JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Outdoor ping pong tables are always popular and for good reason. They give you the flexibility to store and use the table wherever you please, without the worry of decay, rust, and warping. Some ping pong tables make the mistake of sacrificing quality to be rated for use outdoors, as the material used on indoor high tables is not usually waterproof.

The best table for outdoors will have different material, and one should choose a brand trusted to take on this task to ensure you do not compromise quality. The JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis table is an example of this. Whilst no outdoor table is perfect, this is one of the closest outdoor ping pong tables to it. The table looks great and performs well whilst withstanding the conditions of the outdoors.

Read more about what makes this table great below.

Features of the JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table



A table rated for outdoor use needs to be durable and have the ability to be left in places where it may be exposed to extreme weather at times. This makes the JOOVA Nova the ideal table to leave and forget. The table is designed in such a way that it is great for use both indoors and outdoors and durable enough to be left uncovered in any weather.

Of course this makes it suitable for indoor use, and in fact, the quality is one more than suitable for this. Being an outdoor table, it does lack the MDF material used on many of the best indoor tables, and instead uses aluminum resin. This material appears to perform very well.


The assembly of this table, as with other JOOLA tables is relatively quick. The table can be assembled in under 20 minutes in most cases, and whilst it can take a little fiddling around, it is nowhere near as difficult as some other tables. Assembly rarely takes longer than 30 minutes in total.


The table breaks into 2 parts leaving two independent tables that are attached by clamping the net. The legs are both foldable and height adjustable to suit to the table to the conditions. This result in a well organized and easy to collapse table.

Storage of this table is low profile and it takes up little room.

Dimensions and Specifications

This is a full sized table making it around the same size as a tournament table, and weights 121 pounds.


Whilst the table is actually very sturdy, it is not perfect. Whilst the material is highly rated, it is not entirely scratch proof. Most scratches are superficial and unlikely to impact the table’s quality.

The net is also slightly flimsy. As the net is the mounting point for the two sides of the table, a higher quality net would complete the table. You can find other nets to purchase if this annoys you too much, and whilst it is not the best, it rarely comes loose.

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JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table



The perfect outdoor table is not easy to design. It goes without saying that there will always be some compromise, as the materials that are used on indoor tables to produce the highest quality performance are not suitable for outdoor use. That being said, the JOOLA NOVA gets about as close as you can get to the performance of an indoor table in its price range, whilst also being totally suitable for outdoor use.

This can be owed to the ping pong tables own qualities. The table uses a waterproof multi-layer aluminum plastic which can be compared to the highest quality ping pong table materials. This works fantastically and leaves the table resistant to outdoor elements, and ensures the rich color of the table top is maintained. The frame is equally protected, being both rust resistant and waterproof with a powder coated, giving the table further protection.

JOOLA tables are generally easy to put together, and this table is actually slightly easier than others. The table has auto folding legs and double trolley system which make it easy to store and move when it is assembled, which is a definite advantage for moving the table from one location to another – such as bringing it outside on a warm day from the garage. Of course, leaving it outdoors is completely acceptable but as with other tables, it is recommended you use a cover to maintain the quality of the table. The legs themselves are adjustable and adaptable for surfaces.

Another feature of this table is an anti-tilting device for increased stability and safety, which also helps to provide an even and smooth surface. The table is divided into two parts which are secured together using the included net. It is worth noting that whilst perfectly acceptable, the net is not the highest quality of the nets available and there is no central hinge to secure the table. This really is not enough for a problem to be overly concerned about and it rarely becomes loose, but for added protection, you may want to purchase a higher quality net. JOOLA nets are generally reliable though.

Storage is as easy as removing the net and holding the legs. This saves a lot of space as opposed to others that are attached and folded in half. There are also latches that position the table together in a secure upright position, and the rollers give the table good mobility to suit your changing needs.

Keeping the table clean is easy and you could use any household spray to wipe the surface.

Whilst the table is nearly perfect, no table is. There are options with both stronger legs and more secure nets, but of course, this results in a price hike.

At this level, the table is a pleasure to use and is guaranteed to last, and I can highly recommend this as a reliable outdoor ping pong table.

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