Legal Ways to Make Money with a Drone

Because of how fun drones are to fly, there are already thousands of people that own one. While a lot of them fly drones as a hobby, there are some that actually utilize the drone to get money. In fact, the drone is arguably one of the best gadgets that can turn into a good investment for many, as drones are capable of doing things that can be beneficial for many in terms of getting money professionally and legally. 

So, if you are asking, “what are the legal ways to make money with my drone?” We are here to provide answers. Here are some of the great ways to earn money using a drone.

Sell Drone Photos as Stock Images

One of the ways to earn money using a drone is to sell the aerial shots that you have taken with the gadget on stock image websites like iStock and Shutterstock. There are a lot of blogs and websites that want to use images on their articles if they aren’t able to produce those on their own, which is why they would often find photos related to the articles’ topics through stock image websites.

Because of how popular aerial view photos are on those websites, it is already guaranteed that some of your photos can be purchased almost immediately if you post them as stock images. Of course, you will need to have a large portfolio of photos to gain more traction on stock image websites, so be sure to take dozens of photos of beautiful aerial views and upload them all.

Take Photographs and Videos for Events

Take Photographs and Videos for Events

Another great way to earn money through drones is by using these flying gadgets to take photographs and videos for events like weddings, reunions, anniversaries, and more. Drones are currently in-demand in events, as aerial photography can often add magnificence or beauty to the album of photos or for the special video made for the events.

While wedding photography has already been quite popular, adding drones to the job can allow photographers to have more flexibility in the type of shots that they can take during the event. For example, an aerial shot of the wedding venue will allow visitors to see how beautifully organized the area actually is because of its decorations, which can sometimes only be seen from afar. So, if you are already a professional photographer, you should definitely add drones to your equipment so that you will have plenty more options on how to take different kinds of photos.

Sell Prints of Drone Photos

Through drones, you also have the opportunity to sell prints of the photographs you have taken using your drone. These photo prints can come in a variety of sizes, and you can sell them on their own or as frame prints that buyers can display in their room or their office.

A lot of people would say that looking at beautiful scenery can act as a stress reliever while they are busy studying or working, so the amazing aerial photographs that your drone captures can help those people relieve their stress while in the office or at home.

Create an Online Portfolio

If you want to be given more opportunities in terms of work and earning money, you should definitely create an online portfolio, which would give companies and potential clients the chance to see how great you are at taking photos or capturing videos using your drone.

Building a portfolio may seem easy at first glance, but you actually have to manage it properly, as a messy portfolio can turn off many potential clients. So, you should divide photos or videos into different categories, with the drone photos and videos ideally compiled in one category. Manage your online portfolio well, as it will be a gateway for opportunities.

Get Hired for Making Commercials or Advertisements

Once you have created a wonderful portfolio, there is a chance that an advertising company will contact you to get drone shots of various areas for a commercial or advertisement. These ad companies can usually pay high for drone shots, so this will probably be the biggest opportunity for you to earn more money than usual.

Besides commercials, you may also be hired to provide shots for advertisements for properties in the real estate industry. The shots that clients will ask for you will most likely be aerial views where people can see the properties from afar, which will then elevate the beauty of the properties. These shots can help real estate agents sell properties faster, so you will have to do your best to deliver the best photos or videos possible.

Help Inspectors Survey or Inspect Buildings and Structures

In addition to commercials or advertisements, you will have the opportunity to help building inspectors survey or inspect structures and lands. Drones are arguably the safest tools to use for building inspections, as inspectors don’t have to go inside unfinished or worn-out buildings in order to inspect different areas of the property. All they have to do to perform a proper inspection is to fly a drone and let the drone’s camera be their eyes for inspecting various areas and parts of buildings and structures.

Help Inspectors Survey or Inspect Buildings and Structures

Moreover, advanced drones can also help in digital mapping, topography, and other aspects of engineering and architecture that involve analyzing the areas and properties. So, drones are greatly beneficial for building inspections and for surveying the land for proper construction of structures and buildings.

Spraying Pesticide in Farms

Agriculture is another industry that benefits from drones, as the flying gadgets can actually spray pesticides on farms much faster compared to spraying them manually by one or more people. Spraying pesticides manually can often take plenty of hours before the task is completed, but with drones, you can already spray a large area of the farm in just a few minutes.

And these are the best and legal ways that you can make money using a drone. As evident in this article, a drone is a good investment, especially if you are a photographer, as there are many ways for you to get extra income through the gadget. But, in order to be efficient, the drone usually needs to be upgraded in terms of parts, so you must also be willing to spend money on it if you want to utilize it professionally.