Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System Review

As the Memorex Sing Stand 3 is such a popular karaoke system, we wanted to see what makes this karaoke machine so popular. The karaoke system does not look overly impressive – it is a standalone microphone with some features at the base, however, after use, we can see why it has such great ratings.

It has features that make produce better quality sound than other karaoke systems. The Memorex Sing Stand is available with either one or two microphones. This review will focus on the model that includes two microphones.

This turned out to be a great karaoke machine and is priced well for what it offers. See what makes it great below.

Features of the Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System

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Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System


Most suitable for…

This karaoke machine is a great option for home. It has been designed as a stand-alone karaoke system, and whilst these are not the most portable of karaoke systems they are great for home use.

The karaoke machine must be connected to a device to work as it does not have its own CDG player – although some would argue this does not make it a karaoke machine at all, we disagree. Times are changing and karaoke machines are updating with it.

These days, access to a device with music is pretty universal and therefore the usefulness of this karaoke system is not limited substantially.

Set Up

This karaoke system is credibly easy to set up – and probably the easiest that we have seen. It requires only the attachment of another device to get going.

The sound can be adjusted easily with knobs located on the base of the karaoke system, and you have a few limited options to adjust the sound.

Music Source

An essential element to having this karaoke system work is the connection of an external device. There is a protective strap located on the panel for a device to sit on once connected.

You also have the option of hooking up an instrument and using this as your music source. This is a great option for those looking to sing with a keyboard or guitar.


The effects of this karaoke system are not huge. It does feature auto voice control which works to adapt the voice to the music. There is also an echo feature which can give you the feeling that you are performing live.

The amp provides a comfortable volume and quality.

Other Features

This particular model includes Bluetooth and two microphones – making it great for wireless use. It is also a great system to do a duet with someone.


This is not the most high powered system on the market. Obviously, it lacks a screen which is a clear disadvantage for those looking to follow along with lyrics – but the attachment of a device means this is possible with an appropriately sourced video.

Another disadvantage is that there is no record feature. This would have been a great addition to take the karaoke system beyond fun, but an external recording device will have to do.

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A great option for all ages and a step up from other karaoke systems, this karaoke machine is a solid option. The sound is great. Of course, there are better sounding machines out there, but at this price range, the sound is probably the best in comparison.

Looks wise the karaoke system is very sleek and not at all cumbersome. This is a clear advantage that is complemented by the fact that this karaoke system uses Bluetooth.  This allows wireless connection of music making it even less of a bother.

What’s more – it is cheap for what it offers. If you only require a single microphone and no Bluetooth there is a cheaper version – the Memorex MKS-SS2.

Of course, this karaoke system won’t suit everyone. It does not have a screen of its own and it does not have a CDG player – therefore requiring a device to be attached. Some have been fooled into thinking there is, in fact, a CD player, but do not fall victim to this. The device holder should be your reminder of this.

The other way to connect music is to play your own. This karaoke system gives great flexibility in that you can use it to connect your own instruments – such as a keyboard or guitar – and have it play through the speakers. This gives an added edge to your music and provides the practicing tool you may be looking for.

You can also use it as a speaker system by plugging in your device for other purposes. This is a great idea and I’m definitely a fan of this karaoke system.

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