Must-Haves for Successful Blogging

Content creation is becoming more popular by the day, and maybe you’re thinking about starting a blog. If you are, you probably need new blogging equipment to help you create great and enjoyable content. However, the tools and equipment you’ll need solely depend on the type of blog you’ll be running. For instance, if you want to start a beauty blog, consider getting a professional right light together with a tripod and a camera. Or, if you’re going to start a food blog, you may want to invest in some new cooking equipment as well as a camera. Well, maybe you already have a blog but have outdated tech, so you decided to upgrade your equipment. Either way, you’ll be sure to need some of these blogging essentials:

1. Laptop

The most important equipment every blogger needs is a laptop. Without it, you can’t probably do anything, or if you do manage, you’ll be having a difficult time. So consider investing in a laptop that can help you create quality content. Yes, they may be pricey, but it’ll help you in the long run.

If you’re planning to create a travel blog, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is one of the best ones you can get. It’s fast, lightweight, and looks premium.

2. Camera

If your content involves photographing products, recipes, scenery, or something else, you certainly need something that will help capture your photos. A camera can help you create original content that will add character and uniqueness to your blog. But, of course, you don’t need a super expensive camera to produce good content. Still, if you’re looking to elevate your blog with high-quality, professional-looking images, then you might want to consider investing in a more high-end camera.

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3. Storage

Some blogs that involve the creation of original content take a lot of storage space. So you might want to get yourself an external hard drive to store everything, from photographs to video tutorials. These contents tend to take up space quickly, so it’s best to move your files onto a hard drive to save space and for safekeeping in case of accidental deletion. 

There are multiple great hard drive choices, but you might want to get a 1TB or 2TB size, so they’ll last longer and hold more content. 

Consider buying the Seagate Portable External Hard Drive with 1TB worth of storage.

4. Earphones

Sometimes when you’re working, you need to listen to podcasts or audiobooks to help you with your content creation. Earphones can help you hear and concentrate on the audio better, so you won’t miss a thing. Alternatively, you can also use headphones that sit on your head.

5. Tripod

If you’re planning to film video content or you just want a way to steady your camera, then buying a tripod will make things much easier. You can get an affordable tripod that can help diversify the type of content you put out, given the different options to set up your camera.

Get the compact light Manfrotto Aluminum 4-Section Tripod Kit to help with your video and photographic content.

6. Phone

Of course, you can’t leave out smartphones from the list of essential blogging equipment. A phone is a piece of multipurpose equipment you can use for taking and editing photographs and videos, as well as managing your social media accounts. You can also use a phone as a substitute for a laptop when the need arises.

7. Lighting

Some blogs, such as food blogs or beauty blogs, usually require high-quality photos or videos in tune with the atmosphere. This is where lighting comes to play. Lighting sets the tone and the mood for your photographs and video clips. It creates the best texture, luminosity, and vibrancy on your subject.

8. Canva

If you’re putting out original content, you probably need a tool to make your blog more visually pleasing. Canva is one of the best web tools for generating custom images that you can use either as part of your blogs or social media. You can create in-content images, featured images, and more using this tool.

Canva also offers lots of quality templates that can help make your content more pleasing to the eyes. For instance, you can use this tool to create a quote overlay— what you call taking an image and adding your favorite quote to it. Another great use of this tool is designing custom banners for your blogs. They could come in the form of your section headings, featured images, or images to explain key points.

9. Grammarly

Grammarly is probably every blogger’s favorite grammar tool. It not only helps you ensure proper spelling and grammar in your blog articles, but it also does it automatically. Remember that the key to a wonderfully executed blog content is excellent writing!