

Also hailing from the United States, Black + Decker has built its name on manufacturing effective power tools and equipment. As its name suggests, the company was started by two firms; Alonzo G. Decker, and S. Duncan Black. The company was established in 1910, and in 2010, the Black & Decker Corporation merged with Stanley Works. Black + Decker is home to several other popular brands, including Craftsman, Porter Cable, and STANDLEY.

Black + Decker also has its pedigree going for it. The company was the first to introduce the battery drill and the global power tool battery charger, which it did in 1961 and 1988, respectively. The company has also built many products in its time, although given that most of them come at lower prices than what you might get from several competing brands, you’ll forgive them for being of lesser quality.


Established by A.F. Seibert in 1924, Milwaukee has also managed to endear itself to DIY-ers and professionals who make use of power tools. Currently, it’s a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Company.

Milwaukee is also bolstered by its impressive line-up of power tools and equipment, both cordless and otherwise. This company was the very first to incorporate lithium-ion batteries into cordless power tools, a feat which it was able to achieve back in 2005. It went on to integrate this technology into its V28 industry, and changed the course of power tool manufacturing in the process.

Currently, the firm produces hundreds of power tools, all under four general battery systems; M4, M12, M18, and M24.