Paint Sprayer Buying Guide

The paint sprayers are a perfect tool to perform a variety of paint jobs. It is an excellent tool for painting at home, fences, and many other objects. A paint sprayer is a suitable tool for professional painters, homeowners or contractors etc…. It will allow you to paint any surface in a faster way, it will make the work easier and faster.

What is a paint sprayer?

As its name almost indicates, a paint sprayer is an object that, by means of pressure, facilitates painting tasks. It contains a small tank called «Flow cup» in which we fill with paint and by pressure, we can spray surfaces applying layers of uniform and simple paints. This method of painting with a sprayer is much more effective and cleaner than painting with the typical brush or roller.

How does paint spray gun work?

A paint spraying machine performs its function through significant pressure exerted by a hydraulic pump. The pressure exerted makes the paint come out through finely adjustable nozzles.  Thus the result is a sprayer that expels and distributes the paint to the exterior.

What is a paint sprayer for?

A paint spray equipment is primarily responsible for administering paint by pressure to a surface. This application of paint does it in a very uniform and controlled way, where through regulators and filters we give more or less flow to the paint outlet. This in itself is a very important advance. Since it benefits us enormously in the always expensive task of painting. We better control the paint we apply, without dripping or splashing. The work is faster, cleaner and more efficient.

Types of paint sprayers

Paint sprayer with compressor

They are the most professional equipment and as the name suggests, they are powered by an air compressor. A pneumatic paint sprayer is ideal for painting large surfaces. In practice, it is a way of painting used by professionals or industrially.

HVLP Paint Sprayer ( Compressor, high volume, low pressure)

HVLP “High Volume Low Pressure” They are equipment where by means of a low-pressure air compressor, we better control the paint we apply. With this, we waste less paint and we can do more delicate and detailed work. Without wasting much paint. Highly recommended for indoor tasks such as doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, etc …

Airless paint sprayer.

They are high-pressure paint spray equipment with excellent uniformity. Very suitable for indoor or outdoor tasks with the little surface. Refilling the paint tank is quite common.

How to use a paint sprayer?

When we go to perform a painting task with a sprayer, the first thing is safety and covering both the sensitive parts and our body parts that can get dirty.

  • Masks to avoid inhaling paint particles.
  • Protective glasses.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Body protector jumpsuit.

We must also protect the areas that we do not want to be stained. Once we have everything well covered, we must ensure that the paint mixture is correct to use with our equipment.

What paints can I use in a paint spray gun?

With a paint spray gun we can choose different paints depending on the work we are going to do. The most important thing is to know the degree of viscosity.

Enamels or Varnishes: The varnishes themselves are a liquid product and do not require as much pressure from our spray guns. The most important thing when we intend to use this class of paints as varnishes or enamels is to keep in mind that for safety, we should not use them. Because plastic is not compatible with solvents incorporated in this class of products.

Enamels or lacquers:  Specific pistols are usually used for this class of products since they require great power and pressure with very fine projection.

Plastic Paints: Specific for the single application of a layer, because it is a type of paint with high viscosity. The recommended spray guns are of great power and pressure. Among the recommended paints are “Airless” paints.

How should we prepare the paint for a spray gun

The first thing is to be clear about what kind of work we are going to do and what type of painting we need. When we have already determined what paint we are going to use, we will already know what spray gun we can buy.  Because remember that not all guns are appropriate for all paints.

When we already intend to face the work, we must mix the paint looking for fluidity, perfect density. Ensuring that lumps do not form and with an adequate mixture.

How to regulate a paint sprayer?

Regulating a paint sprayer depends on the paint we are going to work with. Each painting requires a custom fit to get a good result. Filters, nozzles are what will give us the projected paint. Another important aspect is the filters since the paint that will be shot depends on these.

What should I consider when buying a sprayer?

The gun

One of the main parts of a sprayer is the gun, it must have the necessary strength or power that interests us for our task. We must review the characteristics of this carefully and we recommend that you do not try to save money on this piece since it is the most fundamental part. A good brand gun if it’s a good investment.

The Deposit

A decisive piece, not so much because of the end result of our work. The deposit does not influence the quality, although it can give you more or less autonomy without having to stop to recharge often. We must find a balance that is comfortable for us since a very large deposit will make it difficult for us to move smoothly and will tire us out sooner. We recommend a tank that does not exceed two liters.


These allow you to do a job of more or less quality when choosing your paint sprayer, it is advisable to have at least one set of interchangeable nozzles, of different diameters.

How much does a paint sprayer cost?

It is not an excessively expensive tool. In the market, there are endless varieties and brands to choose the one that best suits your tasks. They are usually between € 30 and € 60, everything will depend on the models, brands, and characteristics of the tool. Honestly, it is a tool that if you take care of it can take years and years, so we recommend that you buy a quality sprayer.

Where to buy a paint sprayer?

There are several places where you can buy paint sprayers. However, the online marketplace today is where you can find the largest variety and best deals for sprayers.

Here are 2 best paint sprayer in below:

  • Bosch PFS 5000 E – Paint spray system (1200 W, 2 tanks for 1000 ml paint, nozzle for wall paint, varnish, enamel, cleaning brush
  • Paint Gun, Tacklife Electric Paint Spray Gun, 800 ml / Min, 3 Paint Modes, with 4 Nozzles, 900 ml Paint Container, SGP15AC