Keep Your Hands Warm with Gloves

Extremities are often the first part of the body to get cold when the temperature is lower outside (or inside if the power goes out). This is because the body is made to keep the core at the right temperature so in the case of lowered temperature, heat is diverted from the extremities to the core. This means that keeping the whole body warm can help to have warm hands.

Having cold hands can result in difficulty performing tasks and discomfort. It can cause stiffness and pain. Having hands warm enough to function well can be imperative in the case of a disaster.

Some of the things that can cause cold hands include cold air, anemia, an underactive thyroid, diabetes, a deficiency of vitamin B12, smoking, Reynaud’s Syndrome, Lupus, and other autoimmune diseases. While some of these are better treated by fixing the cause, when that is not possible, and especially in the case of a catastrophe, ways to warm hands and keep them warm can be helpful for comfort and mobility.

One of the ways to warm cold hands or prevent hands from getting cold is to wear gloves. Choosing the right gloves is important, too, as some gloves have little to no effect on the temperature of one’s hands. Choosing gloves that have some degree of water resistance is a good idea, since dampness will make it much more difficult to increase warmth.

Layering gloves works well to protect hands from the cold. A thin base layer followed by an insulation layer and topped with an outer layer that offers water resistance will do an excellent job. Whether one opts for layering or chooses a single set of gloves, it is important to make sure they fit properly. They should be snug but not tight, because tight gloves can cut off circulation and make the problem worse.

Base Layer

Where to Buy
Compression Lightweight Liner Gloves
Omni-Heat Thermal Glove Liner
Sensors Glove Liner
Sport Compression Gloves
Thermal Winter Glove Liners
Thermasilk Glove Liner
Warm Liners with Elastic Cuffs


1. Compression Lightweight Liner Gloves

Stretchy, flexible, and made of fine fleece, these gloves have double layer cuffs.

2. Omni-Heat Thermal Glove Liner

91% polyester and 9% elastane are the components of the stretch fleece that makes up these glove liners. The reflective thermal properties pair well with the wicking fabric to keep hands dry and warm.

3. Sensors Glove Liner

Ultra soft gloves are made of 86% polyester and 14% spandex. Machine washable gloves have a wide wristband to protect and warm that overlap with the sleeves.

4. Sport Compression Gloves

88% polyester and 12% spandex are mixed into these polyester fleece gloves that wick moisture and have a silicone anti-slip design on the palm. These breathable gloves have touch screen friendly fingertips.

5. Thermal Winter Glove Liners

Made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, these gloves add a thin warm layer to hold in heat while still retaining dexterity.

6. Thermasilk Glove Liner

Made of 100% pure silk, these liner gloves are smooth and warm. They are lightweight and include an odor neutralizer and technology that allows them to dry quickly.

7. Warm Liners with Elastic Cuffs

A mixture of 42% acrylic, 31% cotton, and 27% spandex make these knit glove liners soft and warm. The fingertips are touchscreen friendly and the elastic cuffs hold them in place.

Insulated and Stand-Alone Gloves

Where to Buy
Cold-Proof Work Gloves
Cowhide Leather Work Gloves
Extreme Freezer Gloves
Fleece-Lined Work Gloves
Leathercraft Handyman Work Gloves
Merino Wool Flip Mitts
Ridgeway Glove
Thermal Insulated Work Gloves
Thermal Waterproof Gloves
Touchscreen-friendly Work Gloves
Waterproof Insulated Glove
Winter Work Gloves
Women’s Insulated Gloves


8. Cold-Proof Work Gloves

Rated to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, these work gloves have a deerskin palm and a polar fleece back. The Heatlok thermal layer has hollow fibers that hold the air and keeps hands warm. The elastic wrist cuff helps to keep cold air out.

9. Cowhide Leather Work Gloves

Thinsulate insulation lines the 100% cowhide outer of these sturdy work gloves. The elastic wrist keeps the gloves comfortably secure.

10. Extreme Freezer Gloves

The palm of these gloves is covered with a silicone grip design. The area between thumb and fingers is reinforced with Kevlar. Pads on the fingers and palms protect hands from hits and cold. The neoprene cuff is stretchy for a good fit. These will keep hands warm in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. Fleece-Lined Work Gloves

These insulated work gloves are flexible enough to work in while hands stay warm and dry. Two layer include 15-gauge nylon and fleece. The strong outer layer is resistant to punctures.

12. Leathercraft Handyman Work Gloves

Flexible spandex and Lycra side panels increase dexterity while keeping hands safe and warm. Synthetic leather adds toughness and these gloves resist shrinking, hardening, or snagging. Closing strap prevents slipping. These are not waterproof.

13. Merino Wool Flip Mitts

Fingerless Merino wool gloves have a mitten portion to cover the fingers and a button to keep the mitten portion against the glove when not in use.

14. Ridgeway Glove

Thick leather gloves have a double layered thumb and index finger. These thick insulated gloves are sure to provide warmth during working, hiking, or other outside pursuits.

15. Thermal Insulated Work Gloves

Rugged suede gloves are waterproof and windproof but breathable. The thumb and index finger have a touchscreen tip. Thinsulate insulation keeps hands toasty warm.

16. Thermal Waterproof Gloves

Five layers put together make this an excellent glove for warm hands in cold weather. Waterproof and windproof, the artificial suede has tips on the ends of the thumb and index finger to provide touchscreen functionality without needing to remove the gloves. The palms are covered in an anti-slip silicone design for better grip.

17. Touchscreen-friendly Work Gloves

These winter work gloves have carbon-infused material for using conductive touchscreen devices built in. A wind-resistant layer joins a Thinsulate layer for warmth, and a synthetic leather palm allows wearers to easily grip items. The cuff’s Velcro strap is made to allow the gloves to fit securely.

18. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Made of 100% polyester with a Polytex shell, these gloves have a lining with FastDry technology to wick away dampness and sweat. The waterproof insert keeps external wetness from reaching the hands. The palm is reinforced with polyurethane.

19. Winter Work Gloves

Insulated gloves have an acrylic terry internal lining that is soft and comfortable. The outer layer is made of hycool with non-slip grip. The waterproof outer layer keeps hands dry. Certified to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, these work gloves come with a one-year warranty.

20. Women’s Insulated Gloves

Made of 90% polyester, 5% polyurethane, and 5% polyethylene, these pretty women’s gloves have a plaid back and matching solid knit cuff and a suede cowhide palm. Sturdy gloves keep hands warm and safe while working outside.