Make Your Drawing Move and Try Animating as a Hobby

Learning animation might be daunting if you’re starting started. To make a successful animation, many talents must be combined, including artistic abilities, the ability to generate realistic movement, and proficiency with animation tools.

The good news is that you can improve your animation skills quickly, thanks to various strategies. The most crucial animation fundamentals to grasp are listed here, along with quick techniques to start honing your talents right away.

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What is Animation?

animator drawing a portrait in image editing software

A broad discipline, animation has several subfields and subspecialties. Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at some of the processes studios use to create your favorite animated movies.

Consider an animation studio like a machine with several moving components. Departments, people, and projects are the components in this scenario, and together they create a visual narrative. Let’s name this machine’s assembly line the Film Production Pipeline, and you can divide it into three major categories:

The first production phase is called pre-production, which includes tasks like screenplay drafting, creating a storyboard, visual development, and others. It’s where a lot of the narrative’s foundations are laid.

Character modeling, rigging, and animation are the intermediate stage components known as production. This is where most of the story’s construction occurs, employing those fundamental building elements.

The last phase of production involves compositing, visual effects, and color correction. This final phase focuses on the specifics, plot refinement, and audience readiness.

Is a degree required to pursue animation as a hobby?

3D designer creating animation

The good news is you don’t need a college or university degree to pursue this hobby. It’s a matter of skill set. Mastering the traditional 12 principles, sometimes referred to as “the Bible of animation,” is unquestionably the most fantastic place to begin learning how to animate. 

Learning animation at the convenience of your own home has certain benefits. You may pick the educational route you want to follow, plan the sessions around your present workload, and take advantage of the financial savings compared to a typical school program. You may start making your videos and earn a job as an animator with self-teaching, method study, tutorial viewing, and online course completion.

How to animate

a graphic designer working 

Since 3D animators utilize computers instead of conventional 2D animators, they are theoretically not required to be skilled artists. However, mastering the fundamentals of sketching may help you plan and sketch your ideas before entering them into a computer, thus saving you time.

Understanding the fundamentals of human anatomy and movement is beneficial for animators since they must make their characters move, act, and react. We suggest several excellent books that have activities and lessons so you can get started studying right away.

Tips and Techniques

man modeling an airplane on a computer

Don’t worry if you’re feeling overawed by everything and wondering how to improve your animation skills. There are several quick and enjoyable methods to begin honing your talents.

  • Study how movement occurs in the actual world if you’re having problems finding out how to make your animation appear precisely perfect. You may accomplish this by watching YouTube videos, taking a video of yourself performing an action, or observing how other people, animals, and objects move.
  • Practice the routine activities: Animating a bouncing item, or a walk cycle are simple but effective exercises for learning the fundamentals without getting bogged down in the intricacies.
  • Examine other animations: On YouTube, you may slow down the playback speed or even pause the video and hit the period key to advance the video frame by frame.
  • Consider going a step farther and attempting to mimic the work of other animators. While you shouldn’t present this as your work, it may be a powerful technique to advance your abilities.
  • Finding a program that won’t get in the way is vital since After Effects can have a challenging learning curve. Look for beginner-friendly animation software that will let you practice the fundamentals while honing your Adobe After Effects abilities.
  • Making your own animated GIF may be a terrific way to dangle your toes in the field of animation because animated GIFs typically include a few frames.
  • Make your life simpler if you want to animate your images by learning how to produce illustrations suitable for animation.

Benefits of Animating

graphic designer using a stylus pen tablets photographer

Employment Opportunities

In several critical economic areas, animators constitute a vital component of the recruiting pool. Their requirements are present everywhere. The idea that animators are solely required in media and entertainment is no longer valid. From the IT and information business to private individuals and digital marketing firms, they all need a wide variety of animation specialists. Every day, animated content is necessary for curation on e-commerce and e-learning websites.

Creative Freedom

Adults frequently gripe about the limitations that a job could entail. But with this one, it won’t happen. As one studies animation, they understand that the animator has sole creative control. You get to use your imagination and realize your goals. One may practically produce anything their mind permits and earn money doing it.

Develop Self-Expression Skills

Being an animator involves a lot of self-expression. Your signature is left over on your work. It reflects how much credit you intend to demonstrate. Therefore, you should never undervalue the importance of expert instruction.


graphic designers cooperating in the design

Animation is a creative medium for those who appreciate developing convincing characters and gripping narratives. There are many types of animation, including the realistic animation used in live-action movies and 3D film animation. Animation skills are valuable in many businesses since the fundamental concepts apply regardless of the medium or style. 

Anyone who likes watching cartoons or even producing movies may find animation to be an enjoyable hobby. Animation may be utilized in films, ads, and even on websites.

You can never stop learning as an animator. You will continue to improve with practice and time until you can realize the goals that inspired you to pursue 3D animation in the first place.