Keep Your Feet Warm with Foot Warmers

When the temperature gets cold, and something causes a lack of heat (such as in the case of a disaster causing an extended power outage), keeping hands and feet warm can be a challenge. Having warm feet is often a key factor in getting a good night’s sleep, as well. Some people may have noticed that warming the feet lessens the overall feeling of cold in lower temperatures. It can also cause other problems for feet to get too cold – such as pain and lowered circulation.

Things that can help keep feet warm include socks, proper shoes, boots, or slippers, and external heat sources. Electrical devices that run on batteries or can be plugged into power banks or disposable chemical-based foot warmers can be helpful for situations when the temperature requires something to warm the feet.

At Night to Sleep

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Because sleep is more restful when one is comfortable, having some way to keep feet warm in the night is important. A blanket is usually sufficient when the ambient temperature is relatively comfortable, but when the power is out or there is a lack of heat for some reason, due to a catastrophe or for another reason, then something additional is useful.

1. Heated Socks

These cozy socks are made of 80% cotton, 12% polyester, and 8% elastane. The battery pocket near the top of the sock holds a lithium ion battery that powers three settings of heat. Lights indicate the settings.

2. Thermal Socks

Made of 50% cotton, 30% acrylic, 15% polyester, and 5% elastic offer a comfortable fit and reflect body heat for warm cozy feet.

3. Foot Furnace Bed Slipper

Keep feet warm in down-filled feet cocoons – no power needed! Breathable and comfortable, these adjustable slippers are very comfortable and excellent for keeping comfortable overnight.

4. Super Soft Socks

Fuzzy microfiber socks are lightweight and breathable but warm and cozy, good for sleeping.

5. Foot Booties

Soft and comfortable booties can be heated in the microwave if power is available or used to hold heated insoles. Filling includes flax seed and 12 herbs and aromatics. Made in the USA, these booties are soothing plush.

Daytime at Home

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During the day, there is some degree of heat being generated just by moving around, but that may not be enough in some situations. Additional warmth may be required.

1. Fleece Slippers

These fleece leg and foot warmers are adjustable wraps that will fit most feet. Machine washable with a plush lining, these will assist in keeping comfortable feet. When situations are cooler than these can keep up with, add disposable warmers inside for additional heat.

2. Heated Insoles

Fit these insoles into house slippers for warmth while working around the house. Fast warming, a sensor evaluates the heat level and a control chip limits it to a safe temperature. The 2000mAh battery will last 3.5-8 hours, depending on the heat level inside the slippers and the ambient temperature outside. A wireless remote control lets users adjust easily.

3. Washable Foot Warmers

A rubber heating element offers even heat distribution over a large area for comfortable feet. Fit these into slippers or shoes. The battery packs use 4 AA batteries for each sole and battery packs have adjustable thermostats included that offer two settings.

Working, Hiking and Outdoors

Hiking and other outdoor pursuits bring more factors, such as damp conditions and colder outdoor temperatures. When not inside a shelter, the warmth is less. While the movement involved in hiking may increase body warmth, this does not always extend to the feet, due to the need to keep the core organs warm. Feet warmers will improve overall comfort during outdoor activity in cold weather.

1. Disposable Insoles

Made similar to disposable hand warmers, these air activated insoles are made to fit comfortably in the bottom of shoes, boots, or slippers to provide heat underneath the foot. Drop into standard trash receptacles after use.

2. Toasti Toe Warmers

Air-activated disposable warmers offer long-lasting heat that fits under the toes inside footwear. Keep toes toasty when camping and hiking, or just walking outside.

3. Heated Insoles

These adjustable insoles fit several sizes. They are flexible and powered by lithium ion batteries that are attached to the ankle with hook and loop fastener tape. Heat is provided for 5-6 hours continually. Recharging can be done with the included cord that can plug into a car or wall adapter.

4. Infrared Insoles

18 cm of heating surface will keep feet warm from toe to heel. Thin insoles are attached to ankle-mounted batteries which provide four levels of heat. Washable insoles will keep feet warm wherever a person is working or playing.

5. Battery-Powered Insoles

AA batteries keep these adjustable insoles providing heat for the feet. Ankle harnesses hold the battery boxes, each of which holds three AA batteries (which are not included). The heaters work in 10 minute increments, then pause, to help batteries to last longer.

6. Heated Socks

These battery-powered socks have a lithium ion battery at the top of each sock that powers heating elements on the top of the foot of each sock. Made of 100% cotton, these socks heat quickly and will keep feet warm and cozy.

7. Heated In-Shoe Foot Warmers

These convenient toe-box insoles connect to separate battery packs with included cords. Both insoles can use one single battery pack with the use of the included extra-long Y-cable. The more capacity of the chosen battery pack(s), the longer these will heat the feet between recharging the battery pack. (Battery pack is not included.)

8. Foot Warmers with Battery Pack

These insoles are made to fit neatly inside shoes or boots with straps to attach the battery packs to the legs for portable power. Breathable foam is efficient at conducting heat while offering shock absorbability.