Learn Survival or Prepper Skills with These Games

When people are having fun with what they are doing, it makes it much simpler for them to learn new things. One of the reasons for this is the presence of activities, such as the multiplication tables set to catchy tunes. Children gain skills that can be applied in the real world through the activity of playing pretend. 

Some of these skills include cooking, cleaning, and even parenting. In a similar vein, engaging in activities such as gaming can aid in the retention of knowledge and skills vital to one’s ability to survive and be prepared. Learning new skills can be accomplished through the play of a wide variety of games, including board games, card games, video games, and even active games. Some may be obvious, but others have never even been thought of before.

1. Paintball

To a large extent, the rules are determined by the paintball arena that you play in. They will provide you with a list of rules that you are obligated to follow. Even though these guidelines won’t be present in a real-life situation, it’s still a good idea to practice them anyway. You will require some supplies such as a face mask and helmet, neither of which are required in an emergency; however, you will want them to be safe while they are learning.

2. Lights Out

If you haven’t gotten your young children used to being in the dark before a storm knocks out the power, the experience can be incredibly frightening for them. Turning out the lights at night and attempting to carry on with your regular activities can turn an otherwise boring experience into a humorous one. As soon as they realize how challenging it is to carry on, as usual, you should grab some flashlights and turn the situation into a game. Try to get the kids ready for bed without using any electric lights or devices. Take a seat on the ground and share some tales. You might want to hold off on telling any scary ones until you’ve had some practice with this game first. At first, they will experience fear.

Woman in paintball club with a gun on her hands and backpack play

3. Airsoft

For the sport of airsoft, players use replica guns that fire miniature plastic pellets. Participants aim their weapons at fictitious foes to eliminate them and emerge victorious. When playing airsoft, it is important to make sure that you have eye protection on. This can either be a free-for-all or a team competition.

4. Laser Tag

Players use laser guns and receiver vests to compete in the game of Laser Tag. This is another game of the free-for-all variety, but it can be played by teams instead. Some laser tag arenas are located outside, but the majority of the venues are located inside.

5. Hide and Seek

Begin with the younger children and the indoor hiding places. Children enjoy playing hide-and-seek because it gives them the impression that they’ve outwitted an adult. Before beginning the game, you should check to see that your children are familiar with the most effective hiding spots within the house. When they are hiding in these locations, you can act as though you haven’t found them by pretending not to find them. They will learn how and where to hide in your home if there is an intruder. As children get older, this activity can continue outside as well.

6. Locate Your Home

Your children need to be aware of their parents’ rudimentary information, such as their names, addresses, and phone numbers at all times. You want them to be able to locate their way back to safety if they ever become disoriented or lost. Ask them for directions to your house as you leave the store and start walking back. You can also instruct them on how to operate a device that is equipped with GPS. Children are naturally adept with technology and acquiring the skills necessary to navigate will be of great assistance in the event of a crisis.

7. Last Night on Earth Board Game

Zombies provide great entertainment and escapism. In the fast-paced game Last Night on Earth, players take on the role of heroes who are tasked with staying alive by cooperating to make it through the night. Players who take on the role of zombies are in charge of the hordes of the undead that are spreading throughout the town. Due to the game’s incredible popularity, expansion sets are included.

8. The Worst-Case Survival Board Game

There is no better way to introduce people to the concept of a survival game than with The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game. This is a game that not only tests the players’ instincts for survival but also teaches them how to survive in a variety of different environments that can be described as somewhat wild. For instance, are you able to fend off a shark or successfully land an airplane? If you give the correct response, you will be moved on to an even more difficult circumstance. The game includes 600 questions and is appropriate for players aged 8 and up.

9. Pandemic Board Game

You are members of a top-tier disease-fighting team that is collaborating to stop the spread of epidemics. There are medical professionals, researchers, and scientists, as well as people who work in dispatch and quarantine. You must simultaneously treat infections and gather all of the necessary resources to investigate potential treatments and cures. Playable with two to four people and lasts for half an hour. This is a game in which players work together to treat the world and ward off epidemics by collecting data and distributing medicine. Players can coordinate their efforts through this game.

10. Scavenger Hunt

You have the option of concealing items for the participants to find, or you can make a list of items that can be found in a specific area, and then you can let the participants look for those items on their own. They will be given directions on how to become familiar with searching, in addition to the area around them, and instructed on how to do so. It could be your backyard, the area around your house, or even a park in the neighborhood.

A man with a gun in a uniform and a mask on his face, playing paintball. Sports active games in the fresh air

The games above are some excellent suggestions for games that you can play to educate yourself on various aspects of survival or emergency preparedness and readiness. Some of these are simply things that you might enjoy doing that are designed to get people talking about prepping.