Learn the Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is undoubtedly an excellent way to spend an afternoon, but the sport is beyond that just great fun. Unlike most people think, mainly those who don’t hit the course, golf actually offers an array of benefits to its players, from physical, mental, to social advantages. So, if you’re still watching from the fence and contemplating why you should start playing, or an experienced golfer who is yet to know the great things you get from swinging, here’s a rundown of the amazing benefits of playing the great game of golf!

Golf is a good form of exercise


Playing golf can actually help you burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. The game requires a player to walk in various undulations while carrying a bag and other equipment, allowing to burn up 1,500 to 2,000 calories, depending on how straight or hilly the terrain is. If you ride the cart, you still burn a decent amount of calories on a brisk game and get you to use your arms, legs, and other core muscles for a full-body workout. As such, golf can be a significant part of any fitness program, regardless of age or sex.

Golf helps reduce anxiety and stress


Gold is good for the mind, as about 90% of the game is mental. It serves as a form of mental exercise, disconnecting you from the hassles of daily life and shifting your focus on accomplishing the task at hand and getting the ball into the hole. That quick escape the game bestows will often enable you to relax, refresh your mind and set things in a better perspective. Through that, you get to have an improved mood, veering you away from anxiety, stress, and even depression.

Golf helps you make friends and professional connections


Golf courses witnessed many personal and professional relationships that flourished and sprouted between people who love the sport. No wonder, as playing golf is a great social activity that allows golfers to interact with other players and establish new connections personally or professionally. For instance, sharing some tips or hints to beginners is a surefire way to socialize with others. These relationships are never imposed but naturally grows between the players who share the same passion for the game.

Golf helps preserve nature


Often overlooked, but one important benefit of playing golf is the chance to help preserve nature. Golf needs vast land areas for golfers to play, which is usually surrounded by a surfeit of trees, stunning landscapes or waterscapes, and abundant wildlife. By playing the sport, you help ensure that these courses are maintained, alongside the flora and fauna that circles them and needs them to survive. Plus, you get to go outdoors and experience beautiful nature.

Golf helps you build character


Did you miss that shot of your first swing? Or, landed on the sand trap for the fifth straight time? Truth to be told, golf can be frustrating at certain times, especially if you’re still learning down the ropes. However, like any other sports, it is the challenge that makes the game exciting. So, you have a decision to make. Would you continue to sulk, which can significantly affect your game? Or, get a positive outlook instead, accept the mishaps, and improve yourself in the sport. Remember, life doesn’t go the way you want it, but how you cope up is what is essential, even in the world of golf.

Golf is an activity for the whole family


Are you looking for an outdoor game for your children to keep their mind and body going? Why not bring your entire family on your next outing? Nowadays, most golf clubs are inclusive and offer dedicated space for kids, where they can practice, learn, and play golf. By having them join you, you get to share the sport you love, bond with them while also allowing them to reap the benefits of playing the game.

Golf is a low-impact age


Enjoyment doesn’t need to stop as we age. Thankfully, golf is considered a low-impact sport, which means joints and muscles are less prone to stresses, strains, or damages than more rigorous sports. It is ideal for more senior players who don’t have the same vigor to run and shoot balls but still want to engage in a fun sporting activity.

Golf helps improve health


Summing up all the above-listed benefits will help you improve your health. The exercise you get, outdoor exposure, mental stimulation, social connections all contributes to providing a positive impact on your wellness. Some health benefits of playing golf include improved sleep and vision, better immune system, lower risk for cancer, and better absorption of nutrients.


That’s the list of excellent benefits of playing golf. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced golfer, and someone who is yet to hit the course, we hope that these advantages convince you to go out there, play and start swinging!